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Loved the Merry Chipmas cover art this year. Great work! Looks really good. :)

where's download?

hello mush how are you today. i think this song was super cute

This is so Classy

fermetraxor omg

Wow, that looks great! Fantastic dithering :D A little empty though,haha!

I think this is going somewhere :) I guess it's a wip due to the abrupt ending?

what you have so far is not bad, looking forward to the completed version. I would change the percussion patterns after a while and make the tune go into another setting ... there are a lot of possibilities :)

Pretty stuffy. Also, a nice tune you got going here.
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##Reloaddabenjis by nuclace

wheres the coach z
around by JeMappelle

Urban Pixel Art II by Skycstls

we need mr saturns
around by JeMappelle

That chocolate milk rabbit face is starting to creep me out
Passing By [2xlsdj] by Cooshinator

Nice change from the usual
Noisy Cricket Amp by MooseHead

needs more el wire
Lost by Nonederstand

I like it, you could easily add some drums and more stuff and make it faster paced later if you wanted
mspaint logo by Musho

ycome so much mush
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