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Hello my name is Víctor i do chipbreak and 8bit inspired music and also real chiptune sometimes, when i grow up i want to be like my favourite chiptune producers like Sakrotsch and Je Pamelle and Whisely and Saprebluse and Erick Homesweat and Shironob and pandaSATAN and Zaal-Ball- and Nulspeelsll and GrandPoy and UcrinomeKdi and CrysalCatlses and FoxiDecai and Iareerror and MinUsbabbi and Randronm and Plusjet1 and GoodSkull and ShittyBirdy and 22xA and Vritr and Amawanagucci and HolieKolony and KnifeTown and KitsumiSoundsister and Trast800 and BleepSister and Ucrinod Kid again and his sister TalkWithAminals and fuck with werewolf asshole (eew gross name) and IAYAYD and Jesllicas and West Mang0 and the jhonatan arthure reanu keeves band and UKS and ZAPZAPZANAWEAS or something like that and chicklet and waffles that dude who is metal also nestroged who is metal and jhustin tuesdays he only works in tuesdays that nigga lazy and also memeo and that guy who i downloadad some lsndgs.ldsjsong files and my very good friend 4nt1i and anUva and also figther-Y and also good old fashionets game composers like Umetsubo Uetsuba idk that japanese guy and also mr Mario who composed super marois brosels music and also other talented chipmusisians like Decktronics who is also MONTOIA i don't forget about your past br0 and finally must say thankyous to Sma Wrya who did this websites he is also 2xxxaA check his website i called uCollective because is you're a collective also ok buy i mean bye xD
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I'm excited this still happens. There's a 2015 version currently out for April-June, so next will more than likely be July-September!

2xAA Really?? That's always something! (and pretty damn cool) :)

Livestream will be available ^_^

Arghh living in Sweden makes me sad now


There's an eye in the forehead area. Illuminati confirmed

Love it! "I'm a firin' mah layzar!"

Event link here:

That looks just like you!

i can watch it forever

Now this. This is simply delightful. :o <3

What if I don't live on planet earth?

damn i want that shirt

Always love your stuff

great work sir! :D

Awesome Animation! Love the colors and the 2 layer seperation lol.

Why does this makes me think about Mother?

super beautiful logo and fantastic website

very very nice

y u so cool?

i really enjoyed all the strange little rhythms and harmonies that sprang up, it was fun sitting back and waiting to hear the next little gesture and flourish

this is so so fun! i love it lxtxcx! yay!

This is rad

Second on the top looks like super mario bros on the Atari 100

Really neat! When it comes to the point that i want to pick these up and touch them, you know you did a great job! :)

I like that you don't conform to genre standards and experiment... this one reminds me of the dystopian future world that I come from, except much happier. Very nice sounds and arps goin' on here!

Definitely finish this one up. It's good so far. I take it the detuned Square tones goin' on is the LSDJ?

Wow! This song is really a trip. The phasing panning with the chords at the start had me thinking the sound was coming from somewhere else in the house! You definitely get cool points for that.

I like it! I works, but in a different way to the original.

From what I can tell it's utilising gif dithering and colour reduction, which works pretty well. I like how the lines are sharper than the original

my hangover sometimes sound like that

this is nice

Nice experimenting with DMG, what is ikumi? I could not find it.

That was kinda radical has graphics from Day Dreamin' Davey.




Well, I must say. That's pretty damn good. Grrrr man. Grrrrrrrr.

my body cant keep up with my pizza eating habits and ill be dead soon

0/10 isn't windows me, which is like the buggiest piece of shit

i like the grid look. i dont know why there are giant gameboy buttons on land. i really like the sky texture. not sure what the thing on the top right is... clouds?

looks nice

Hate is a very strong word, I think I just found your CC to be very blunt. However, looking at the quality of your work and the time you put into your pixel art I guess I can see why you were so disappointed with some of us. You certainly have the skill to back up your critiques. Now I am terrified to post anything in the images section LOL.

This makes me laugh more than it should.

Congrats on the win. For the record, I don't hate you, so don't worry about that.

i dont hate you you make cool stuff and all your points are valid

Pretty Awesome!

Oh my yes. chema64 and lxtxcx 4eva2geva <3<3<3

How much? man we should open a shop together

I feel oppressed

I want to post something stupid and offensive, but I'll refrain this time. Good luck with the compilation dude!

Awesome ;-;


I'm going to reblog it to spite you

I want to marry your art

I want to press the heart button more than once and nothing happens! 1 like is not enough

I think you should try glitching and moving at the same time one day.

this is siiick the tessellation rules

Well, assuming that there aren't any duplicate tiles and they all can be rearranged freely, that would mean there would be 42! (read: 42 factorial, meaning 1 * 2 * 3 * ... * 41 * 42) - also multiplied by 4 since you can orientate every tile in four directions - possibilities for the 6 by 7 tile format alone! 42! * 4 = 5 620 024 471 011 519 594 172 570 424 978 046 279 745 536 000 000 000 combinations (that's over 5.62 * 10 ^ 51 or five sexdecillion). Now, assuming you want to arrange them in formats other than 6 by 7 and assuming you want to keep it in a rectangle form (because, why would you want to have a design with one or two individual tiles on the side, right?), that would leave us with the ratios: 1 by 42 tiles 2 by 21 tiles 3 by 14 tiles 6 by 7 tiles 7 by 6 tiles 14 by 3 tiles 21 by 2 tiles and 42 by 1 tile Making it another 8 possibilities to rearrange this image, meaning 42! * 4 * 8 possibilities. 42! * 4 * 8 = 44 960 195 768 092 156 753 380 563 399 824 370 237 964 288 000 000 000 different images you can create with your setup (that's about 4.5 * 10 ^ 52 or 45 sexdecillion). So saying that there are about 8000 combinations might be a bit underestimated ;)

i would buy a shirt of this so hard

Dude, i want something like this ♥ This is Awesome!

Did you steal it?

my gawsh man. this is so rad :3

I really like this one! It's so cute/emo and those drum parts are spectacular!

this is my favourite ltc

I tried listening at full volume but it was 2BR00T^L But seriously awesome that breakdown at 2:28 kicked ass

really dig this, man. 1 internet 4 u

you have a spreadshirt shop or somethingggg????





r thise toths?

I've been to the dentist enough to know the drill


:56 - 1:00 that little section there is so sick, it repeats a couple times (or at least something very similar to it), but yeah well done


Savage engine? Interesting :)

Help, I'm stuck in 2012 :c


no product placement?

what album

thats way awesome, nice idea behind the pic

XDD yeah man, i think this would be an awesome poster

this is beauty

Awesome character and suit though!



This is bad. You also could just use one DMG if you would use the Tables right in LSDJ. Also i don't like that high pitch'd note at the end. But good for ya first shipune. Keep it up.

this reminds me of ZZT

cool really great :D

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG,hahahaha! This is crazy cool! What did you do with the different programs if i might ask?

Wow this looks amazing and love the krabby and effect added <3

oh, it's kewl!

dat krabby

weather cycling omg

Make this a game and I will love you forever.

haha you got me ;-P

np m8 fave me back : )


Okay, I'll give you the first place, but only because you're my namesake

Remember guys, ratings don't do anything - it's the favourites alone that count towards the weekly top places.

this is amazing

These are just developer sprites, yeah?

That's RPG maker vx if I'm not wrong. It's totally that kind of style! I can't wait to play the demo :D

I love the colors! I'm also interested in whether you're programming it from scratch or not.

I love the colors! I'm also interested in whether you're programming it from scratch or not.

O.o rpgmaker2000 or self programmed?

what! now i have to play :O :O :O

You scared me so much xD - love it <3
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Acquiescence by XenonOdyssey

yes this is cool art
Updated by 0b111

glitch me by Bluu


Gameboy Yin Yang by grazcore

pokeball pop art by erramora


Glad you discovered the Images Section! however, before you upload anything, be sure to take a minute to read the rules:


Have a nice day! :D

le jpg face

Calm down everybody, this is confirmed conceptual art. It was uploaded here with the purpose to generate discussion and encourage thinking!

Well, have fun when this becomes 8bitcollective's images section part II

It was a joke, I do not support political corruption (wink)

I still think this image should be deleted or edited for the following reasons:

- It brokes a rule of the website (The work you upload will be related to the chipmusic/8bit scene.)

- It may broke the "Only upload your own work" rule because we know nothing about the image.

- If it's related to the 8bit scene or chipmusic, i would like to know the story behind it. Post a description. Is this your mascot? Your avatar? Your album artwork? (I hope it isn't) There is plenty of hosting around the internet. This is pretty much the same as if I upload a picture of my rear garden to mail the link to my grandma.

Sam delete this and i'll donate another £1
Cover art by ShiftyPixlz

Here is some advice, if you think it's rude let me know and i'll remove my comments:

- This may sound very elitist / mean, but if you are new to design / art, you should consider hiring / asking someone else to do the art for you. There are lots of people on the chiptune scene willing to do something cool for you (even for free, most of the time) Don't spoil your musical efforts with a very mediocre / bad looking artwork. I know half of the people in this community and half of the people in the world does not give a shit about the artwork as long as the music is great, but some people care, and trust me, releases with interesting / well done album art "sells" much more than others.

- Now you should be like "what an asshole i don't want to pay this arrogant prick a single coin for art, i did this EP myself and i can do the artwork myself too because i'm a very strong individual" etc. OK. I also tought that when i was just starting, back in 2006. My music was shit and my art was shittier, and today i really regreat releasing most of that stuff without putting more effort on it. I went full "DIY" anyways, and it was interesting and a crucial point on improving. So, why not?

- At this point you already decided you'll do your own "Cover Art". What makes a cover art a good one? Let's check some "real world" artwork to take some notes:

- Album artwork, in "digital" releases, should be square shaped. This is common sense, in my opinion. Since vinyl releases, album artwork came in squares, CD's too. Now most digital releases keep that. Simple, make your artwork a Square, not a rectangle.

- Album artwork should be big enough to be printed. This is not mandatory, but people like "high quality" images, not thumbnails. Optime resolution for digital should be around 1500x1500 pixels at 300 ppp. I usually do my comissions around 2000x2000, and when i was a noob i always created images around 700x700. That's enough for "casual" digital releases. Your widest size is 594, that's not enough. I assume it's a preview, but still keep this in mind

- Now let's talk about design and composition. It seems like you took some sort of "mobile photography" of a text painted on a canvas. This is a bad idea because the photography lacks quality and it's full of artifacts / noise. If you want to keep this idea, re-do the photography with a decent camera. If you want to keep the idea and get rid of the bad things about it: Why not just re-do the elements in the computer? It would look way cleaner and nicer

I see 5 elements on your "cover art". The "side-columns" could look cool in "pixel art style", and would be super easy to do, but they look pretty bad right now, and the placement is very asymmetric (unless it's intentional. IMO it doesn't add anything interesting into the composition).

The "Shifty-Pixlz" logo is pretty much perfect. I don't know if you used a font or did the logo yourself, but i've never seen that and i like it a lot. That's actually your only element remotely related to a "chiptune asthetic" or pixel art world. I assume you are a chiptune artist and that you like that kind of stuff since your nickname contains the word "pixlz". Then you need more stuff like this in your imaginary buddy, more "pixlz"

The "FANG" logo is pretty out of place and also out of style IMO. It should be centered and re-done using a font or making the letters more "symmetrical" "F" and "NG" are almost decent but that "A" is totally out of context. I would just use a font for that

The "symbols" could be pontentially cool, but let's be honsest, you need to take a while to recognize it's a square and a heart. Plus there are some random "erased" paintings around. What the heck is that? I would re-do the symbols in pixel art and abuse them around the composition. It's super easy to do

Finally the background. That "blank canvas" shade of grey it's the most depressing thing ever m8. If you re-did the whole thing using a image processor (Photoshop, Gimp, etc) would be easy to change to a better color. You really want that? I think it's what makes your design plain.

Keep in mind this is only my opinion. I'm like super into the artwork game and i care A LOT like you can see. Sorry for my bad english, hope you find this feedback more useful
More cover art ideas by ShiftyPixlz

Doesn't add too much to the previous idea, just feels like some LINE Camera filter. Still better than the other one
Cover art by ShiftyPixlz

Hang+on+amnesia ✆ by laukmetaals

Consider it post-impressionism if you want, still unrelated and nowhere close to glitch-art
Hang+on+amnesia ✆ by laukmetaals

But this is not an Art Collective and your submissions should be at least remotely related to chiptune, pixel art, glitch art, 8bit technology, retro-computing etc.

Bad or good, this is not the place for this image
here look the sky ! by herelookthesky


Great work, this deserves to be top #1 here

cool but doesn't really look 16-bit
new logo by Popcornkid

Really cool graphism and pixel art but not too easy 2 read!
Worktools by 0r4

WOW LE NINTENDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
got what i came for by KOOLSKULL

@cgallenwalker: He is showing us his new nude live video (Check description link) and due to the NSFW nature of a possible preview image he decided to use a tasteful indexed facebook screenshot
8-bit self portrait by iloveporcupines

Save it as a .PNG next time, JPG compresses the image badly and generates artifacts Also crop the image so you get your main subject in the center of it
b4by f4c3 VAG logo by b4byf4c3

Imageshack / Photobucket / FTP / Flickr / Imgur

Wasting precious µCollective storage space. Please delete

Keep it up!

Good job, specially diggin the dithering, palette and the overall old school feel!

KPR Glitché by b4byf4c3

Doesn't look glitched at all
tozo - albatross by jakeallison

This one is very cool, I hate that vignette shadow with all my heart but those are some nice glitches and composition
taos in blue by jakeallison

Welcome to AtmosphericPerspectivePhotographyCollective.org
sketch album art 1 by jakeallison

Good idea and design, poor quality
This is me (?) by pyrofoux

I don't know
This is me (?) by pyrofoux

@Eiyeron: One of the most over-used and easy "glitch" plugins, not epic at all:

Furby Says Hi by KungFuFurby

Please place it in the middle of the canvas
DigButt by Dropbit

marcb0t by marcb0t

The part about being a robot I guess
simone by sigflup

Great picture btw
simone by sigflup

go back in time and save it as PNG to avoid the jpg artifacts etc
Paint by hellocatfood

I figured out by reading the other submission!
City by hellocatfood

This shows the difference between actually putting effort into experimenting with glitch art and lazily databending a picture of your gameboy, good job!
Paint by hellocatfood

Both are interesting but i can't help but hate jpg artifacts. Mind If I edit those in my style?
marcb0t by marcb0t

How is this upload useful in any way?
Argo pixel art by drexegar

Great, both are really cool. Diggin the shading, keep sharing!
EP Artwork by PleaseLoseBattle

Nice color palette
WC9 by chema64

Might try

Pyramid Monster by Dropbit

nise ads watermark
Pyramid Monster by Dropbit

Nice chiptune!

Why not? It's not like you didn't stole it from a lazy google images search on the first place and slightly edited it
New hair!! by sigflup

New hair!! by sigflup

Welcome to HaircutCollective.org
Gameboy Boss by Dropbit

Gameboy Boss by Dropbit

Would you wear that shirt, Dropbit?
doodlesfkljlsjdj by SnarlyDawg

Nice outline

Totally relevant, it is connected to the topic in a meaningful way.

Cool! Not a fan of the characters outline, but the classroom scene is 10/10 really great. I also like the logo.

The whole thing has a nice "Wario Ware" feel. Good job
dog helmet by nuclace

dude by nuclace

are you trying to summon lxtxcx?
*Hello Cover by DeerPresident

top noise jam, downloading!
*Hello Cover by DeerPresident

I do not really like the cover art but I think it fits the music really well and I like the music a lot

Sweet Home ♥

Thank You Very Much Keep Up The Good Work =)
UD Clown by UnderCoverDisOrder

implying this is MSpaint

v tl;dr any of the comments v

I know dude, I laughed at the joke too, just wanted to make clear the intentions behind my behaviour, since everybody seems to think i'm "Angry" and hateful. My goal is clear now, thanks for the oportunity [/drama]

I'm pretty sure i've only said mean things to:
-Lazy >5 minutes "artwork" spam
-Submissions against the rules (yes "we" have rules :O)
-Pointless hardware jerking

I'm really sorry for trying to keep this small images section healthy. I guess most of you forget about what an images section in a "chiptune" website is about (remember 8bc?). I guess it's easier to have some sort of dump bucket to throw anything without thinking too much about it. It's not like we have facebook groups or even forums (in this very website) to do that. Let's spam 40 databend pictures. Wanna check my new DMG? I bet you've never seen one. Look at this drawing of a zebra, hope you all like it. This is me irl, i have a very chiptune haircut. Check those 13 variations of my logo in this glorious 130x23 lossy resolution.

I'm not asking for everyone to be incredible skilled and submit god-tier pixel art like this is fucking PIXEL Joint. But don't cry when I call your rushed 10 minutes photoshop experiment "shit". That's spam. I used to do that, and I can't thank enough the old people on 8bc who bashed me every time I uploaded a turd only for the sake of dumping it. I have love and constructive criticism for everyone who wants it and actually tried to create an image, the goal of this section.

I'm not even mad, i think the image is funny. Just droping my statement here because it seems the right place to
Monotribe by UnderCoverDisOrder

how do you call that thing with sliders?

Axel: I really really like this picture. Can I save it?

Thanks to you for sharing it with us =)

This is a really really good picture! I really like it a lot! :)

pixels are different sized and non symmetrical, see me after class

my comment was not necessarily a bad thing, if you read it like "i did that kind of shit when i was 6 haha, good times"

i did that kind of shit when i was 6

Once you explain it, the idea is clear, makes sense and it's cool! but your current image does not help to get the idea :/

Cool, I like the "progressive" feel of the data-bending

-Album art should be a square
-text is hard to read
-the filters you used are over-used and cliché
-composition is weak
-colors are so obviously inverted
-the idea is not bad but i can't really see what are you
trying to say with this
handblocks by JeMappelle

I work with JeMappelle i'm his manager ok

loving the artwork! nice design :*
mutant math by mutantmath

V what ALPINE said

Good feel m8
Elevator Edit by UnderCoverDisOrder


Thanks for the info buddy, how do you call that black and white thing you have under your hands? Never seen one before!

Btw nice instagram, the picture looks almost 932% better and that's almost impossible because this picture is already perfect.

Thank you very much you are my favorite chiptune artist now followed subscribed sent chocolates and flowers
Some whore by BFAD

Tought it was Whitely at first, cool hair!
Broken Bit logo 1 by BrokenBit

Second: good job on the logo ^^ like the chiptune spirit! nice name too :DDDD
Select Screen by CosmoBG

Good job man, cool muckup

I specially like the letters

You should try to crop the images better, notice how the faces on the "art" boxes are kinda out of place, letting much empty space on the right. The main objects of the scene are also not in the center of the image, but that's just my taste maybe
web design by Musho

beeautiful indeed
Broken Bit logo 1 by BrokenBit

First, i'm not a guy who lurks around the image section, i'm actually the Official Images Section King™ (Sam Wray's dixit)

Gameboy A-B buttons are wrong, reported
In The Day by CosmoBG

This is easily your best work to the date uploaded to µCollective. No empty parts, great texture, good composition. Specially enjoying the water.

Not a fan of using much tiles for pixel art but you did well here buddy, congratulations

Cyborg Axel by Jredd

It's not constructive criticism, i just don't get why would you upload this here
Open Road by CosmoBG

Grass tiling is cool, sky dithering too

Giving some texture to the main subject (the road) would not hurt tho
Cyborg Axel by Jredd

Not even worth for deviantart
Vader by rduck1

Good job! I'm really digging your colours and how you can make volume with a limited palette!

Again, pay attention to anatomy (Separation between legs is kinda large, and the shoulders needs some shame imo)

Finally, I can see you did some "anti-aliasing" effect. I particullary don't like it but it's up to you

Thanks for uploading pixel art here bro, keep it up!
Eindbaas artwork by KOOLSKULL

is our newest member.

Cover by Jamshi

I bet you are the problem
comic by SnarlyDawg

Chronus by Tilde

Is this concept art for a videogame you are making?
CSF Chief by Tilde

What is CSF and how it is related to chipmusic / 8bit scene?
Mole City by Shroomfriend

I like the feel but you should try harder.
kerbeh by SnarlyDawg

Cover by Jamshi

Sam can we have a report button?
Cover by Jamshi

Kill yourself
The Deep Sea by Shroomfriend

Stormtrooper by rduck1

Level of detail, texture and shadows are OK, good job on that

Not mandatory, but your weakest point (if you aim to be realistic) is the anatomy of the main subject. Legs feel weird and the hips are too small in comparison with the rest of the body.

Looking foward for your next pixel artzzzz
Mr.HoneyBooBooCupcake by Shroomfriend

Nice colors, you did well

Glitch Safari worthy


great but can you please put both boxes in the center of the canvas? that would be really nice

I love lxtxcx nice design and cool art packaging omg hes the best
u wot m8?? by Ratboy1217

GBA Skull by DJHollowLife

yeah that's cool
ASCII porridge. by BrainFlooder

Tough Guy by Jredd



Welcome to DrawingCollective, thanks for sharing your drawing
port by JeMappelle

"I hope he sampled some black guy shouting for this in the WAV channel" je mappelle delivers 2 my mind

You can always try to re-sample it to match the pixels size. Now that i look at the picture again, the text kind of fits the image, technically. Your main pixels are 4x4pixels, and the pixels from the text are 2x2. Anyways, try working on bigger canvases (Artwork around 700x700 pixels is great,) you'll have more "composition" space and you'll work better!

stop reblogging
lil fox by Musho

Great Musho

Good job Alpine, you should try with a different font that fits more the background, in pixel related artwork is always better if the font fits the pixel ratio, if that makes sense.
bangpenzpicture by bangpenz

My condolences
sudutsenja by sudutsenja

needs resolushoon! XD
CrabCollective by Troggs

top lel

You'll become a great pixel master
Clown Fighter by UncleBibby

We do!
Bottomless by JuurianChi

This one is the coolest in fact
Portal Brofist by Stavros

-.- ughhh

Now this is an appreciable experiment, good job. Time to get your own graphics and step your game up! And you should get rid of that font, remove it from the image remove it from your computer remove it from existence it just doesn't fit sorry for the mean comments hope you are strong enough to get over my evilness

cool reblog haha i love your tumblr follow x follow

I agree with all the comments here
Bottomless by JuurianChi

Ok that's not right this one is cool too
Bottomless by JuurianChi

Other Miura's were better, go back to your roots!
Ballerina Fighter by UncleBibby

Yeah we do!

Now this is edgy
Space Man by ilovebeingstrong

We all discovered glitchNES at some point and uploaded tons of gltich nes shit to 8bc images section, now i'm glad those pictures are lost forever because that was kind of a shame. But yeah have fun etc
Space Man by ilovebeingstrong

it's a crime that you post it on the images section a lot you'll regret this if you keep exploring pixel related graphic design areas, i'm just saving you time
Face by Zombify

i'm the only person in ucollective allowed to tell other people to save as .PNG what the hell are you doing
Just a mess by ilovebeingstrong

Space Man by ilovebeingstrong

Edit more, your glitchNES is showing
Abscido by ayoshutduff

I dig your art a lot but please never use blurry filters on pixel art i'll be crying forever

made with dwigif.appspot.com You should commit suicide

Good job ♥

Well that's pretty stupid
Bleep Coins by VRUMZSSSR

Cute and nice <3
Knight Russ by ayoshutduff

Really Nice, save it as .PNG <3
PHANTOM-rockBOY by b4byf4c3

if u cen afford expnsiv gamebois afford a camera u ppoor tw4t
My Game Gurls <3 by Dropbit

Skye by pixelherozero

Great background, try to use brighter colors for the main subject!
Miura by JuurianChi

I really like it. If you are aiming for realistic shapes you should check the anatomy of your model, but that's not mandatory.
IAS by JuurianChi

I like it!

This is a really great pice of art and i think you did a really cool ilustration for your purposes. This should work really great as a t-shirt design or as anything that has to do with metal world. Personally I think that we should only upload things that are somewhat related to pixel art, chiptune media, glitch art or anything that has to do with lo-fi, but that is only my opinion. I wish you the best and hope you succeed as a graphic designer, and sorry for my bad english!

I only care for file extension when you use "pixel art" graphic style! This is a 8bit community you know ;-) need to make sure that everything that is related to chiptune or pixel art is in excellent and comes in a decent format

Like really angry
ruBRK by ruBRK


I am incredibly pissed by the fact that the rhombus is not in the center of the image

hot indeed
Grape Toast by AxelHavoc

Grape Toast by AxelHavoc

Casion Logo by Dropbit

Welcome to ImageShack®
The Lost by Crimmy

Great for your first LSDJ, I specially enjoyed the WAV channel

This looks seriously sexxy
guh2 by AxelHavoc



gotta love the melting triangle
Blob by Monotron

I like this picture a lot, specially the color palette that you used. Also, they way you solved textures and lighting is pretty neat too! The only problem here is that you have some "pixel symmetry" problems. Not all the "pixels" that compose the image are squares, you have lots of nasty triangles messing around. Fix that and i'll be happy forever
Blob by Monotron

Would you like some CC for this? :3
Good Luck!) by VRUMZSSSR

Gameboy Art # 4 by Dropbit

But you uploaded a PNG and it still has artifacts, i'm amazed
Gameboy Art # 4 by Dropbit

if ur art waz a game it shuld b a great RPG... i mean... a great JPG! LOL!!! Funny! I hope you appreciate my superior #humour
Sunflower Farm OST by h3xal1te

what the fuck is this

0vsZ0 by Musho

This is great mainly because it doesn't display as thumbnail in the main page
mee by less3an

Why would you resize it to 320x280? Great animation tho, glad to see some legit gb camera user here!
Gameboy Art #2 by Dropbit

Glad to see you saved it as .PNG

Now we are talking! Great job!
Casion Art by Dropbit

Save it as PNG next time, this hurts my eyes
Cold Nights by Monotron

Nice lighting effects, you should add some detail to the grass // ground and achieve eternal greatness
pixelstuff.jsmeg by Monotron

that's cute
Threshold by Dropbit

edgy comment bro

This screenshot lacks troll-tabs
hoarding by boaconstructor

Ha Ha Ha I Have A Playstation 3 :P

Nice indeed. Now create a cool background for this!
Threshold by Dropbit

Why LSDJ there? Next time be sure to at least add a super mario or a game boy sonic

Next time keep the "horror" font for the artist name too
Does Not Compute, Too by SpacemanFantastiques

<3 Instagram
The Golden Man Denis by dusthillguy

Great Pixel Art Thanks For The 8Bit Super Mario Drawings Epic Style Gangnam Style
LSDJ by Dropbit

Christmas by bubu

PIKAAa by Dropbit

Doodle Collective
Merry... by Mold

Render pixel art as PNG
BLERGgggggggggg by Dropbit

fuck you

cool jpg

go easy on the noise br0
chypmn, pls by Solarbear

le silly duck face xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD just epic chiptunes = epic winzdorsmzo9r0rz0rzz11
In My Flstudio by AciDnB

I inc. by Kubbi

Yes :3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chips? by LaffeTheFox

Pixel art is really really great, i dig it. If you allow me to give you some advice: Get rid of the "photoshop pixelate filter" for backgrounds as soon as possible, we all went through that but it's pretty lame <3

nise palette

Art is really great, but i'll get rid of that shadow on the "Kubbi", also that "back-lighting". Trust me that's really "over-used" :3
Make Me Famau5 by JeMappelle

Je Mappelle Is Now Fucking Mainstream *Deletes Everything From Itunes* Now back to listening to my obscure Zaal- WIP's

cute :3
dubstepshit by Musho

restive by JeMappelle

let that rabbit cook #basedjemappelle
System Scramble by bosscharlie

le jpg artifacts
Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04

dat palette
35.gif by bon


This is a great potato
Darktree by vegasdiamond

Great databend. You should edit the image a bit
Venonat by vegasdiamond


Loving the text and the moon
Free Pixel Riot by FloravoxTerraport


Great! W-w-wWould be really nice to go through submssions, like "next submission" button and all that stuff, being able to comment and shit! Also thanks for featuring me <3


I don't really like this design but the project seems like a great idea

You can always play it in your USB cartridge, as i do

why nostalgia? I play it a lot those days
Woah by Zaalbar

king of the #chipwave
Test image by 2xAA

macro king

Bitches on my dick cuz i look like Super Mario
Chiptune by Gampoy

So cute ♥
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