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I make a lot of different styles of music, but chiptune holds a special place in my heart. While looking for an LSDJ cartridge, I'm using magic8bit plug in the mean time.

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awesome reverb :D

This is very beautiful, but makes me feel quite sad - I think you may need to work on your noise channel though, a little bit too 'shwooshy' in my opinion.


Excellent :D I really enjoyed this song :) What program is that you're using? Wouldn't happen to be musagi would it? -ChasingBleeps
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Sundance by Monotron

I really enjoy this one. I love the variety of layers. And the melody is very nice.
Juggernaut by Kubbi

I agree with Wheely.

Amazingness, roboctopus.
Clock Work by RadicalPresident

Nice work. Very relaxed. :)

CRAZY. This is awesome! Favourited.
Starships (Nicki Minaj) by xCriticalStrikex

First Nicki Minaj chip cover I've heard. And it's awesome. Nicely done!
Eraser to Erase Her by PiecesOfEight

Great title. Cool sounds. Really love around 4:30.
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