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Awesome evil sound. >: )

Nice singing. That vibrato is lovely

This is dirty. I like.

what exactly is happening with the mask?

Yeaaaaaahhhhh ha ha ha ha!

That's a cool lead sound.

stompy awesome like a froth of grinder sparks!

such a wonderful collaboration i am very proud to have worked on recording vocals for this, yes carl i will post more on ucollective got to build up more too

good stuff people! tense and badass, agreed kloudygirl is an excellent singer - i miss looping hypnotic korg beats! if you're in touch, can you encourage DJ Hollow Life to upload here more too pleeeeease?

@Jredd She does indeed. She put one of her older songs on the DuD Compilation Vol​.​9 album. Really nice singing.

Damn! You've got a nice singing voice :D. Maybe you could sing something for one of my tracks ha ha.

!! this is awesome totally heavy and wild love it!

Oooo gurl this shit right here. :P fucking awesome

So much energy!!!

nice take on Christmas stuff, bass so heavy! good to see more korg DS-10 work on here!

You are a crazy woman :).

This is beyond amazing! It totally makes me think of an SNES edition of SoR3 infected with a Satan glitch(vincesauce watchers will get this reference) I love it! So much creativity and skill!

I knew it, she's one of those sexy aliens from the future :P. Ha ha I love it, every time I see your name up here I know something interesting is about to happen when I press play ha ha ha.

awesome track kloudygirl

you managed to create a lot of pressure in this tune with the basses. I like that

i love this. very aphex twinish. (at least in some parts) and i love the ending

pretty crazy :)

I agree 100% with Trev. This sounds so much like Streets of Rage 3 music. :D

Ha ha sounds like Streets of Rage 3 :).

So rad! I love your crazy, totally effed up tracks. <3

This is the weirdest remix ever. I love you ha ha ha. She got abducted by aliens and wrote a song while being probed and she liked it.

I need to see you play live one day, even play with you :P This is awesome kg!

oh hello, reminds me a lil bit of she music's ambiance oriented stuff, interesting stuff

welcome, kloudy! cool track! i imagine it fits well in that split.

Ha, it's about time you showed up here :). This is extremely interesting, as usual :D.

this would've been even better if tempo were changing
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ready or not... here i come... u cant hide.... ima finnnnnd yewwwww ;333
Relish by PANDAstar

put that relish in mah pocket!!!! XDDDD

smexy on dat stylus! me likey!! ^_^

so much dawwww in this ;3 ;3 ;3

very niiiice! great job!

veryy chill jredd... me likes it ;3


so wild!!! u make 1bit sound like funbit! luv it <333
Goodbye Windfish by CHICKENANDROFLS

Fluorosurfactant by Starpilot

this one put me in a trance... sickkkkkk yo! ;3

genius.. pure and simple ...breakdown at 2:15 is just ahhhhhhhhh!

! ! ! ! shake that panda shake that panda ;D
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