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Coolio ft. L.V - Gangsta's Paradise (Balloonbear bootleg remix)
Blue Planet+Earthscape+Eos [LIVE]

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CircuitBird favourited Coolio ft. L.V - Gangsta's Paradise (Balloonbear bootleg remix) by Balloonbear
Zeropass on Blue Planet+Earthscape+Eos [LIVE]
wow, this is a really impressive composition!
Zeropass favourited Blue Planet+Earthscape+Eos [LIVE] by Auxcide
Zeropass favourited F▲†Ǝ by Balloonbear
Zeropass on F▲†Ǝ
reminds me of cave story! it's great!
Zeropass on Time (WIP)
Zeropass favourited Time (WIP) by Pixeltune
Zeropass on Becuz Love
pretty cool melodies!
Zeropass favourited Becuz Love by Starpilot
Zeropass favourited Pterodactyls by Solarbear
Zeropass favourited Coolio ft. L.V - Gangsta's Paradise (Balloonbear bootleg remix) by Balloonbear
Zeropass on Coolio ft. L.V - Gangsta's Paradise (Balloonbear bootleg remix)
great work! love the soundscape!
HolyKonni on the watering can incident
haha detta var mig då en god time. måste säga att det värmde iallafall början där då du får till en redigt härligt mix av nået som hade kunn...
HolyKonni favourited Coolio ft. L.V - Gangsta's Paradise (Balloonbear bootleg remix) by Balloonbear
HolyKonni on Coolio ft. L.V - Gangsta's Paradise (Balloonbear bootleg remix)
ey this is really nice
Balloonbear favourited DeadMe (MyLittleScaryDevil) by VRUMZSSSR
nuclace on Another winter
not that I've seen I've been pretty out of the community for a minute though :/ BOtB is about the only other option I've come across
UncleBibby on Another winter
i wish people did but im not sure they do... is there an alternative?
UncleBibby favourited Another winter by nuclace
UncleBibby favourited DeadMe (MyLittleScaryDevil) by VRUMZSSSR
VRUMZSSSR favourited I D E N T I D A D E S by crab
Consolekiller favourited I D E N T I D A D E S by crab
Consolekiller on I D E N T I D A D E S
Mas hermoso que esta canción no hay, que intro tan hermoso
UncleBibby favourited BoogleBop (midi and 707) by UncleBibby
Camel104 on Perseverance
Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. Helps to learn where this stands in terms of structure and things like that, as opposed to the usual feedback I get...
UncleBibby on Perseverance
i like the drums and the intro, and while it gets a bit busy later on, i think its something to be proud of for sure. i also like the timing for when ...
usrlocalshare favourited Sparkle Speaker by muteKi
chippyattack favourited Free Running (LSDJ) by kaska
chippyattack on DONK STYLE BASS
It is the yoi yoi yoi sound from dubstep LOL
UncleBibby favourited Rusty (midi song) by UncleBibby
8bitApostle favourited Dungeon Creeper (SNES Death Metal) (Feat. Jredd) by CircuitBird
8bitApostle favourited Rhotic Stagger by MicroD
Whitely favourited Black Light by twistboy
SikoKat on wwittn
I wonder who all your base belong to....
SikoKat on Black Light
Yes, yes! This track is stellar. I don't usually enjoy songs with panning effects, but the way this track uses stereo during the verse is simply hyp...
SikoKat on KORG M01D - Bonetrousle
I had to log in to fave CircuitBird's latest upload, and then listen to the rest of her history. This is a great track!
kaska on Free Running (LSDJ)
@UncleBibby thank you, man
UncleBibby on Free Running (LSDJ)
i like this one!
UncleBibby on Coolio ft. L.V - Gangsta's Paradise (Balloonbear bootleg remix)
awesome dude
fedepede04 on ##JUNGLEREVOLUTION