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the triumphant return of the epi_cat

Your music is always interesting :).


this song seems to scare my dog, and for that- I very much like it.

I love how weird you are :P.

trippy yo

This is really great. The music is very calming and demonstrates the various atmospheres that FM chiptuning can create. There really should be more VRC7 works out there. Anyway, great job on this.

thanks for making me laugh :)

i like how creepy this is...also it's a little calming...like it's pretty sweet

yeah this is would make a nice title track

Yeah, something about it is charming.

Regardless, I really liked this one.

sleep is for people with dreams

No fuck you I'm not even tired yet

can't say I was expecting that!

Hey, this is pretty good :).

Lol, you made some decent melodies this time. Also, I like DBZ :P. Liked! ha ha ha.

So.....strange :).

LOL Take this mushroom

You are a very strange man :).

this is so on point <3

This is the Song they sould play as the World Dies Wahahahah/Doctor Willy

It's like space invaders having a seizure in my brain.

You always make strange things come out of famitracker, and somehow it's intriguing to me :P. Also spell check wanted to change famitracker to firecracker :D.

I like it and I have no idea why. Nice shoes.

sounds like digestion like ur lying on your left side after eating steak for a year mother

I don't know why I like it, I just do. It sort of reminds me of monster party on the nes. A very very strange game :D.

totally welcome

so catchy! can't stop singing it.... :P

You're a funny guy :P.

good job on making this picture wailord!!!!

If this isn't dance music then why am I dancing?? Explain that shit

Joke?... Or not a joke?... I can't tell...

Holy crap your music is weird! Ha ha ha

They are - submission authors are not counted. Gonna reset the view count on this one.

2xAA, comments on tracks are not being counted properly


Trying to fix it with the new version - sorry. Also the view count might be changing to play count, so you have to actually play the whole track to rack up a play/view :P

Hah! 100 views. How da hell did you do that?

>100 views in a few hours? Most unlikely. :)


A bit too short, but I like the direction you're moving in.

I definitely like your style, both in music and in speech.

wicked but awesome stuff :)

That's some creepy shit man. Well done. HAHAHA.
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port by JeMappelle

the incredible bass kick
Hazy[LGPT] by nuclace

this has made me unsubscribe to your youtube channel this is the worst gangnam style remix i have heard
On by JeMappelle

Happy Island by nuclace

this some cat samples ? : )
On by JeMappelle

3 easy tricks to losing excess stomach fat!!
On by JeMappelle

pring tracks
On by JeMappelle

going to a shopping mall just to commit arson.
Beese by SketchMan3

Teh Last Troll by nuclace

u faved your own song n00b
▲▲▲▲▲ by lxtxcx

r thise toths?

maybe you should just embrace the drainpipe sound~
So Smooth... by Dropbit

gotta go fast

cool like cool like cool i like it cool~
Death Spark by Jredd

also i believe you have to play throught the whole song for it to count as a play..
Adept by JeMappelle

Legacy - FEATURING ZEF by DanimalCannon

woah my avatar's glasses fell off.
Christmas Toon by nuclace

u jaked this off bet hoven r sum shit tho
testing by nuclace

i remember i heard this that one time
the abyss by nuclace

this is best

give me your knowledge
Make Me Famau5 by JeMappelle

##Reloaddabenjis by nuclace

dill pickle
nobody by Voretx

the abyss by nuclace

everyone should listen to this a bunch
the abyss by nuclace

oh wow

i don't understand, how loud can something get before it becomes homosexual?

fermetraxor omg

this ain't sound like no solarbear i ever heard

i compulsively salivate errytime i listen yo
Nexus (VGMM) by Jredd


i loved that realse, this song was probably my favourite one on it !
Blessing by JeMappelle

a nice and happy song :)
Korean-Pop Mix by SophmoreSixtyFour

the song is Oh! by girls generation.
Korean-Pop Mix by SophmoreSixtyFour

do a cover of Oh! and you'll be my hero forever.

you saying please ignore is what made me listen to it.

it's elfen lied
Lux Aeterna by Voretx

dun be sew good boometxlacecharacter plz <33
Summer BRK by Pixeltune

ice by Voretx

Right up my ally.
Chasing Kitsune by Solarbear

made me sweat ink. thank you
Gutter Fairyz by idevourstatic

this made the hair on my legs stand up at an alarming rate. i had to be hospitalized.
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