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Trajno al Telavivo
Portal to the Robopolis

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kaska favourited Happiness - Sega Genesis Mini Original Composition by CircuitBird
kaska on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
@circuitbird thank you :)
UncleBibby favourited Happiness - Sega Genesis Mini Original Composition by CircuitBird
CircuitBird on Losing sav (2xLSDJ)
I love this!
CircuitBird favourited Losing sav (2xLSDJ) by kaska
kaska favourited Glitch Nudez - Sonido Calzeta by crab
MOXWAV favourited Glitch Nudez - Sonido Calzeta by crab
BITGRID created the topic 01/04/2017 BITGRID @ ANTWERP, BELGIUM W/ GOTO80, MONODEER, SHIROBON... in Events
-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- BITGRID IV -*-*-*-*-*-*-*- from 22u00 till 05u00 It's no April Fools, but serious business; BITGRID will be back on 1 April with...
MilleniumMole favourited Circles by muteKi
MilleniumMole favourited snow.scr by burryleak
MilleniumMole favourited Calamarespaciales by calamarespaciales
MilleniumMole favourited 90.9 by 4ForFake
MilleniumMole favourited Find Enne EP by BFAD
MilleniumMole favourited somethingsomething.jpeg by Ikasam
MilleniumMole favourited shopkeep by SnarlyDawg
MilleniumMole on BREAK THE BARRIER
Pairs great with the image on fullscreen o.o
MilleniumMole favourited BREAK THE BARRIER by SnarlyDawg
MilleniumMole favourited Senpai Noticed Me! by CircuitBird
NintenKwonDo favourited Trajno al Telavivo by HolyKonni
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2xAA favourited Stranger Things by nuclace
MOXWAV favourited Live at Glitchgaze Vol.0 by 4ForFake
MOXWAV favourited brkbrkbrk by PainPerdu
MOXWAV favourited Victory by NESMETAL
Eiyeron favourited DigButt by Dropbit
Balloonbear on Trajno al Telavivo
Missing u
1truetree replied to Android Lsdmanager and USB Cart flasher in Gameboy
Bad otg adapter was the culprit. Many thanks for your hard work. My saves are backed up!:)
ShockFlash on Blue
Very nice.
ps5827833 created the topic Best Tips for Making Household Relocation Simpler in Off Topic Talk
Whenever you need transfer to a new place it includes your entire home goods to be moved. When the relocation is planned then it is necessary to do ev...
ps5827833 created the topic All You Have to Know About Moving Insurance Policy While Moving in Discussion
Shifting and shifting from a destination to another is a large risk in itself. Whenever a person would like to change his location, he or she is packe...
RedShift on FRUiT PUNCH
This would make a badass gitaroo man level. Nice work man
pia created the topic Products and services Supplied by Packers Along with Movers With Delhi in Discussion
Packers and Movers Delhi @ http://www.top5th.co.in/packers-and-movers-delhi/ Movers and Packers in Delhi @ http://www.top5th.co.in/packers-and-move...
pia created the topic Get Reasonably priced Along with Cost efficient Packers Together with Movers Within Pune in Discussion
Packers and Movers Pune @ http://www.top5th.co.in/packers-and-movers-pune/ Movers and Packers in Pune @ http://www.top5th.co.in/packers-and-movers-...
crab on Jupiter (Nanode - Revenant x Dvstrvct Remix) [1xLSDJ]
Massive remix!! great work!!
ShockFlash on Character Select (Original Composition) Sega Genesis (Feat. Jredd)
This is all kinds of wonderful.
DJHollowLife on brkbrkbrk
nice glitch!
SikoKat on angel woman extra trouble
Very melodic! That is DEFINITELY a speak n spell - flashbacks to 1985!
SikoKat on Climbing Still
I love the bells-like lead that comes in at around the two minute mark. It makes me happy, even though it is immediately follow by a key change :-P
MilleniumMole on Circles
Puts me on the mind of "Yet Another Dire, Dire Docks Remix". Huge fan of both, your the jam.
3ndymion on Neon Streets (C64)
Very cool. I love C64 stuff.
3ndymion on Step son (2XLSDJ)
Very cool as always!!! Love them break beats.
3ndymion on Cast Doom
Wow!!! That's a heck of a track. Cool laughing sample. : ) Great job on this.
3ndymion on Sworn To The Horn
Cool little thing here. : )
3ndymion on The Vandal
Whoa, this is deep man. Very nice.
3ndymion on Dragon Road Keygen Mix
Cool beat.
UncleBibby on Circles
sort of sounds like a remix of a sonic the hedgehog song that never existed. i think i like it!
muteKi on The Sinking Old Sanctuary (v2)
I used exactly one timpani sample where I probably should have used a couple. It's ok enough for most of the song but it kinda fucks up the bridge due...