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Sweetness! Looks much more successful than my attempt.

Did you take alot of the plastic off with the sanding? It looks almost new colour wise.
May be a great way to restore a console to looking good.

i like this orange one

what grades of sandpaper did you use? i have a pretty dinged up gameboy and i want to do this to it if you dont mind :P

Ooh, that's nice.

Wow, that GB is so awesome!

That's sick, dude. :D

gotta love the Kitsch cases c:

Damn, that's nice! I'd buy it if I didn't have enough already xD
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Slimeboy by b4byf4c3

ok cool thanks
Slimeboy by b4byf4c3

Nice screen cover there :). Also where did you get that yellow backlight? I was just wondering because I recently bought one and it looked more orange than yellow.
Orange by BodySpray

I enjoy puns
CrotchBoy by b4byf4c3

painting the buttons inside out like that looks pretty cool. I might try that...
Above The Clouds by RadicalPresident

i really like this haha, good job
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