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is that the openbsd fish? :D

he has very chiptune hair

Totally reminds me of Monkey Island. Well done. Also, he reminds me of napoleon dynamite.

I couldn't think up a more fitting logo for our friend. ;P Looks great!

Great picture btw

go back in time and save it as PNG to avoid the jpg artifacts etc

Gotta go fast

Add some dark red and presto - you have a next gen Famicom (or purple and you'll have a not-so-SNES)

Welcome to

LOL that's pretty rad. She's a true Sega Head :P.

It was super cool of you to make this. Thanks a ton, it means a lot :).

From the thumbnail I thought this just said 'Red'. I was hoping someone was going to release a chiptune cover album of Taylor Swifts album, Red.

Pretty dope, perspective is nice and the touch of blur is cool. Great job!

Wow! This is really nice! :D
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Ninja Poop by TechnoZealot

bloody awesome, very nice
Stormtrooper by rduck1

I like it!
Microbeings (FDS) by Fearofdark

bloody epic
Hallelujah 2008 by H33llxz

This is very very good
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