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Weekly Treats 2015 - Prelude: 255 Years After
Bibimbap (feat. Protoflight)

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cqallenwalker favourited Nemesis by DontBlink
Balloonbear on bubbl3
it should be on the 1st place
CanadaD12 on Skydiving Swallowing Octodrine
@9Heart Yeah, I haven't at all nailed down how to make a .gif loop infinitely with an alternate beginning frame, though I think I have seen a few ani...
dajobe favourited Sonic the Hedgehog - Marble Zone (DMG-01 Cover) by 3ndymion
CanadaD12 on triangle thing
Chrome's virus scanner keeps insisting that the zip files containing your source code are like.. zip bombs or something. What the heck did you use to ...
9Heart favourited Subatomic Polyphonics (Cover) by grazcore
9Heart favourited Neat by JuurianChi
9Heart on Skydiving Swallowing Octodrine
Would recommend him standing on a floating island and him then falling backwards in infinity. Nice.
9Heart favourited Skydiving Swallowing Octodrine by CanadaD12
ChipMusicWeekly favourited Blip Step (Feat. Groovemaster303) by Jredd
ChipMusicWeekly on Blip Step (Feat. Groovemaster303)
Yes, Nice! :)
ChipMusicWeekly favourited Chunky (super chocolate) brownies by 0b111
ChipMusicWeekly on Chunky (super chocolate) brownies
Another great track!.. This is awesome. :)
CanadaD12 favourited NUUUP by hardw1red
fedepede04 favourited WAV Noise Jams (LSDJ Gameyob Nintendo DSi) by aaronparsons
fedepede04 on WAV Noise Jams (LSDJ Gameyob Nintendo DSi)
i really like when there some destructive over the sound, and you got definitely that, good work
fedepede04 on Mind Of Machine (YM2612)
great stuff.
fedepede04 favourited Mind Of Machine (YM2612) by Tomy
CanadaD12 on Move Along
You should work for game dev's. This is legit some quality music right here :3
CanadaD12 on Chunky (super chocolate) brownies
This is great dude, chillest chip I've heard all morning.
5ALAZAR replied to is the forum starting to die? in Discussion
I feel bad for suggesting this, but making this site a real successor to the 8bitcollective might be what could draw people back to this site. Imo...
fedepede04 on Ym2149 - Chariots Of Fire - Vanglish (Cover)
Thx, i will post a link over here when i have somethig readdy, it will probably take some time before i have something to show :)
0b111 favourited bubbl3 by ltron
0b111 on Ym2149 - Chariots Of Fire - Vanglish (Cover)
This is sweet, love the bass! I'm eager to find out more about this project :)
0b111 favourited Ym2149 - Chariots Of Fire - Vanglish (Cover) by fedepede04
0b111 on Chunky (super chocolate) brownies
@fedepede04 thank you ^^
BFAD on Singularity Crisis CD
I totally never thought it would come off that way. I appreciate the honesty though.
Balloonbear favourited bubbl3 by ltron
fedepede04 favourited bubbl3 by ltron
fedepede04 on bubbl3
fedepede04 favourited Chunky (super chocolate) brownies by 0b111
fedepede04 on Chunky (super chocolate) brownies
CanadaD12 on Weekly Treats 2015 - Prelude: 255 Years After
This beat is ballin, yo. These chips be crispy like you never seen.
Balloonbear favourited Neat by JuurianChi
SketchMan3 on Singularity Crisis CD
Oh wow, hehe. I remember when this was released~ :) I didn't listen to it cuz everything about it scared me. lol.
SketchMan3 favourited DMG-Owl by 0b111
CanadaD12 favourited Weekly Treats 2015 - Prelude: 255 Years After by HeZeD
0b111 on Tweaking
@9Heart absolutely!
0b111 on Welcome to Mollypops (kingdom?)!
@9Heart Haha, i can agree!
barbeque favourited bubbl3 by ltron
SketchMan3 favourited Pseudopodia by Pseudopodia
DontBlink replied to for when there are no threads bump this one please in Off Topic Talk
CanadaD12 replied to I fucking hate you all in Off Topic Talk
hellocatfood replied to Visualists/VJs/Video artists in Live Visual
I've been practising my live visuals for chiptune recently. Take a look at some of the output!: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hellocatfood/17134120...
Moritzou created the topic [PARIS- FR] RANDOM BAZAR FESTIVAL 24/25/26 april 02/03/04 may in Events
Hi Everyone ! We are starting to organise a new event in Paris named Random Bazar. The idea is to do an event around chiptune and experimental m...
BestMovers replied to Borked Charts in Announcements
ive noticed this
Comptroller created the topic [EDINBURGH, UK] 18.04.15 - Eindbaas Special @ INST/DEL! in Events
AlexKelly created the topic The Laohu - FROgs Listening/Release Party | 23.3.15 | 18:00 CST | 8bitx.com in Events
~~~~~~ 23rd of March 6pm CST ~~~~~~ To celebrate the upcoming release of The Laohu's latest album FR...
kloudygirl created the topic DuDLive6 on Ustream - 3/21 @ 3pm ct in Events
hellocatfood created the topic μChip 3 - Birmingham, UK - 19th-21st March - 18+ in Events