Thursday 31st of August 2017


by sharkpeople
T̝̰̞̼̼́ͅ�̴̛̘̯̮͕̒̾ POKEFACE T̝̰̞̼̼́ͅ�̴̛̘̯̮͕̒̾

1 - NorthEastMeowthWest
2 - Your very own favourite moment in VideoGame History
3 - Essenziell und gar nicht wichtig
4 - Melodies, Miles and Styles
5 - End of Act I
6 - A Question of Attitude
7 - コイキング
8 - Everybody and Everyone

"This is the Debut of two Artists, who had a spontaneous idea about 4 years ago. Trying to merge their style of creating music they would love to hear and play, while on the other side trying to tear apart the dancefloor in seconds.
A journey began that now finally has reached it's peak. "

Exclusive Release on Sharkpeople Records.

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