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such a legit dub!! definitely make more!

I had a lot of fun with that one, complete it :)

Reppin VA so hard this is good stuff dude

@Fuzzheads THAT'S WHO IT REMINDED ME OF DANIMAL CANNON! I kept blanking on his name and was thinking about that all day

haha this is really sick. definitely givin me danimal cannon or heosphoros vibes

I heard this at noisechannel. It's so good dude. So good. I can not wait to hear this finished.

Holy crap this is da (cartoon) BAMB! Love it!

This is really unique, I like it

Wow dude, this is fantastic :D.

This is pretty sick dude

I really like that tune, cannot believe nobody commented on this yet. Is that just reverb on the noises or whatelse do you apply on them? I love how they sound

Spaceman sums it up. Very interesting track, so much change <3

wow. this is really great stuff. also thanks for the link to that comp. def going to be snagging it.
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and this is a cut above, like really good

awesome Jredd :D glad you are still a steady poster

Haven't even finished listening yet, but holy crap, man! Great work, do you have more with similar instrumentation/style? Is the title a reference to Chrono Trigger?

Best submission on this site

Nice variation, cool sounds. A nice journey.
SeaVoyage by Sukie

Glad to see you are posting music here :)
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