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i like this one!

Oh man, I've lost some savs and know that feel. :( This is a fun track though. :) At least you recorded it!

It's a pretty good tune, nice job! The intro makes me remind so much of a song but I can't put its name on it.

Very cool as always!!! Love them break beats.

que chidito

@3ndymion Indeed, makes me remember of Diamond Hollow II (a neat flash game) by its style. It's a well done music, nice work! o7

Cool track!!! You always make such good use of the breakbeat drums. When I hear this song, I imagine someone fighting through an underground fortress.

nice introduction!

love dat breakcore

I love the way that bassline sounds with the harmony. That is so cool.

I wonder how many Blink 182 songs don't use this chord progression, lol. Regardless, nice remix!

When the yugs are so dank, the screen breaks.

This is a kool art

What did you use for the pixel/dither effect?
Looks almost authentic!

Is this a repost or you have actually made this? Because this is some very nice Chiptune-style DnB!
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Nice arp. Cool melody
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