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Is it just my imagination, or vaporwave culture is coming to this site? :D I've been here in 2014 last time :D

This is a great album.

so yeah i keep coming back to this. good work goddammit

so good / do you mind if I use it as a facebook cover making a reference to you as the original author, this damn cool man !

Format Df was fucking ace

dear god this is horrendous

good job

Awesome Shatterhand remix, great DMG-01 sound! =^w^= love you threw in the stage select in the beginning!

Haha! The music seems to fit the situation. Dig that cheesy 80's sci-fi style storyline. You know, I've never played the game either or heard the music, but my ear detects that though you've added a modern feel to it, you've managed to maintain the classic sound's integrity. Very nice job!

I never played the game, but this sounds pretty cool.

wow CD player :o

Might try

If so, Venus has a pretty nice fanny.

I love this art style, and I definitely encourage it.

I wonder if those statues are of the goddess Venus? If so, it would make sense considering the placement of Minako there and all.

Can I get my t-shirt in grey?

saw this image on soundcloud for gralixes really like it, just noticed it here nice work

Great Sound and lol is that an ass titties voice clip I heard?

sounds great! nice thumpy crisp bass, chunky fluorescent grinding chords, i love the beat at 3min! so fun!

oh man oh man that is delicious wow ok

me too goddammit i stare at this every day before i drink my wine and do my shit

You should make a poster :) I'd buy one.

yes this is thge best

ooo this is fantastic! the yellow and (aqua?) green are perfect, the shading is excellent, really really beautiful chema64! i can't stop looking at that yellow

cool as FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Nice! Love it!

Sweet Home ♥

This is pure awesomeness! Excellent idea, composition and colors!

How did this not get more views? This is excellent! :D

its cool as hell

This is wonderful. Great, great version!

Dude, bitchin' cover. Double kicks at 1:41, YES!
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PI MARK by pimark

56kbps <3

How much? man we should open a shop together

I want to press the heart button more than once and nothing happens! 1 like is not enough
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