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Benevolence Or Bust
Jredd - Dya - Drop - It - Sega - Mix

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MilleniumMole favourited Record Snowfall by nuclace
Jredd favourited A Trip to the Zoo by daisy
Jredd on A Trip to the Zoo
Jredd favourited Turtlezord by nuclace
Jredd on Turtlezord
Yeah, I had to download to listen to it too but it's cool sound for sure :).
Jredd favourited Band Of Joy - Trandansen I Hornborgarsjön (cover) by 0b111
Jredd on Band Of Joy - Trandansen I Hornborgarsjön (cover)
I don't know the original, but this song is pretty cool :).
Jredd favourited We are Aliens by bitbotgirl
Jredd on We are Aliens
There's something very quirky, charming, and fun about this tune. It's like Dr.Mario on an old Dos PC ha ha.
8BrickDMG favourited <3 by VRUMZSSSR
nuclace on Turtlezord
weird it plays fine when I try it
4ForFake favourited Calamarespaciales / CD I by crab
2xAA replied to Have I bricked my SGB somehow? in Gameboy
I've not had any first hand experience with SGB modding, but I've seen a lot of it and know enough electronics to guess that this sounds like a loose/...
1truetree replied to Android Lsdmanager and USB Cart flasher in Gameboy
I have been eying this tool as I have never managed to get any of my sav files off my ems with my ancient MBP. OTG adapter on the way and I'll let you...
0b111 on Tiny Houses In The Small Forest (Matilda's Song)
@daisy thanks! she's a groovy girl
UncleBibby favourited Jredd - Dya - Drop - It - Sega - Mix by Diagamblic
MilleniumMole favourited Mirrors by bejd
MilleniumMole on Laffe the Fox - Songs About Skateboarding and Getting Dumped
I love the chime tone in this, that keeps the main rhythm. :* Prestigious.
MilleniumMole favourited Laffe the Fox - Songs About Skateboarding and Getting Dumped by LaffeTheFox
MilleniumMole favourited Chrysoberyl by PopsicleTheory
MilleniumMole on Ametrine
This is so good, I forgot I wasn't scrolling through popular music on YouTube. Box that up and ship it to the people!
MilleniumMole favourited Ametrine by PopsicleTheory
MilleniumMole favourited No, I'm not a DJ by PopsicleTheory
MilleniumMole favourited When Doves Cry [Genesis] by muteKi
MilleniumMole on A Trip to the Zoo
This is the most adorable, your friend is "creepy"
MilleniumMole favourited A Trip to the Zoo by daisy
2xAA favourited l'qcy + spccsm b2b by spacecosmo
crab favourited Alicia by Tilde
crab on Alicia
( :
Griswoldz favourited Jredd - Dya - Drop - It - Sega - Mix by Diagamblic
daisy favourited Tiny Houses In The Small Forest (Matilda's Song) by 0b111
daisy on Tiny Houses In The Small Forest (Matilda's Song)
love the groove and wonky off beat notes to this.
daisy on Benevolence Or Bust
nice! \m/^_^\m/
daisy favourited Benevolence Or Bust by Nestrogen
daisy on Turtlezord
yeah won't play in the embedded player, had to download. good jangly and mellow choon. \o/
MilleniumMole on Turtlezord
Can't get this one to play :/
MilleniumMole on 2016rig
laukmetaals created the topic laukmetaals @ TT Nr.3 13.04.2016 nanoloop 2.7 (live) in Off Topic Talk
live raw recording of tekno workout @ dirty deal audio's event http://www.dda.lv have a listen - follow the link below 1x nano #workit https:...
Whitely on New Behavior (nanoloop iOS)
UncleBibby on Bouncing Upward - Loop-Unfinished Song (YM2612)
this song won't play for me but i downloaded it and it sounds reeeeally cool, like a tropical spy movie
lordsquid on Night Sky (Loop)
such a banger
MilleniumMole on Hit and Run (Weekly Treats 2015)
This made me go download Weekly Treats 2015.. and basically cry in finding out that it will be the LAST Weekly Treats. Dafuq.
Musho on Yours to keep (experiment, lsdj guitar, opium)
russian choir.sf2
Musho replied to for when there are no threads bump this one please in Off Topic Talk
KIYoshiko created the topic "Chip Break In The Clouds"! BleepLove compilation is starting right now!!! in Collaborations
Hello, everyone! My name is Ki Yoshiko, I am a representative of the BleepLove online label dedicated to chip music. Today we would like to anno...
Moritzou replied to Ultrasyd + Comptroller + DJ Pie + Krvkt |30 Janvier 2016 | Paris, France in Events
UP UP UP Come on chipfans, come to Paris this weekend ! ...
best5moverspackers replied to MicroCollective Birthday Stream! in Announcements
It's not going to be quite 24 hours, we're aiming to start at about 12pm GMT, so just after lunch, and go to about 5-6AM GMT. Unsure on what that is...
SketchMan3 replied to Volume control..? in Requests
Bump for emphasis
2xAA replied to Merry Chipmas 2015 in Collaborations
Merry Chipmas 2015 is here!! Thanks again to all those who contributed <3 Have a great holiday. http://...
kloudygirl created the topic DuDLive15 - 12/19 @ ustream in Events