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Last week's top audio:

Hearth (2a03+n163)
Funk Blaster (Sega Genesis)
Underground Base of Operation L.O.T.U.S. - Terminal Entrance (.xm)

Last week's top visuals:

No Third place last week!

Acidoaciderp (Prozac+ Chiptune Rmx)
Laffe the Fox - Symphony of Apathy
Funk Blaster (Sega Genesis)
Dracula Mountain (Lightning Bolt cover)
Underground Base of Operation L.O.T.U.S. - Terminal Entrance (.xm)
Metatronaut - Abrstraction (NKD! Remix)
Youtopia (LSDJ Remix)
Hearth (2a03+n163)
Axel F (SPC700)
King of the Jungle Swing [Donkey Kong Medley]
Newtolu (Korg M01D, 3DS)
Tamura Yukari - Oshiete A to Z
Bullet Train
MALOpando 1 (LSDJ)
Obligatory (2xLSDJ)
Can't Stopping (8bit remix to promote my new non-8bit album)
Pox waves / Crab Sound (LSDJ)
Laffe the Fox - Tropical Drowning (Tropical Coast Zone 1 from Sonic Lost World)
Walk In The Shark (nanoloop iOS)
Kyoto Kids - (Alpine Remix)
Did You See That Shadow? (LSDj)
Plasma Punch (2a03)
Laffe the Fox - Anthropomorphic Resort (Tropical Resort Act 1-3 from Sonic Color
Metro Sweep (Mario Sound Test)
The Alchemist's Rainbow (YM2612)
Sudden Summers
Lost Protocol
Self Destruct - Daft Punk 3 Remix (Feat. GZOM)
Vapor.wav (Korg M01D on 3DS)
Eric Bolling is an Actual Pile of Ass
clean up
Jredd & Groovemaster303 - FM Underground Radio Preview

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2xAA replied to FORMAT DF 2015 / Performer Signup / Mexico, DF. ((: in Off Topic Talk
Wow, this is a really cool opportunity! Everybody should be signing up :P
carlschultz favourited Dracula Mountain (Lightning Bolt cover) by muteKi
cheapshot favourited Glitch Fitness by lxtxcx
muteKi favourited Funk Blaster (Sega Genesis) by Jredd
crab created the topic FORMAT DF 2015 / Performer Signup / Mexico, DF. in Discussion
Friends from all around the world, Would you like to play in Format DF this November, 2015 in Mexico City? Signup with this form! ENGLISH - http:/...
UncleBibby on Funk Blaster (Sega Genesis)
if the world was fair you'd have a recording contract with EMI for making exactly this kind of song. Honestly i feel like my elderly relatives would l...
UncleBibby favourited Funk Blaster (Sega Genesis) by Jredd
Wheely on King of the Jungle Swing [Donkey Kong Medley]
Thanks a lot!
Balloonbear favourited Hearth (2a03+n163) by commandycan
SnarlyDawg on clean up
yall are too nice :) thanks
Savestate favourited Funk Blaster (Sega Genesis) by Jredd
suckdings favourited Metatronaut - Abrstraction (NKD! Remix) by NintenKwonDo
suckdings favourited Funk Blaster (Sega Genesis) by Jredd
Jredd on King of the Jungle Swing [Donkey Kong Medley]
Ha ha fantastic. I heard this in WIP form, I'm glad you were able to finish it :).
Jredd favourited King of the Jungle Swing [Donkey Kong Medley] by Wheely
glitchild favourited Corruption Pipeline (.gbs) by Savestate
gaarathedancingpanda on Bullet Train
Right from the beginning beat, this is absolutely addicting.
Wheely favourited Funk Blaster (Sega Genesis) by Jredd
Wheely on King of the Jungle Swing [Donkey Kong Medley]
hey man, thanks for your comment. Thanks for the suggestions, lets see what newer tunes will sound like ... I am always working on my sound
Pixeltune favourited Underground Base of Operation L.O.T.U.S. - Terminal Entrance (.xm) by Savestate
Pixeltune on Underground Base of Operation L.O.T.U.S. - Terminal Entrance (.xm)
excellent use of panning, definitely getting a cave story vibe too
UncleBibby on Underground Base of Operation L.O.T.U.S. - Terminal Entrance (.xm)
reminds me of cave story
UncleBibby favourited Underground Base of Operation L.O.T.U.S. - Terminal Entrance (.xm) by Savestate
DontBlink favourited Hearth (2a03+n163) by commandycan
glitchild favourited C Major Never Sounds Cool by AlexD
glitchild favourited Planet III (Mesosphere) by Kubbi
glitchild favourited Rising by VCMG
glitchild favourited Emerald Horizons by Zeropass
glitchild favourited AceSpaceface (LSDJ) by KidultCalcium
glitchild favourited Mortal Kombat! by Merutochan
NintenKwonDo on clean up
very chill
cqallenwalker on Axel F (SPC700)
It's always nice to hear more SNES chiptunes out there. Thanks for the cover.
cqallenwalker on Hearth (2a03+n163)
Once more, great job. Your Famicom skills are unrivaled.
Mykah created the topic USK - I Am A Fuckoka Raver (Mykah Remix) in Music
Hey hey! I just uploaded my remix of my favourite chiptune track I Am A Fuckoka Raver by USK. ...
UncleBibby on Axel F (SPC700)
at the start it sounded really good and very faithful with a few notes sounding a bit off here and there but otherwise good. Then some of the later in...
UncleBibby on King of the Jungle Swing [Donkey Kong Medley]
super classy. Not a whole lot of humanity to the instrumentation but very good overall. i like the opening and i love the drums and sounds you chose. ...
2xAA on clean up
UncleBibby on clean up
this is dang good
SnarlyDawg on Newtolu (Korg M01D, 3DS)
this is good dude
0b111 on shopkeep
Love it!
Aquellex on Obligatory (2xLSDJ)
empty statement
0b111 on Medicate!
@cqallenwalker Thank you! :)
cqallenwalker on Medicate!
This song has a nice almost "gooey" bass to it. It's quite nice. Great job.
ShiftyPixlz created the topic Android Lsdmanager and USB Cart flasher in Gameboy
If anyone interested in this, I have recently released an improved version of this App that can read/write EMS 64M and drag'n'derp carts (using a Usb-...