Saturday 5th of July 2014


by XenonOdyssey
The album art for my album Fountainhead, done by yours truly. Check out the album via my profile or here:

The style is based on 'late NES-era Capcom' a la Duck Tales 2 and Mega Man 6, which are gorgeous, but using all of the NES' available color palette, as suggested here:

This fits hand in hand with the audio, which has a variety of the different soundchips that were used throughout the lifetime of the system, but not feasible on the actual console together as a group.
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ruBRK on Aug 10th, 2014, 12:32pm

Congratulation man, its quite stunning, I can barely imagine how it takes to be done. Pixel art seems quite easy to do, but actually, it's not. Bravo!