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Hangover Apocalypse
Sunset Bullet (FM)
shakin' bacon

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muteKi favourited Hangover Apocalypse by PleaseLoseBattle
muteKi favourited Sunset Bullet (FM) by UrbanFlowX26
Ikasam favourited Hey by nuclace
Minamiz favourited Sorrow (cover Youth Inside) by VRUMZSSSR
pokpook555 replied to µCollective API in Announcements
Well, we did have some designs but they're pretty out of date. I'd like to work with you if you're up for making it. I'll talk to the person I was ...
Minamiz favourited Katabasis by Sonusilver
Minamiz favourited CHICKENANDROFLS & Laffe the Fox - Hang in There, Kid (CHICKENANDROFLS Cover) by LaffeTheFox
Minamiz favourited Ode to Laptop by 2xAA
MilleniumMole favourited Krusker by KompositKrut
MilleniumMole favourited I inc. by Kubbi
MilleniumMole favourited Brain Palace by Tilde
Musho on Bitzalcoatl
so yeah i keep coming back to this. good work goddammit
HIdeYourTigers favourited Untitled 1 by kaska
madpew favourited Wanna Go for a Coatrack? by muteKi
Monotron favourited Riot Looters (SHALL PAY!) by umbrellapolicy
Monotron favourited Rising Blue by havocCc
Monotron favourited YEAR 20XX by ayoshutduff
Monotron favourited Hangover Apocalypse by PleaseLoseBattle
Minamiz favourited Monotony Cycle by BFAD
TapeState favourited Untitled 1 by kaska
tobokegao favourited Unrest A-OK! by PiecesOfEight
havocCc on Rising Blue
thx guys :)
MBtech favourited joyful ride by madpew
UrbanFlowX26 on Sunset Bullet (FM)
Yeah I just joined the site the other day hahaha
Jredd on Rising Blue
I like it :D.
Jredd on R-Type III: The Third Lightning - Outer Space
This is pretty rad dude! :D
Jredd on Sunset Bullet (FM)
Oh! Right on, I didn't know you posted this here :D. It's great dude :D.
SnarlyDawg on Sunset Bullet (FM)
squinting emotionally into the sunset with my bros
SnarlyDawg on joyful ride
SnarlyDawg on Rising Blue
yah sounds good havocCc you shouldn't have said i can use it however i want doh i'm gunna make my slaves listen to it while they work
SnarlyDawg on R-Type III: The Third Lightning - Outer Space
cqallenwalker on A Calm Morning
Thanks. It's quite old now, but I still enjoy the simple calmness of this song, if I am to toot my own horn.
madpew on Reflection by Jredd Ft. MBtech
Had this as my alarm now for a few days and it's a great way to start your day!
madpew on Toxic Canyon Zone
Totally lives up to its name!
madpew on Funk Blaster (Sega Genesis)
Songs like this are the reason why I got a closet full of megadrives!
madpew on Side Kick
I usually don't like over-processed stuff, but this somehow still got me.
madpew on Hangover Apocalypse
Wow, some great stuff in this patchwork!
madpew on Sunset Bullet (FM)
Sounds like the end-credits of an lost sonic game to me :)
UrbanFlowX26 on A Calm Morning
Haha this is tight!! This reminds me of like a Early Sega RPG. Awesome!
UrbanFlowX26 on Sunset Bullet (FM)
Thanks buddy, appreciate it!!
81ttr45hr10t on clean up
Y0uv3 607 50m3 84ll5, dud3!
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We've been collaborating with Chiptunes = WIN for the past few months to bring you µWIN - the ChipWIN Volume 4. Expansion pack featuring kille...
2xAA replied to Question About Music Covers in Music
If it's chiptune or has chiptune element sure, but if there's no chip then no. Also, welcome to µCollective! :)
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Today we've released a feature many people have asked for in the past year; play the audio submissions in the Audio section! For those of you unawa...
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It's not going to be quite 24 hours, we're aiming to start at about 12pm GMT, so just after lunch, and go to about 5-6AM GMT. Unsure on what that is...
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gaarathedancingpanda wrote:One of the best things about the site is that it...
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