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That was super interesting man. I'll have to share this one around when that release hits :).

Those gull-like sounds at the end were really cool

Lovely sounds <3 and the lyrics kind of remind me of the pilot episode of Girl Meets World, which i just saw last night. lol. Coincidences ^.^

You made Gumi's English sound really good. This whole thing sounds nice. Thank you for making it.

Cool!!! So Deflemask does SID too, eh???

im such a sucker for sid! i like how the instruments sound sort of delicate and wispy and enveloped like a sleepy cat putting in a great effort to only just meow, so much character! so much love for sid!

I agree with fedepede04. With proper use of layering and detune some rather thick sounds can be produced with FM. I like your song though. :)

sound great.
but I do not agree that fm sound have to sound thin, it depends on who programs it, i have uploaded a lot of example where the sound does not in any way sound thin

Yeah, FM synthesis works only for thin organs, belltones, brass and metallic sounds. Duh...

love the sequence of chords in this

Great fun song. Really reminds me of winter snow.

This is awesome; brilliant execution :D
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This is a song by The Postal Service.

I suggest more vocal and/or less everything else.
So Smooth... by Dropbit

USA art if it was released in 1987
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