Thursday 14th of November 2013

Glitch Puzzle 2.0

by lxtxcx
Something i did for my fine arts dissertation, 2013.

The piece is composed by 72 individual lenticular plastic squares (The magic 3D plastic that changes as you move by), with a magnetic side. You can arrange the plastic as you wish to create the glitch. You can change the tile orientation, trigger the magic plastic thing by placing it horizontally or not, etc. The image features random NES glitch in side A and a panoramic photo of a park in side B

You can view pictures about the process, possible combinations, close-ups of the plastics, the original PNGs and general more info here:

Available for sale (metal panel not included)
drexegar on Nov 29th, 2013, 8:06am

Pretty Awesome!
2xAA on Nov 15th, 2013, 4:04pm

Oh my yes. chema64 and lxtxcx 4eva2geva <3<3<3
chema64 on Nov 14th, 2013, 11:02pm

How much? man we should open a shop together