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MilleniumMole favourited Dr. Franken's Castle & Security Areas (KORG M01d Remix) by kidThunder
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Jredd favourited Hybrid Album-Teaser by TRIaC
burryleak favourited Swill by UncleBibby
UncleBibby favourited My 3ds XL and a very small glass by drexegar
4ForFake favourited Blocktober2016 by MilleniumMole
Minamiz favourited KOMODO by notlikethatmusic
UncleBibby favourited Swill by UncleBibby
DJHollowLife favourited Blocktober2016 by MilleniumMole
Schnupfenpuder favourited 30 second EP Preview by CircuitBird
DJHollowLife favourited Chorus of tree roots singing in the winter by carlschultz
Schnupfenpuder favourited znelhest by jallabert
DJHollowLife on blood
Thank you carl here is my newest album that i released on my birthday https://djhollowlife.bandcamp.com/album/30
Schnupfenpuder favourited Hybrid Album-Teaser by TRIaC
burryleak on mathtune
ty for your advice!
MilleniumMole on My 3ds XL and a very small glass
Love your swag.
MilleniumMole on My 3ds XL and a very small glass
Love your music.
MilleniumMole favourited My 3ds XL and a very small glass by drexegar
MilleniumMole favourited ArduinoBoy by ruBRK
MilleniumMole favourited The Passion Fire Burns by drexegar
MilleniumMole favourited MVP 2.0 DMG by b4byf4c3
MilleniumMole favourited Setup by NTRDMG
carlschultz on mathtune
sounds nice! good movement, maybe a little stiff? you could shape the melody a bit by adjusting the volume on each note, so important on-beat notes in...
carlschultz favourited Abrazo pixel - Crab sound (WIP) by crab
carlschultz on Abrazo pixel - Crab sound (WIP)
really sweet - your tracks are always polished crab, nice stuff, sounds finished to me
carlschultz on Taquiones - Crab sound
this is great crab!
carlschultz favourited Taquiones - Crab sound by crab
carlschultz on blood
awesome palette DJ! really nice layers, they all sit together really well, intense and frantic and energetic with lots of variety - bending a speak an...
carlschultz favourited blood by DJHollowLife
UncleBibby on 30 second EP Preview
sounds very cheerful and nice.
Schnupfenpuder on redhead
Jredd on Sworn To The Horn
Heeey, that was pretty fun.
gsmith on Novem
UncleBibby on non-rechargeable pirates
felt almost like a rock song... rock-chip? i like it
Sp33dr4c3r on Jredd Hill Zone
DJHollowLife on 8bit Seinfeld remix to promote my new Seinfeld Fighting Game
lol epic game and wonderful track
rmf on Few Dates, Much Infatuation
The cyber is addicted to us, I think.
UncleBibby on troublecracker
the variation and instrumentation is top-notch
UncleBibby on Nanotech #2
so dark, dude!! reminds me of early Daft Punk
s0ca on Pain Perdu Logo 1
an artist logo