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I'm a young guy with A LOT OF energy, that's why I listen to Hard Trance so I can express my feelings. When I listen to Trance, it feels like I can run thousand miles or something.
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Lol I love you.

oh man, I like your stuff more and more with each track you post. You are very talented, nice composition


I enjoyed listening

Great Pixel Art Thanks For The 8Bit Super Mario Drawings Epic Style Gangnam Style

the system got overworked

Gallo is the man !

hahah dude we are all doomed <3

never a disappointment

I just love your stuff <3

OMG YES Dusthillguy doing it again and again <3

awesome wm anyone here?

penis hands wins the pizza trophy

hahaha nice

strong as me

better running animation than i could make

xfce is best

Captain Orgazmo to the rescue!

No, he doesn't look like a geek at all.

his arms look like dicks, 10/10 best new pix

The best ever.

You can do that? I have an eMachine with a Celeron M. I didn't know laptop processors were replaceable! How did you do it?

you are just like me, you like teh wicked

Lol! I don't know why I like it, but I do.

I would not want to be a neekeri :P

naiss upgrade !

that figures =} i've got "xrandr --output LVDS1 --set 'scaling mode' 'Full'" in my rc.lua

aaaaiiiiiinurrr ?

nice to see you around here man ... that one made my day! :)

what that pennis looks like?

pennis.sh ooh =)

Ha ha, king of midi music. What do you use to write your midis?

it sounds so similar to the stuff you make I was just curious, still a big fan of your tunes man :D


did you make the music for the Mancycle video?

creepy bruce willis coming back to haunt my dreams

so glad yer baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

This is actually very cool. It reminds me a lot of Mario Golf Advance Tour on the GBA. Nice work man :).

Penis 4 lajif <3

a classic

cockin' power
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Wow man, what's written in that notebook? It looks very neat.

I like the first 50 seconds. Really nice atmospheric stuff.
Nexus (VGMM) by Jredd

Good to hear someone using FM sounds. This is a nice piece of music, I like the melodies.

Nice bassline.
Dekinai by JamesLowrey

Doesn't the name mean "can't" in Japanese? Hah hah hah hah PENIS PENIS PENIS. Anyway. It's an interesting piece of music.

This is a simple, happy song. I enjoy it.
Temporal by Gigglesplat

Cool song. It's atmospheric and relaxing.
Nanaimo by Kommisar

This has some cool sounds in it. How did you make it?