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I don't really make music, I just come here to listen and comment. I like dem bleeps and bloops.
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This is nice

Spoke too soon - it's a Google error I think? :S

Try changing your page encoding - might help. I've never got it :(

I get the kanji whenever I search μcollective too. What a weird error xD

fuckin hilarious! At least upgrade to the SNES Sam ; )

i thought it was zx spectrum. nes is too much =]
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Is that a Sum 41 reference?
Bullet Train by Whitely

Right from the beginning beat, this is absolutely addicting.

That looks just like you!

I dig this real hard. I love the original tune, and you did it great justice.

I dig this like a miner
Overworld by Kubbi

Kinda reminded me of Owl City, 'specially that orchestral-ish stuff in the middle. Really dig it!
NES TSTR by b4byf4c3

Chromed up Advantage. I dig

I want to marry your art

Why are her feet oozing?
Mio and the Genesis by cqallenwalker

Ristar. So yes. Also, dis kawaii as fuck. Also, I have a longstanding and sorted history with Shaq Fu. Dark days.

Swag as hell bro. I love it.
Sunset by vegasdiamond

I kind of agree with Vellain. When I first saw it, I was like "Is this Whitely's new album cover"

So amazing

I want this game
DEPTH by Balloonbear

Inverted Depth
Kubbi logo#1 by Dropbit


Mmm. Sexy. I would date this song.
Night by Musho

Seizure Mode: Activated

Laffe in Mega Man 2 by LaffeTheFox

I agree with dropbit
JUST TONIGHT by less3an

Pretty fuckin' ballin
Death Spark by Jredd

Calling. You two will become the Daft Punk of chiptune.

Mmm. I like. More please.

Listening to this again during class. Legitimately can't get enough of this dude.

This is sick as shit bro. So goood!

oMgz iz su gelus

It' a limited edition backlit DMG if I remember. I believe this is the same kind keith Apicary has.
Crow-bit by LaffeTheFox

Ultrabass by Consolekiller

Fish eye lens

I love this!
Triforce by Zelkedo

That's some hot shit dude. So Jealous.

duckface by Balloonbear

oh gurl, yu look so gud
Cardboard CGB by SkipSandwichDX

Saw this on Tumblr. It's pretty wicked.
My new toy by bloerb

Micro-Korg! I have the same, but it's wood and grey. Yours looks snazzy as hell dude.
chypmn, pls by Solarbear

i hate u slrbar
Daisy by treyfrey

Must be Daisy Duke, cause this song is sexy!

Bad-ass fucking flower

That license plate is beyond hilarious.

This is remarkably cute.
##Reloaddabenjis by nuclace

@mush Coach Z. Real OG. Don't need no Jorb.

I like the dick graffiti'd on the ram in the back left.
I inc. by Kubbi

I LOVE THE ALBUM SO FAR! On #4, and it's probably my favorite album released this year.
case by ernieshmitz


Is that the Mandelbrot set?
gamndafe, by Musho

I find this way funnier than I should.
Rolling Roc by SpacemanFantastiques

First thing I thought of was the beer. Followed by AVGN.
##Reloaddabenjis by nuclace

Databending Part 2 by QuinnithXD

That cat is the spawn of Satan.
Energy Beach by lxtxcx

Upcoming set 11.11.12 by Balloonbear

Praise be to the jesus channel!
Urban Pixel Art by Skycstls

I love this!

Kommisar continues to impress me hard.
Hold On by RadicalPresident

This is beautiful Craig
Passing By [2xlsdj] by Cooshinator

This is so freakin' good dude.
Alex Powrs :A by Alexpowrs

I wike it

I am overcome with love

The guy on this cover is such a rude dude.

I love this so.

Me and you have the same Korg Micro. But I think that is all we share.
Indolence by Kubbi

Kubbi, you need to stop making me love you.

The words are kind of hard to here as some parts. They get kind of drowned out. Great matching though.
Meteor Shower by RadicalPresident

Mystical Rush by Jredd

I like it!

Have I mentioned that I love your Kaoss Pad beyond words? It's so cool!
Memory *IS* RAM by TheVIRUSEmpire

I quite lik the US version of The Office :/

The music just blew away his entire existence.
TURN EP cover by fuzzheads

Hatin and Flakin by PiecesOfEight

Totally gonna blast this while I drive. You, sir, are a true gangsta.

@CarnivorouS I figured that's what you meant, but I wasn't part of the 8bc community, so I didn't know if they posted on there

Whoa, just noticed that you guys are from Tallahassee. Sweet stuff!

Reminds me of Anamanaguchi. Sick stuff dude, I dig it.

Hey, if I may inquire, what BPM is this at?

I love this. SO MUCH! And Adam and Carly's voices are as fun as ever.
Nexus (VGMM) by Jredd

This is sweet!
Above The Clouds by RadicalPresident

yet another fantastic song by the wonderful RadicalPresident/ChasingBleeps. Just downloaded two of your albums. Gonna get the rest tomorrow!
Exit Stage Left by PandasAttack

No problem. Out of curiosity, do you have any vocal training?
Exit Stage Left by PandasAttack

I really like tune. It sounds very light and pop-y. Though, the vocals aren't that great. Not being a vocal specialist, I really don't know what to suggest, maybe a minor filter or something. Also, I commend you for doing this, I love when people do vocals on chiptunes.
Call Me Maybe (Cover) by SophmoreSixtyFour

Floravox Terraport by FloravoxTerraport

Gonna have nightmares now. Well done.
Forget (Nanoloop) by RadicalPresident

Dude, I love your music. It's just so chill.
Born To Lose by Balloonbear

Hell yeah!
Tenpai Sempai by Kommisar

Kommisar is mai waifu.

Like A Plastic Bag by RebootMe

Man, this is so good it's not even funny.

Hey Kubbi, did I ever tell you that, you're like, my chiptune hero forever. 100% serious.
Wolfshadow by nuclace

Honestly nuclace, that's the thing, I can't remember. It just reminds me of something I've heard somewhere. I think mayeb it was something on Newgrounds Audio or something.
Swan Lake by RebootMe

Every Time by RadicalPresident

Very Chill. I like.
My picture by RadicalPresident

I want this to be a cartoon. Looks kind of like Adventure Time.
Cryonics by Lastmilesofgalaxy

I got a really Postal Service-ey vibe from this, which is awesome, cause I LOVE The Postal Service. Though, as much as I like that, I would recommend doing it with unmodified vocals. I couldn't help but find them a bit grating,andcouldn'thearthelyricsthatclearly.. Overall though, nicely done!
Wolfshadow by nuclace

This sounds...familiar.
Synapse by treyfrey


I was trying to find a DL for this yesterday after I saw it on Tumblr. Nicely done!

I can dig this.

This was pretty wicked.

I can dig it bro.

Correction, the title is "My Skateboard Will Go On"

You should probably put the songs name ("My Skateboard Will Roll On") in the title. And honestly, it was just a bit too fuzzy for my tastes, but overall, well done.
Pixel Girl by Kommisar

Longing by SpacemanFantastiques

Pretty sweet man! I hope you make an album of this stuff

Yeah, Kubbi, just gonna tell you flat out, yours is the superior version. I love Dj Cutman, but yours is definitely better. Have fun on that GameChops release!
Diamond Eyes by ViridianWILL

I like this

Looking for a Netlabel? I would suggest GameChops and Noisy Arcade. They produce some cool stuff.
Error Adventure by RadicalPresident

I like
Walk in the Dark by Pixeltune

I'm digging this pretty hard. Totally a DL
When i´m 8BIT by Gampoy

This is awesome

Favorite one on the whole new album
Phantom pt. II by AWESOMECAT

One of my favorite songs getting chipped? AWWW YEEEAAAAH

This is pretty cool

Man, I can't wait till you get the finished version up. So far it sounds fantastic!
RGBxSINGLE by 240p

I like!

Great job! A definite Download!
Ecstasy Saloon (LSDJ) by KidultCalcium

Nice, catchy, and fun. Good Job!
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