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ZeroRetro favourited Airebis by naddarvis69
ZeroRetro favourited The Mission by Oad
ZeroRetro favourited Superboy - Dead My Gameboy ( remix ) by Superboy
ZeroRetro favourited trashtune by burryleak
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VRUMZSSSR favourited Storm In My Heart by electrifiedbit
VRUMZSSSR favourited Tokyo Apartaments - Dreams (0r4 Rmx) by 0r4
Gaggo on unfinished VGM track
what about the good old "loop and fade"? :)
Plastikhuehnchen favourited Shibaboo by Skycstls
UncleBibby favourited Shibaboo by Skycstls
UncleBibby favourited trashtune by burryleak
crab favourited Fighter XXX (LSDJ Collab) by KidFlyaway
Jredd favourited My heart is the CPU (2017) by FotonCat
Jredd favourited (Sega Genesis Original Short) Mission 1 - And Away We Go! by CircuitBird
UncleBibby favourited FM Portable Live by Groovemaster303
MezzanineStairs on Desolation (VRC6)
Thanks, @cqallenwalker! It's based on the end credits music from our game: http://mezzaninestairs.net/tracks/desolation
JeMappelle favourited Fighter XXX (LSDJ Collab) by KidFlyaway
MilleniumMole on Call HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number UK
Get the flying fuck out of here. First the forums, now even the images are becoming overrun with spam? Is this fucking real?
MilleniumMole favourited FM Portable Live by Groovemaster303
UncleBibby favourited Rise And Sine by skinnyhead
chunter on We Will Become Silhouettes
This is a song by The Postal Service. I suggest more vocal and/or less everything else.
4ForFake favourited Robot Ninja Shark [Single Cover] by Diagamblic
UncleBibby on Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Fluffy Bluff/Cloudy Court Galaxy (DMQ1 Arr.)
sounds great!
muteKi on We Will Become Silhouettes
It's actually a cover I'd had planned as part of my "melancholy piano breakbeat" series but it keeps getting more and more pointed as time goes by.
UncleBibby on We Will Become Silhouettes
nicely done all around! im guessing this is slightly political? either way great job.
kaska on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
@Eiyeron thanks mate, i really appreciate it :)
Eiyeron on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
It's a pretty good tune, nice job! The intro makes me remind so much of a song but I can't put its name on it.
crab on The Magician of Makai
MilleniumMole on PULSEWAVE Performance (Video Link)
Hey thanks for the youtube link! Love your tunes! Can't wait to start putting out some of my own, been so busy writing raps tho.
cqallenwalker on Desolation (VRC6)
I really love slower, emotional chiptune songs like this. Great job.
cqallenwalker on Rebirth Tune
This is nice. I liked how you worked the stereo sound.
UncleBibby on The Magician of Makai
i showed this to my mom, and she said, "this is cool..."
drexegar on Inner Workings
Awesome its nice to see a fellow DSN-12 user! Check my music and my ds10/dsn12 tutorials on youtube (gxscchater)
kaska on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
@circuitbird thank you :)
CircuitBird on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
I love this!
MilleniumMole on BREAK THE BARRIER
Pairs great with the image on fullscreen o.o
Balloonbear on Trajno al Telavivo
Missing u
ShockFlash on Blue
Very nice.