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luv sic part 3
A Minor Thing

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2xAA favourited Random Bazar Festival by Moritzou
Balloonbear favourited Random Bazar Festival by Moritzou
BFAD favourited Lovesickness [2a03] by Fearofdark
BFAD favourited Trey Frey + Boaconstructor = Exite! by NTRDMG
BFAD favourited The Glitch City by gaarathedancingpanda
BFAD favourited Boaconstructor Album Art by grazcore
tatakelly created the topic Leather Converse Shoes Cheap in Nintendo
Leather Converse Shoes Cheap really wants to do their media, not rent it. There m...
tatakelly created the topic Vibram FiveFingers KOMODOSPORT cheap in Nintendo
MRI scores says subjects inside the Vibram FiveFingers KOMODOSPORT cheap...
Jredd favourited A Minor Thing by XenonOdyssey
Ikasam favourited Hotpantz Romanze by PolarBirds
AxelHavoc favourited VRUMZSSSR - UKID by VRUMZSSSR
AxelHavoc favourited Self-Portrait 2015 by lxtxcx
AxelHavoc favourited BleepLove vol. 5 by VRUMZSSSR
AxelHavoc favourited dot dot dot dot dot by Alexpowrs
Ikasam favourited brain damage by bertfm
gotoandplay on Ghostbusters (SPC700)
nice stuff. I think the breakdown part was asking for a lot more vibrato depth in the synth lead, otherwise good job. I havent done a snes tune yet, b...
gotoandplay on A Minor Thing
impressive sounds
gotoandplay favourited A Minor Thing by XenonOdyssey
81ttr45hr10t favourited be safe, gurl ft. the one electronic (LGPT) by barbeque
Balloonbear favourited brain damage by bertfm
danalex favourited Knife City - Slam Dunk Lifestyle (Balloonbear remix) by Balloonbear
drexegar favourited SHOTGUN BREAKFAST! :D by Weirdbananas
drexegar favourited Physics (James Bond Cover) by Wheely
Whitely on bangpenzpicture
lmao victor
Eiyeron on au5 - follow you (pixeltune remix) (wip)
/me prods Pixeltune.
2xAA favourited NUUUP by hardw1red
Whitely on luv sic part 3
would love a version without the vocals
qzz10011 replied to Borked Charts in Announcements
ive noticed this
Balloonbear on skrillex - scary monster and nice sprites (bangpenz remix)
FRESH (no it's not)
Whitely on skrillex - scary monster and nice sprites (bangpenz remix)
oh no not this again
8bitApostle on Imbroglio Aftermath
I've searched for that song, and it's possible I've lost it forever. If I find it, I'll upload it again.
lxtxcx on Gameboy Yin Yang
Jredd on Who Cares
AlexKelly created the topic The Laohu - FROgs Listening/Release Party | 23.3.15 | 18:00 CST | 8bitx.com in Events
~~~~~~ 23rd of March 6pm CST ~~~~~~ To celebrate the upcoming release of The Laohu's latest album FR...
Musho on Boaconstructor Album Art
yweah thats cool
0b111 on To see and know all
@Balloonbear Thank you! :)
kloudygirl created the topic DuDLive6 on Ustream - 3/21 @ 3pm ct in Events
SketchMan3 on Sorrow (cover Youth Inside)
I really like the choppy stuff in the intro
crab on S p a c e R o m a n c e
LaffeTheFox on Reporting For Doodie
Best cover art ever! <3
2xAA on luv sic part 3
luv it
DontBlink on luv sic part 3
Welcome back, buddy :)
hellocatfood created the topic μChip 3 - Birmingham, UK - 19th-21st March - 18+ in Events
regol3th on Toxic Canyon Zone
2xAA replied to Forever Online CDs in Trade
Balloonbear on To see and know all
that's interesting i enjoyed it
Balloonbear on Last Live TripTour
надо прийти
TheLaohu replied to Guitars & Gameboys in Events
Coming up this Saturday!
lee123 replied to Login link not clickable in Fixed Bugs
Fixed, thanks for the report!
lee123 replied to Well, I broke uCollective. in Fixed Bugs
Fixed - sorry! It was the backslashes I didn't get rid of out of the title. Bloody URLs :l