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UncleBibby favourited Logo by CircuitBird
MilleniumMole favourited Logo by CircuitBird
mandyififa created the topic How Fifa 18 Teach True Football Lesson in Requests
The first topic, I'm going to handle, is actually two diverse phenomena, which however are linked and perhaps therefore sometimes confused, namely...
UncleBibby favourited OBSOLETE PARADISE!!! by Weirdbananas
2xAA favourited OBSOLETE PARADISE!!! by Weirdbananas
Tilde favourited DOGSTREET by DOGSTREET
UncleBibby favourited DOGSTREET by DOGSTREET
Xrott favourited spicy vanilla by XenonOdyssey
Xrott favourited freshly-squeezed cinnamon by XenonOdyssey
Xrott favourited cherry mustard by XenonOdyssey
Xrott favourited My 8-Bit Heart by chippyattack
Xrott favourited Incorreggibile Blue Boys by 0r4
Xrott favourited old bay leaves by XenonOdyssey
Htful1965 created the topic Nike Air Huarache Ultra SI in Discussion
Nike Air Huarache Ultra SI, Retro-Stil und ultraleichte Passform: modische Sportschuhe - Nike Air Huarache ...
Htful1965 created the topic ¿Qué si había un BAPE x Air Jordan 1? in Discussion
Ya sabemos cuando el nuevo Air Jordan 6 Gatorade será lanzado, pero ¿sabía usted que también hay un Air Jord...
aflcentrifugalfan created the topic There are differences between industrial AFL axial fan designs in Collaborations
When considering an axial fan vs AC Centrifugal Fan AFL-Fan, learning the differences are important. Is it the b...
UncleBibby on Battle Against an Unfinished Opponent
reminds me of the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 soundtrack, which is very much a good thing
UncleBibby favourited Battle Against an Unfinished Opponent by Tilde
mandyififa created the topic Everyone would like to be better at FIFA 18, but how do you go about it in Gameboy
El debate seguir y como en el f hay opiniones siempre todo vale. Pero es que son tan distintos: Messi un futbolista fut 18 coins de calle p habilidoso...
mandyififa created the topic The message is pricing, while the fifa 18 is more likely to cost $ 60 in Gameboy
Will try to do this. It is interesting because you have announced two games according to FIF...
mandyififa created the topic Games with regard to FIFA 18 Coins in Gameboy
Never mind. The nfl ultimate team coins gazpacho spiked with sleeping pills and intended for Pepa's unfaithful lover is consumed by someone else. ...
liantuoptfesheet created the topic How to Choose the Right PTFE Sheet Supplier in Discussion
Maybe, it's difficult to choose the right Expanded PTFE Joint ...
Zeropass favourited old bay leaves by XenonOdyssey
UncleBibby favourited Parov Stelar - Booty Swing LSDJ Remix ^_^ by DYLANBROCHILL
Cithys2 created the topic Limited Edt e ASICS para liberar o "Vanda Kuro" Pack in Off Topic Talk
Além de lançar no colorway Agave Green, Asics também caiu o novo asics gel-kayano Trainer Knit neste co...
Cithys2 created the topic En af Koreas førende sneaker in Off Topic Talk
En af Koreas førende sneaker butikker er den stolte modtager af et kommende samarbejde med Adidas Originals, og duoen skuffede ikke. Kasina har tilkn...
good song! i sort of wonder what it would sound like with more of a house/disco beat...
UncleBibby favourited POST PHYSICAL by DOGSTREET
Plastikhuehnchen favourited Dark World by 8bitApostle
DOGSTREET on Slip & Slice (Korg Gadget on iOS)
cool!!! love the drums
DontBlink favourited BFAD Conjunctour by BFAD
MilleniumMole favourited KUWAGO - AS by crab
MilleniumMole favourited BFAD Conjunctour by BFAD
Greenleo on Hey Justin (What's Up Man?)
Solid beat. Good sense of humor. Memorable track. A real stand out. Nice work.
Greenleo on Sup Day (I Spelled Sunday Wrong)
Awesome track. I went and downloaded a copy of 'March Tracks'. No CC licensing is disappointing though. Would have liked to share this on a podcast.
fedepede04 on Jredd Hill Zone
yes now i know you again, i first hear your c64 tune, it was great but i did not recognize you in it :)
fedepede04 on Neon Streets (C64)
UncleBibby on Boss battle theme from a Phantasy Star fangame project
I'm sorry i left that angry comment on your mashup remix Yoshi's Ireland... I am a stubborn fool. Anyways, it's funny how this has all the epic busine...
kaska on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
@roboctopus thanks man. Sometimes ems gb usb so annoying haha
UncleBibby on Yoshi's Ireland
if we can post mashups and funny remixes on ucollective i got about 42 things i should probably upload...
UncleBibby on Delightful
it doesn't sound too bad... good work!
Eiyeron on yeah666
Sounds pretty great!
DJHollowLife on yeah666
great jams dude
VRUMZSSSR on trashtune
roboctopus on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
Oh man, I've lost some savs and know that feel. :( This is a fun track though. :) At least you recorded it!
roboctopus on Make Me Famau5
This is fun stuff haha.
DontBlink on Make Me Famau5
damm i forgot about this track good stuff yo
MilleniumMole on Shibaboo
Love your music. Thanks for this!!!
Gaggo on unfinished VGM track
what about the good old "loop and fade"? :)
MezzanineStairs on Desolation (VRC6)
Thanks, @cqallenwalker! It's based on the end credits music from our game: http://mezzaninestairs.net/tracks/desolation