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Chiptune artist from Chicago's Far South Side! Now residing in the Mad City!
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I can dig it.

this song won't play for me but i downloaded it and it sounds reeeeally cool, like a tropical spy movie

Not bad :D.

Ha Ha This was interesting to listen too, somes notes are a bit off but the samples are nice.

It's always nice to hear more SNES chiptunes out there. Thanks for the cover.

at the start it sounded really good and very faithful with a few notes sounding a bit off here and there but otherwise good. Then some of the later instruments came in and, i don't know how else to describe it other than they seemed at the wrong pitch. I don't know if it's less than a semitone or more than several semitones but the loud strings and other stuff seemed a bit discordant. i can tell you put in a lot of work to get every aspect of the song in there so i think all you really need is more practice. And, musical ear training could help but you might not need it. Maybe just get one of those cheap ear-trainer apps for your phone or something. I got one for my iphone and it's hard but it feels like i'm learning when i use it.

Would anyone be mad at me if I said this was actually a little bit better than the original? Cause that's definitely the case here. Nice work.

V3ry r0u6h c0v3r v3r510n.

nice stuff. I think the breakdown part was asking for a lot more vibrato depth in the synth lead, otherwise good job. I havent done a snes tune yet, because man, those limitations scare me :)

I liked the tune itself though I think that the guitars are very loud, I would mix them down a bit

R-Type Leo has some great music. Great choice, great cover :).

sounds pretty nice kidThunder! i just had a listen to the original, and yours is quite faithful to it -- i reckon you should try to put your own spin on the track! make it more distinct from the original? and when it repeats maybe you could try adding more variety, break the repetitiveness a bit? keep at it!

Sounds pretty good man, I like the way you made that arpeggio instrument.

that was some solid work, I would take the bass and the main lead a lot back in the mixing because the percussions are far in the background (at least over headphones)

Kid Chameleon was a cool game. It's nice to see more SNES chiptuning around too.

dunno the original version but this would fit nicely into a password screen

That's a pretty nice cover.

aerodynamic is one of my fave daft punk songs, certainly my fave track on discovery, very well done

Well done man, especially for no dac and psg :)

Dude this was awesome! Aerodynamic is hands down my favorite Daft Punk song. Great job!

Ha ha, this is pretty cool. Sounds a bit like super aleste ha ha.

I listened to this and was like "hmmm", I'd better check out the original so I did lol. Now that I have a point of reference, I can take a better look at it. What I think is this, it's a decently made cover but I only found the original to be ok. This is fairly accurate aside from a few odd notes here and there, but then the original has odd notes I guess it comes down to personal preference. It's a decent cover/remix, and kudos for converting it to 2A03 limitations, but I wasn't that impressed with the original song you covered either. So you know, nice cover and all but the song itself isn't quite my cup of tea :). I like a lot of your other works, but this just wasn't my thing because of the source material mostly :).
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Better than my SNES cover.

Pretty nice tune. It sounds a little Christmasey almost.

Pretty cool...Sounds pretty awesome!
Ocean Skies (FM) by UrbanFlowX26

I like it!

Better than my SNES/SFC version, which I used Super Adventure Island instruments.

Awesome stuff, dude!

That's an awesome tune right there.

Pretty awesome tune.

I love it!
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