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Climbing Still

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MicroD on Climbing Still
Hey man!
JoeBleeps replied to Merry Chipmas 2016 in Collaborations
Finished mine just now! Turned out great. Going to come back to it cold tomorrow for some final tweaks
muteKi favourited Climbing Still by MicroD
TheLaohu on Climbing Still
Yoooo, MicroD!
TheLaohu favourited Climbing Still by MicroD
Musho favourited BREAK THE BARRIER by SnarlyDawg
Musho on Sierpinski Nightmare
fever dream
Musho favourited Sierpinski Nightmare by geckojsc
Eiyeron favourited #JAPAN by Cooshinator
Eiyeron on FRUiT PUNCH
Nice track! I like the melody and the instrumentation.
Eiyeron favourited FRUiT PUNCH by DefenseMechanism
MilleniumMole favourited Living Soon (Korg Gadget) by UncleBibby
MilleniumMole favourited Vs. Metal Sonic by muteKi
Jredd favourited Vs. Metal Sonic by muteKi
UncleBibby favourited Vs. Metal Sonic by muteKi
Schnupfenpuder favourited Neon Streets (C64) by Jredd
UncleBibby favourited Neon Streets (C64) by Jredd
Jredd favourited Living Soon (Korg Gadget) by UncleBibby
UncleBibby favourited Living Soon (Korg Gadget) by UncleBibby
TheLaohu on Donkey Song
Thanks! Figured I'd give ucollective another chance after your recent FB outreach.
muteKi favourited Jredd Hill Zone by Jredd
muteKi favourited Neon Streets (C64) by Jredd
MilleniumMole favourited Vector Nova Mega Mix by Jredd
MilleniumMole favourited Hopeless Romantic (N163, 224Hz) by Fearofdark
Jredd on Neon Streets (C64)
TheLaohu favourited Pain Perdu Logo 1 by PainPerdu
TheLaohu on Pain Perdu Logo 1
I was utterly delighted when I learned what Pain Perdu means in French.
NESMETAL on Neon Streets (C64)
if there was a ever a "beat-em-up" game C64, I imagine it would sound like this. scrappy, and groovy.
NESMETAL favourited Neon Streets (C64) by Jredd
NESMETAL on Jredd Hill Zone
haha I love this so much. what you did with the bass line is killer.
NESMETAL on Dead Lights And Dark Towers (2016)
haha I'm glad I could meet your expectations Trevin :)
Jredd on Donkey Song
Whoa, what the heck? This is pretty rad! Hahaha.
Jredd on Cast Doom
Jredd on Dead Lights And Dark Towers (2016)
This is exactly the type of music I would expect from someone with the epic last name GOD BOLT.
Bergeron created the topic Braves Consider Minors LHP Bradley versus Brewers in Gameboy
The wheels of the "build pitchers of some renown" bus by no means avert turning within the Atlanta Entrance Business office, as they incorporate at th...
TheLaohu on Cast Doom
Epic song, Nathan!
MilleniumMole on Blocktober2016
Love the site,love everyone's work here, and your features on Weekly Treats 2xAA! Thanks to everyone and their crativity for all the inspiration and e...
Diagamblic on 2A03 Strut (Real NES hardware recording)
Whoa - didn't see the last comment. PleaseLoseBattle - NES ROM to Everdrive.
Zeropass on Noir
make more music nerd
Zeropass on Jredd Hill Zone
2xAA on Blocktober2016
Holy balls, dude!
fifacions123 replied to Audio section upgrade in Announcements
Today we've released a feature many people have asked for in the past year; play the audio submissions in the Audio section! For those of you unawa...
UncleBibby on angel woman extra trouble
is that a speak n spell? good song dude
1truetree replied to Android Lsdmanager and USB Cart flasher in Gameboy
I did not have success with this but I blame my bodged otg adapter. Few years of unsaved lsdj .savs are beginning to weigh on my mind, bought another ...
1truetree replied to Have I bricked my SGB somehow? in Gameboy
OK so I found some time for fault finding and found my faults ! I compared Jeff frohwains(sp?) Sgb and DMG schematics on devsr to see where the vi...
myy replied to I found out a guy in my town used to make some really crazy 'chip' music. in Music
That first track had a small Kraftwerk-like melody sound. Nice! Will listen to the rest n_n
myy replied to FANKS ep by GAMPOY in Music
just to let u know ^^ you can also tell me what u trhink about it. http://gampoy.bandcamp.com/album/fanks-ep
myy replied to NEW hk ALBUM: "lgpt_princess" . (Chiptune/ Rave/Dance ) Free stream+download+spotify in Music
heh bump
myy replied to NC036 Released: sombreronegro – anomalia EP in Music
looks interesting... will check this out and report back...
myy replied to TWG002| Fauxhound- This Is Not A Game, Boy in Music
For our sophomore release New Zealand’s Fauxhound delivers an emotional mixture of spoke...