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cqallenwalker on Lost Protocol
For me, this song took me through a desolate futuristic city. Kind of like Gotham in Batman Beyond. It has a great progression in it. Good job.
NTRDMG favourited Laux by Popcornkid
CanadaD12 on Forest gameboy thing
Oh THIS is hawt. 0b1, you've done it. You've gone and made the best thing that ever can or will exist within a 178x178 pixel grid.
Balloonbear favourited Laux by Popcornkid
CanadaD12 favourited Forest gameboy thing by 0b111
CanadaD12 on Naoro
Oh my god, this is so beautiful.. I just can't stop playing it.
CanadaD12 favourited Naoro by platonist
platonist favourited High Score by Monotron
platonist on Wibble Wobble
nej men tjena, är du här? :)
platonist favourited Wibble Wobble by 0b111
8bitApostle favourited clean up by SnarlyDawg
Eiyeron favourited glitch me by Bluu
Eiyeron on glitch me
Nice ideas. I didn't thought of these glitches when I did my own picture glitcher.
Eiyeron favourited Bibimbap (feat. Protoflight) by MegaFlare
Eiyeron favourited Welcome to Mollypops (kingdom?)! by 0b111
Eiyeron favourited Pigman by aaronparsons
Eiyeron on Self Destruct - Daft Punk 3 Remix (Feat. GZOM)
Haha, execellent remix!
Eiyeron favourited Self Destruct - Daft Punk 3 Remix (Feat. GZOM) by DaftPunk3
joshquery favourited Datagoth by Balloonbear
joshquery favourited Chvrches - The Mother We Share by chema64
joshquery favourited My new album is coming by AciDnB
joshquery favourited Vapor.wav (cover art) by UncleBibby
joshquery favourited Self Destruct - Daft Punk 3 Remix (Feat. GZOM) by DaftPunk3
joshquery favourited └ Giant Naga Space Battle ┐ by pixelherozero
2xAA favourited Self Destruct Remix artwork by DaftPunk3
2xAA on Self Destruct Remix artwork
Sick, love what you've done with it.
2xAA on Self Destruct - Daft Punk 3 Remix (Feat. GZOM)
gg guys
2xAA favourited Self Destruct - Daft Punk 3 Remix (Feat. GZOM) by DaftPunk3
0b111 on clean up
0b111 on Eric Bolling is an Actual Pile of Ass
The melody got me hooked right away, good work! :)
0b111 on Wibble Wobble
@aaronparsons thanks! :))
Jredd on Jredd & Groovemaster303 - FM Underground Radio Preview
Thanks :D!
Wheely on clean up
that gave me some chills
SQuiDD on Jredd & Groovemaster303 - FM Underground Radio Preview
Sooooo goooood!
CanadaD12 on clean up
You've read my taste in chiptunes like an open magazine in a doctors office. How the heck did you know?
breakphase replied to µCollective API in Announcements
That's too bad, thanks for the heads up. Should've tried that. Hey so.. What is the iOS app going to be like? Can you or the dev post screen shots (if...
AnimusVenator replied to FLAC - Lossless in Requests
Sounds great, can't wait for that option. I usually only download lossless audio files to pair with my impedance headphones so it saddens me to downlo...
2xAA replied to Mykah - Chiba City Blues in Music
Nice <3
9Heart on the Purple & the Red
Picture without the Screen Cover. http://bit.ly/1ekTyiw
Eiyeron on empyrean
It actually makes a wonderful closing music. It is actually awesome. It's been a while you haven't pusiblished something here but the wait worth it!
Jredd on Jredd & Groovemaster303 - FM Underground Radio Preview
Thanks Wheely! :)
2xAA on Revenge of the thundra wolves
Really cool stuff!
Wheely on Jredd & Groovemaster303 - FM Underground Radio Preview
I like "Back in the Groove" a lot, thats the kind of stuff I always love when you do it, awesome track. I also had a lot of fun with Dojo Drop, th...
Hypnogram created the topic Little Sound Assembly - 24 Acts - 3 Days - Evansville, IN in Events
http://www.littlesoundassembly.com http://www.facebook.com/events/806251466133390/
JoeBleeps replied to Bluetooth Gameboy in Gameboy
2xAA replied to Visualists/VJs/Video artists in Live Visual
Nice stuff!
fedepede04 replied to problem with login using mobile device in Discussion
yes the http work fine thx :)
2xAA replied to is the forum starting to die? in Discussion
<3 Thanks Don't Blink, very kind! Like I said, in the coming months I will be working on a new version.
DontBlink replied to for when there are no threads bump this one please in Off Topic Talk
CanadaD12 replied to I fucking hate you all in Off Topic Talk