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Super Summer Jam 3000
Dragon's Blade (Feat. GXSCChater & Jredd)(Turbo Grafx-16)

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kaska on Step son (2XLSDJ)
@crab gracias :)
crab on Step son (2XLSDJ)
que chidito
KIYoshiko favourited Super helado! - Crab sound by crab
KIYoshiko favourited Rasalgethi by KOSMOPOP2
KIYoshiko favourited OHH!! LAPTOPS! by Skycstls
MilleniumMole favourited Chu Chu Lovely (Maximum the Hormone cover) by TurboChip
UncleBibby favourited Electroplex (Zangief remix, Korg DS-10/Ableton) by UncleBibby
nq favourited Star alchemist by FotonCat
daisy on OHH!! LAPTOPS!
Sick amens!
daisy favourited OHH!! LAPTOPS! by Skycstls
rmf favourited Lost Protocol by joshquery
rmf favourited 1 Bit Shine (Tritone) by Jredd
rmf on YEAR 20XX
eighty-four years to go, pretty good deal
rmf favourited YEAR 20XX by ayoshutduff
rmf favourited shakin' bacon by madpew
rmf favourited Kitty eequlibrium by AxelHavoc
rmf favourited Devotion by VRUMZSSSR
rmf favourited Burning Scape (Rynex's Revenge) by VeraLovely
crab on Memoir
suave (:
daisy on Clenched Fist, Slowly Descending
well, not exactly two instances, but two recordings from famitracker, combined and mastered in Reaper
rmf favourited Morty's Lo-Fi Winter Vacation by DontBlink
rmf on Couch Garden
the sofa is taking me into the sky, i think it may be alive after all
rmf favourited Couch Garden by Musho
rmf favourited Some Dealings With The Office of Magic (LSDj) by Musho
rmf favourited Wrong Kind Of Tea (mad lsdj bounce bop tune) by Musho
rmf favourited Elin Går Hem (sweet lsdj tune) by Musho
rmf favourited how to be cat (1xLSDj) by Musho
reenaets replied to Troggs in da house in Announcements
MilleniumMole on strokemon
*officially deemed obviously artful af
Diagamblic on Super helado! - Crab sound
Icecreaaaaam - Nice job :)
Diagamblic on Clenched Fist, Slowly Descending
Love it! How are you syncing up the two instances of famitracker?
JPhardboiled created the topic HIP HOP Chiptunes!! in Collaborations
I DJ and my friend raps we're looking for collaborators in making HIP HOP chiptunes. If you got something run it by and we'll put the rhymes and scra...
crab on Super helado! - Crab sound
Diagamblic on Dragon's Blade (Feat. GXSCChater & Jredd)(Turbo Grafx-16)
Thanks Daisy :).
daisy on Dragon's Blade (Feat. GXSCChater & Jredd)(Turbo Grafx-16)
yeah! this is like a chiptune iron maiden track!
0b111 on ☁ OREOMILKSHAKE_1989 ☁
@daisy thanks! :)
daisy on Super helado! - Crab sound
<3 those delays
crab on Kubbi - Restoration (New album announced)
im in love with your work so clean, hearty and beauty, congrats! big hug!
crab on Pain Perdu Logo 1
its a label? or a cover art?
daisy on Atlantis
Nice tune!
daisy on ☁ OREOMILKSHAKE_1989 ☁
Groovy! I like the way this develops
4ForFake on Ticket Stubs - Future Waves
@2xAA - ¡Thanks for the Good Vibes!
0r4 replied to Can't change my profile pic in Bugs
No problem mate! Thanks for the support anyway :)
1truetree replied to Have I bricked my SGB somehow? in Gameboy
Yeah good shout 2xAA I will do so and clean the pins which mate with the SNES soon as I can. Hopefully back with joy + pictures:) Do you think ...
menglanfen replied to So like, do we wait a week to post new stuff like 8bc, or can we do so sooner? in Off Topic Talk
Yeah, that's what was bugging me too because I have this "backlog" from the old site (8bc) which I was uploading my Super Nintendo music style arrange...
menglanfen replied to 3DS Friend Codes! in Off Topic Talk
Name: Michael Friend Code: 3523-2434-1280 Mario Kart 7, Pokemon X, etc.
menglanfen replied to Our E3 2014 Discussion Thread At uCollective! in Off Topic Talk
Friggen Star Fooooooox. And Bayonetta.
2xAA replied to Is there an "introduce yourself" thread/category/section for new users? in Off Topic Talk
Pictures of setups, chip related stuff, posters for shows, pixel art, internet art etc - anything related to the scene really. This site was based of...