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Mint Tango
µWIN - That Which Oversees the World Anticausally (2A03)

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CyanideDansen favourited Self-Portrait 2015 by lxtxcx
juanjuan075249 created the topic a twoandahalfminute launch in Music
Trailer Is Here. Bungies Destiny is ready to make landfall in less than three weeks, so to properly hype up the masses, heres a twoandahalfminute laun...
glitchild favourited Pseudopodia by Pseudopodia
glitchild favourited HI ALL by 0b111
Jredd favourited Sands Of Chaos Guitar ver - (FT Jredd, MBTech & Chef Kreffington) by Dropbit
Minamiz favourited EndGame by 240p
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nuclace favourited µWIN - That Which Oversees the World Anticausally (2A03) by HeZeD
SketchMan3 favourited µWIN - That Which Oversees the World Anticausally (2A03) by HeZeD
SketchMan3 on µWIN - That Which Oversees the World Anticausally (2A03)
Nice! I like! Very dramatic :D
SketchMan3 favourited Hello there by CyanideDansen
SketchMan3 favourited c: by CyanideDansen
MilleniumMole favourited c: by CyanideDansen
MilleniumMole favourited Hello there by CyanideDansen
Ikasam favourited Slam Dunk Lifestyle (Balloonbear remix) by Balloonbear
Sp33dr4c3r favourited RESIST by Pixeltune
suckdings favourited Release of the Far West Ocean by Kommisar
suckdings favourited Lost Star by RebootMe
suckdings favourited IGNITE by Protoflight
suckdings favourited Elevate Me Sooner (dw- cover) by DontBlink
suckdings favourited RESIST by Pixeltune
suckdings favourited Slam Dunk Lifestyle (Balloonbear remix) by Balloonbear
drexegar on Violent Breathing (SPC700)
Ha Ha This was interesting to listen too, somes notes are a bit off but the samples are nice.
suckdings favourited Mint Tango by Kommisar
platonist on Hypnagogia
thanks :) glad you liked it
Balloonbear on Mint Tango
sounds very nice
glitchild on Skye
I love it! I love the color palette and the background. That snake though, she looks like a sneaky sneaky snake. I'm scared she might sneak up on me.....
drixiss on Elevate Me Sooner (dw- cover)
honestly like this more than the original, that part 3 minutes in is to die for
MilleniumMole on Weekly Treats 2013
I'm excited this still happens. There's a 2015 version currently out for April-June, so next will more than likely be July-September!
MilleniumMole on It was a test.
You passed.
MilleniumMole on moks gra$$
Using good ol Build and Sharpness
MilleniumMole on TUSKA
This is environtmental as all hell.
MilleniumMole on My Hero (8-bit cover)
This song meant alot to me. Means alot more in this form xP
crab on µWIN - That Which Oversees the World Anticausally (2A03)
( : !! felicidades cool!! ( :
MilleniumMole on scope (korg dsn-12)
This gives me hope of actually using my DSN-12 to make good music.
MilleniumMole on Autumn Colors
Well isn't this nice and pivotal.
crab on IGNITE
MilleniumMole on Cronos
Astounding, gripping, AND mad appealing. Very influential work here.
MilleniumMole on Secrets
This one doesn't seem to work for me :( I wanna heear!
MilleniumMole on Record Snowfall
This could use some thuuug vocals hahaha. Amazing though. Pure stuff.
StephenBrunton created the topic [SUNDERLAND, UK] MATERIA JUNKIES 22.10.15 (Trinity-Lofi, B-Type, more) in Events
https://www.facebook.com/events/1200388516643582/ attend profusely, people who can get to the north east :)
MilleniumMole on Yet Another Dire, Dire Docks Remix
Ah, the days of 8bc. You, good person, were always in my top 3 favorites. The true legends of old!
SnarlyDawg on my first chiptune
promise to meet me there in 60 years my love
Justbeenwarpzoned created the topic In dire need of some pixel art in Visual Art / Graphics
I need some pixel art for a single i'm making. I really only have 1 constraint for the artwork though, and that is that it has to be an 8-bit or 16-bi...
moverspackers replied to A Specific song back in 8bc I'm trying to find in Off Topic Talk
Awesome! Thank you <3
moverspackers replied to Whitely's Indigogo! in Off Topic Talk
Where is the option where, if I pay thousands of dollars, I can come be your friend for a day?