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This is cool.

this is wacky bananas clsource like a farm! woof baaaa overalls hahah i likes it! :D

fun beats! qwakqwakqwak! by the end it's a bit steady and repeaty for me, ~.4 and ~.5 work really well, gives some structure and variety, and when the beat comes back in (.5) it's good fun!

i never realized how versatile the duck sample was until now

Thanks so much C:
I can link it to you when it's up C:

So cute!
May I use this and credit you in a YouTube video?

Agreed!!! It's wonderful in all aspects :)

Really neat tune, overlooked

There is something charming about this. I like it :).

What a mess, uh? :D

this is awesome dude maybe if you lower just a little bit the guitar levels it wont clip <3

i make this cover too;

Esta chévere brooo, que buenisimos acordes :D

not bad, but I would put more detail into the bassline and try to get some more variation into the background lead too

It's so happy :).

This is TOO happy. I like it! :D
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photosynthesis by Pixeltune

a very pretty song :)
Hallelujah 2008 by H33llxz

wena shoro shorizo hampon xddad

I remember playing this song on DDR
Moon Voyage II by kfaraday

i like it :P

I really like the mood :D
Dimensions by Pixeltune

like the melody, drums and all that! was awesome :D
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