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I'm just a random 14 year old from Romania, who just loves to make music. Surely, I'm not the best, but as long as I like what I'm doing It is sure that I am going to get better. I don't like my own stuff insanely much, so I post rarely, only when I really like what I did.
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oi! im sure the original romanian folk music was awesome and full of life! this is totally wonderful, delightful, so much character!! love it! :D

I always liked this track, glad you uploaded it, It was a pleasure to work on with you guys.

This is epicness personified, sir! =D

THis song is to damn good Great work

its like a VGM MM crew is building :)

Yeah, most of the Core Riffs are Sonic's but sure had fun with some solo's in here...then Groove did that awesome ending. Good team effort all the way around :).

I took more of a backseat with this mix. Preferring to add new ideas here and there and allowing Jredd and Sonic more creative freedom to tweak my ideas and mold them as they saw fit. I did do one part towards the end where I let loose a little with the psg.

Excellent stuff. I am with TmEE in that i am not sure of ms699's style, but i do hear jredd and Groove in several stuff. Groovemaster's style i've known since 2007 and Jredd's is easy to pick up on, very distinctive style, makes him unique. But yeah, excellent work!

This is some awesome stuff ! I can hear plenty of Jredd here, I need to hear more stuff from you so I could recognise your bits tee hehe

This is great stuff ! Really lovely sounds here

This is really good. The melody gives it a nice feel and the c64ness is very well done. Awesome job! :)

This is really, really well produced. It's not too long ago both my and Jredd heard some of your early work and we knew you had some real potential. I have no doubt that this will be the first of many great songs from you.

This is so good, I wish my first completed VGMM song sounded like that Ha ha ha! You rock dude :D! Look out guys, this man is on fire :).
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I like the idea and I love the drawings too, especially the colors! Great job so far!
I amde pixle art by nuclace

0/10 not classic MS Paint

Perhaps the most fun collab I've been part of. I really looked forward to joining in with another collab with you guys, and this turned out to be just as awesome as I expected it to be. Really happy with this one, and I also basically worked with stuff that is basically the opposite of what I'm good at composing, like that lead around 0:37, when I'm usually good at bass and drums, LOL. Thanks for this round of awesome fun :D
Semblance Dance by Groovemaster303

This is really amazing.
Palm-Top Tiger by Monotron

Favorite anime ever :D

Holy heck this is insanely good. Amazing work, I love this so much!

Amazing. Just the usual I'd expect from you guys. I'm really looking forward for the next time we'll be able to collab again. Even though I'm no match for what you guys can pull of, I bet we can still pull out a breaking track if we'll all have the time and you guys are willing to. Thanks for another great song, all 3 of you!
Puberty by DreamFox

HOLY HELL This is godly. I love this. Great job!

I didn't work that much on this one (only from 03:34 to end), but I was in it a little too. It was pretty fun

Is there any moment when you haven't completely blown my minds?

Yes, I love the feel of this one. That bassline solo in the 2nd part is just such a killer and adds so much charm to the song, done right as usual. Amazing!