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nq/skrju - 8-bit musician, also known as n1k-o, composes music with zx spectrum since 1995, using its AY-3-8912 (YM2149) sound chip.
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Wow! That demo was very impressive, and the music equally so. 1-bit, right? Very thick and phat sounds you got out of that thing. Thank you for sharing!

This is awesome!!! I've fallen in love with the demoscene music of old, & this fits right in. Very nice. : )

nice one!

Wow man, great tune :D

720p video looks super dope!! wild guess, are you nodeus?

it seems that there is much nice music on the front atm and this tune here is no exception. Like the melodies a lot and the percussion sounds are dope

appreciate your xm file. i'll peeking at it this eve.

класс! очень понравилось! nice oldskul melodies =]
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