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Blackhat by fate chip artist by passion.. I grew up like most with my head stuck far into the NES (Famicom) system. My quest for musical enlightenment has only begun.. The handle pr4nq was one that I've embraced for a decade now.. I have been computing since the very early 90's.. born in 1984 which leaves me about 30 years of age.. I am a programmer (C/C++/Javascript/HTML/PHP/BASH/BATCH/AS2/AS3) and have developed video games which is where I started using famitracker to make audio tracks for my games and is my choice of software for now and likely for awhile. I promise noting but improvement from this point on. I welcome anyone who enjoys the music I create and truly appreciate. Thank you and enjoy!
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Ha ha ha, we got second. Congrats! :P

There are a million different ways to do pixel art. And the only reason some styles look like they do is because of limitations of a system. So maybe you would like to pick out a system and learn its limitations and colors and try that.

That's cool. Looks good to me.

Looks Awesome!

Looks bad ass :D.

A bit repetitive, but a good start, and I could certainly hear Jredd's influence in the mix. :)
The ambience is nice, and would be a good background track for some kind of travelling cut scene. Keep at it, and Wecome to the Next Level! ^-^

Ha! Nice. It's got a real Genesis 64 color pallete feel to it. Very fitting. Can't wait to hear some of you Sega tunes, pr4nq!

It's so amazingly 90's.

This is very cool. Kind of relaxing in a way.

Good job. Sounds pretty contemporary. Did you use some VRC 7 sounds? I thought I heard a little bit of 2 OP FM at one point... perhaps I'm mistaken.

I haven't played Rygar, so I can't say.

I think I love you.

No worries, it's a big house :D.

I basically live here, welcome LOL.

This is really cool. I love the main melody instrument used here. Great song.

Not bad, keep at it :).
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awesome man i love every track you did for this game and they're still not old.. if only people could listen to foreboding fortress mmm i love that one haha

sweet man!~

sweet man this is beautiful

lol.. personality overload... :) u guys are.. well i would say one of a kind.. but 2 of a kind? bhhaha
Fire Man? by Jredd

lol :p na i was just adding to the insanity
Fire Man? by Jredd

hhaa ;> damn thats harsh

you do some good work man +1 to this one to.

sweet man :)
Axel Stone Photo by CosmoBG

lol jredd.. lol cosmo.. pretty sweet tho none the less wish i could throw pixels down like that then my ultimate goal of the 80's hobby collection would be complete!

woot weekly top track! well deserved
Ocean Melody by marcb0t

sweet man creative and game ready ;)

sweet man sounds groovy
Fire Man? by Jredd

bhaha ;) i saw this and knew it was from you
Radical D by MicroD

yeah the drum/bass reminds me of blaster master also. good song keep it up! :)

easy to jam to i enjoyed listening to the track thanks for making that possible!

beautiful man as always!

awesome man its got that cheerful sound that brings even the most depressive lifes some joy ;P
Afternoon Out by stinkbug

groovy tune +1!
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