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Run With Purpose (Feat. Diagamblic & MBtech)
Creepy Freaky
Crush on You

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81ttr45hr10t replied to Merry Chipmas 2014 in Collaborations
*Already warming up the square waves.* ;)
2xAA replied to In dire need of some pixel art in Visual Art / Graphics
You can't delete your own threads, that's standard ruling in most forums. Asking for the thread to be close is usually how it goes. Sorry nobody r...
Justbeenwarpzoned favourited Veni, Vidi, Vici by Whitely
GammaLyrae favourited Unleash The Beast (Sega Genesis Metal) by Jredd
AxelHavoc favourited * by VRUMZSSSR
AxelHavoc favourited NEON GIRLS / Fisic CDS soon by crab
AxelHavoc favourited Glitch Buñuel by Brysamo
AxelHavoc favourited podquisition fanart by SnarlyDawg
AxelHavoc favourited <3 by VRUMZSSSR
GammaLyrae favourited Onslaught 2612 by DalekSam
TornadoDrop favourited Creepy Freaky by TurboChip
Yandere favourited Creepy Freaky by TurboChip
Whitely on Crush on You
Awesome little tune :)
2xAA favourited Veni, Vidi, Vici by Whitely
2xAA on Black Light
This is SO GOOD.
2xAA favourited Black Light by twistboy
meduzo favourited Run With Purpose (Feat. Diagamblic & MBtech) by Jredd
meduzo on Vals de la Carrosa
Hey thank you man!
Jredd favourited DSN12 C64 JUMPY by drexegar
2xAA favourited VIZIERS by chema64
TurboChip on Creepy Freaky
(>‘o’)> thx for listen guys
Jredd favourited Wintermvte - Chema64 (CrabsoundRMX) by crab
Jredd on Wintermvte - Chema64 (CrabsoundRMX)
Ha ha you make some of the most interesting LSDJ music out there man.
crab favourited MULINE by VRUMZSSSR
crab on MULINE
Nice, purechip ((:
crab on La Princesse de la Révolution
muteKi favourited Run With Purpose (Feat. Diagamblic & MBtech) by Jredd
muteKi favourited Crush on You by woahfox
cqallenwalker on Run With Purpose (Feat. Diagamblic & MBtech)
Kind of reminds me of ending credits music in a game. It's a nice optimistic song.
cqallenwalker favourited Run With Purpose (Feat. Diagamblic & MBtech) by Jredd
cqallenwalker on Undertale - Spider Dance LSDJ cover
Just got done with this boss, actually, so it's good timing. Anyway, this is a stellar cover.
81ttr45hr10t created the topic MIDI file wanted: Eagles of Death Metal - Kiss the Devil in Music
Could somebody provide me a midi file - or better: the note sheet - for this song? Can't read guitar tabs, so this would be my way to a chip remake. T...
SketchMan3 on Crush on You
Does it really keep that same melody going through the whole 3 minutes and 36 seconds? Impressive.
Monotron on Creepy Freaky
Had me headbanging, and I haven't even listened to much chiptune lately. Kudos killer shit man
Dropbit on Peel Me a Grape
Jredd on Peel Me a Grape
That beat is rad.
Jredd on Vals de la Carrosa
Yeah man, I like it :).
Dropbit on La Princesse de la Révolution
so cute
SketchMan3 replied to Recent threads extended time period in Requests
Yay! Also, ironically, I just now noticed this section of the site... first time I've scrolled down tha...
SketchMan3 on <3
Is that a butt? Did his butt fall off?
meduzo on Hibernation
Great song :)
moversandpackerspune replied to MicroCollective Birthday Stream! in Announcements
It's not going to be quite 24 hours, we're aiming to start at about 12pm GMT, so just after lunch, and go to about 5-6AM GMT. Unsure on what that is...
SketchMan3 replied to FAMICOMPO PICO 2015 (starts 1st Nov) in NES
southcargo replied to Whitely's Indigogo! in Off Topic Talk
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kaska on Aliens Exist (blink 182 remix)
Thanks so much man :)
SketchMan3 on Aliens Exist (blink 182 remix)
I wonder how many Blink 182 songs don't use this chord progression, lol. Regardless, nice remix!
crab on Get Away (µWIN)
Love it! 1:20 ---> <3
leenalegants created the topic 50 Pound Loan @ www.epoundloans.co.uk in Discussion
If the higher than mentioned conditions are consummated by the recipient, the investor doesn't have any problem in approving the application. 50 pound...
etscm01 created the topic Packers and movers ludhiana @ http://www.shiftingsolutions.in/packers-and-movers-ludhiana.html in Discussion
Points To Understand For A Super Easy Removal You have a brand new task or obtained promoted to your better placement although you need to go on to...
playerhot created the topic First Women to Join FIFA 16 Covers in Music
According to the latest news of FIFA 16 official site that FIFA 16 will be the first of its franchise to feature a women on the cover of the game and ...