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Hustle Dunes (gamewave)
Super Mario Galaxy - Bowser's Galaxy Reactor ("DMQ1" Arrangement)

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UncleBibby favourited Ballistic Bunny by Kommisar
abramskalty created the topic Gmail Technical Support Number - Dial - 1-800-478-8053 Toll Free in Discussion
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MilleniumMole favourited chiptune by Balloonbear
MilleniumMole favourited 9-Heart // DantesDMG by frankangottiisdead
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UncleBibby favourited Hustle Dunes (gamewave) by UncleBibby
UncleBibby on Hope
UncleBibby favourited Hope by Balloonbear
punchparty on 11:11 (WIP)
Yeah! It is.. it needs the vocals and final mixing! I'm also getting a live drummer to perform it! Thank you so much for the feedback and favorite! :)
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MilleniumMole favourited Super Mario Galaxy - Bowser's Galaxy Reactor ("DMQ1" Arrangement) by MCMP2013
UncleBibby on 11:11 (WIP)
i like this! are u sure its a work in progress? sounds pretty donezo to me! good job! love the drumming, guitar could be a bit louder (on my iphone sp...
UncleBibby favourited 11:11 (WIP) by punchparty
UncleBibby on High Flyers
this is so good!!! love every part
UncleBibby favourited High Flyers by Tilde
UncleBibby favourited Dawn Trader (chiphouse remix) by UncleBibby
UncleBibby favourited Super Mario 64 Theme by muteKi
frankangottiisdead favourited KUWAGO - AS by crab
frankangottiisdead favourited Engine by kaska
frankangottiisdead favourited Stranger Things by nuclace
usrlocalshare favourited Super Mario 64 Theme by muteKi
usrlocalshare favourited Alternate Sonic 4 Special Stage idea by muteKi
usrlocalshare favourited Character Select (Original Composition) Sega Genesis (Feat. Jredd) by CircuitBird
usrlocalshare on Character Select (Original Composition) Sega Genesis (Feat. Jredd)
Very nice. Reminds me of the Sonic 3 competition theme and the Streets of Rage player select theme. :-)
usrlocalshare favourited Vengeance is Mine by muteKi
UncleBibby on Vengeance is Mine
i like joke songs and i like music that gets more intense like a million times so this is a winner to me!
UncleBibby favourited Vengeance is Mine by muteKi
UncleBibby favourited EarthBound - Choose a File by VRCWhatIMean
MilleniumMole favourited North by DireHit
punchparty on FTW! [LSDJ And Guitar]
Very fun! It's great to hear people doing similar stuff to what I do!
chippyattack on FTW! [LSDJ And Guitar]
This is amazing :D
UncleBibby on Attack Attack! - Interlude ( second remix attempt )
very fun!
UncleBibby on Battle Against an Unfinished Opponent
reminds me of the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 soundtrack, which is very much a good thing
good song! i sort of wonder what it would sound like with more of a house/disco beat...
DOGSTREET on Slip & Slice (Korg Gadget on iOS)
cool!!! love the drums
Greenleo on Hey Justin (What's Up Man?)
Solid beat. Good sense of humor. Memorable track. A real stand out. Nice work.
Greenleo on Sup Day (I Spelled Sunday Wrong)
Awesome track. I went and downloaded a copy of 'March Tracks'. No CC licensing is disappointing though. Would have liked to share this on a podcast.
fedepede04 on Jredd Hill Zone
yes now i know you again, i first hear your c64 tune, it was great but i did not recognize you in it :)
fedepede04 on Neon Streets (C64)
UncleBibby on Boss battle theme from a Phantasy Star fangame project
I'm sorry i left that angry comment on your mashup remix Yoshi's Ireland... I am a stubborn fool. Anyways, it's funny how this has all the epic busine...
kaska on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
@roboctopus thanks man. Sometimes ems gb usb so annoying haha
UncleBibby on Yoshi's Ireland
if we can post mashups and funny remixes on ucollective i got about 42 things i should probably upload...
UncleBibby on Delightful
it doesn't sound too bad... good work!