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Location: vancouver, canada
Platforms: LSDJ, DS-10, Famitracker, spoons, shouting
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how sweet is this

Man, looks like I'm gonna be picking up a 3DS sometimes soon.

It's awesome how fast-paced this song is. It really shows the large use of effects you used.

This is excellent.

Now this is how to make LSDJ sound interesting :).

I was groovin'. Love it!

Doesn't matter what sequencer or tracker you use, you kill it every time! Good work!

Dead nice bryface!

this is super legit.

haha this is fucking badass as fuck.

Late Night Radio with Chrono :).

nice to hear what you can take out of LSDJ, sweet stuff!

Lord take me up now

I don't like, i fucking love it. Weird but it reminds me of one song in Link's Awekening :D

Yes! Heard this one on sound cloud :). One of the coolest LSDJ tracks out there dude. Mad respect :). Moo!

ooo this is pretty sweet. really enjoyed this

I heard this one on soundcloud. It's bad ass sir :).

This something, and it's a good something for sure! Love the hell out of them pads!

It's unreal how good this is. Wow....

Wohaaah, really nice sound. Mind blowing percussion : D

Good stuff. Love that last part starting at 1:48. Wouldn't mind hearing an entire song or remix of this one built around that bass/grind riff. That's funky as hell.

super dynamic song. really awesome

lots of awesome stuff going on in this track!

that was the most wicked cover I every heart of last Christmas ... great interpretation

One of my favourites from the compilation - very well done 'bry' the way :)

I wish I heard that song last christmas... Great work.

Boy, George, that sure is great!

Like these sounds. So cool :)

I will bump this for it's awesomeness,haha. Third time listening and downloaded!

I enjoy this thoroughly!!! I don't know if I have heard anything by you before but this will certainly make me remember you for future submissions :) Please make more in the same spirit and you got yourself a fan! Cheers

Very chilled out and amazingly cool melody! Keep it up

I love the chilled feeling I get with this.

Very Imaginative!

I don't know how you did this with korg, but your good.

I normally HATE reggae, but in the chip genre, it is somehow listenable... This track is also really solid. I don't have anything at all to critique it.. It is probably just above my level. Also, the 2nd half of this track really expands on the melodies in an awesome way.
Comments Given

sweet, looking forward to the release of "Kris Keyser's Nutsack" i think

cool! i like the lighter, more subtle stuff at around 2:10 onward - nice counterpoint to the heavier main passages.
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