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Yoshi's Ireland

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fujihdmanufacturer replied to Making Sound Elevator Modernization Decisions To Give You A Competitive Edge in Discussion
Fujihd Elevator Manufacturer Held Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration
8bitApostle favourited Song For a Better Present (REMASTER) by Tilde
Eiyeron favourited Incorreggibile Blue Boys by 0r4
kaska on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
@roboctopus thanks man. Sometimes ems gb usb so annoying haha
UncleBibby favourited Incorreggibile Blue Boys by 0r4
UncleBibby on Yoshi's Ireland
if we can post mashups and funny remixes on ucollective i got about 42 things i should probably upload...
UncleBibby favourited freshly-squeezed cinnamon by XenonOdyssey
UncleBibby on Delightful
it doesn't sound too bad... good work!
crab favourited Yoshi's Ireland by muteKi
Eiyeron on yeah666
Sounds pretty great!
Eiyeron favourited yeah666 by Cooshinator
chema64 favourited Jesusito te destruira (FIRST LSDJ) by johnnyvergaso
chema64 favourited My Heart Beats In 4/4 Time by NintenKwonDo
chema64 favourited Boomerang kisses (instrumental) by calamarespaciales
Plastikhuehnchen favourited mr kuuuuk vs mr kruuuuk by jallabert
Plastikhuehnchen favourited spicy vanilla by XenonOdyssey
UncleBibby favourited spicy vanilla by XenonOdyssey
UncleBibby favourited Slum (VRC6) by MezzanineStairs
DJHollowLife favourited My heart is the CPU (2017) by FotonCat
DJHollowLife on yeah666
great jams dude
DJHollowLife favourited yeah666 by Cooshinator
skinwalker created the topic Selling my old LSDJMC2 MIDI converter in Trade
An unused and brand new (kinda dusty as it's been kept in a draw for quite a while but whatever) LSDJMC2 MIDI converter for LSDJ Bought for £100,...
VRUMZSSSR on trashtune
VRUMZSSSR favourited trashtune by burryleak
roboctopus favourited Losing sav (2xLSDJ) by kaska
roboctopus on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
Oh man, I've lost some savs and know that feel. :( This is a fun track though. :) At least you recorded it!
roboctopus favourited Make Me Famau5 by JeMappelle
roboctopus on Make Me Famau5
This is fun stuff haha.
UncleBibby favourited MasterClock (Korg Gadget on iPhone) by UncleBibby
DontBlink on Make Me Famau5
damm i forgot about this track good stuff yo
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DJHollowLife favourited MasterClock (Korg Gadget on iPhone) by UncleBibby
taniarai created the topic Tania Rai Independent Hyderabad Escorts | Escorts in Hyderabad in Discussion
Nidhi Verma is famous for Professional Relaxation Hyderabad Escorts Girl Services, she is really to porn star models and Escorts Service is offering i...
nielsarojaz created the topic How to Get a No Faxing 2000 Payday Loan over 2 Years in Off Topic Talk
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MilleniumMole on Shibaboo
Love your music. Thanks for this!!!
Gaggo on unfinished VGM track
what about the good old "loop and fade"? :)
MezzanineStairs on Desolation (VRC6)
Thanks, @cqallenwalker! It's based on the end credits music from our game: http://mezzaninestairs.net/tracks/desolation
MilleniumMole on Call HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number UK
Get the flying fuck out of here. First the forums, now even the images are becoming overrun with spam? Is this fucking real?
chunter on We Will Become Silhouettes
This is a song by The Postal Service. I suggest more vocal and/or less everything else.
UncleBibby on Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Fluffy Bluff/Cloudy Court Galaxy (DMQ1 Arr.)
sounds great!
muteKi on We Will Become Silhouettes
It's actually a cover I'd had planned as part of my "melancholy piano breakbeat" series but it keeps getting more and more pointed as time goes by.
UncleBibby on We Will Become Silhouettes
nicely done all around! im guessing this is slightly political? either way great job.
kaska on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
@Eiyeron thanks mate, i really appreciate it :)
Eiyeron on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
It's a pretty good tune, nice job! The intro makes me remind so much of a song but I can't put its name on it.
crab on The Magician of Makai