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Blörb, der Bär
(an actual bear)
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This is really unique I like it, and Charlie Chaplin is amazing

I like this! Very very upbeat!

i liked the korg special edition SV-1's but ive never had a need for something thats strictly a stage piano, no matter how many tubes are stuffed in it. This on the other hand i find pretty slick and practical, though, they could stuff a few tubes in it.

Thanks :)

This is pritty damn legit dude

Micro-Korg! I have the same, but it's wood and grey. Yours looks snazzy as hell dude.


aaaaaah, piss off.

This is...interesting...ha ha.

Hmm... What did you use for strings in valjeta1?

I like that sample. In general i love vocal samples that are not melodic. But wished you had dropped it already at around 01:00. When it kicks in later i dosn't bothered me that much, i just needed some raw melody sound. Yeah, anyway it's kewl. But why is it Blörb, der Bär?

Very unique sounding stuff :)!
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Tastatour by zerstoerer

Definitely on the list of games that'll never get old. And the music fits perfectly. :)
Trackin by Dropbit

Oh if you're just starting to love it you're gonna have a lot of fun in the next few months. <3

Wow nice work!

Bass seems a bit out of tune but other than that I really enjoyed it. Got a nice atmosphere.

Talented as fuck. <3
circuit bending by NewYear

Marxism <3
Psychochip Ravebot by Starpilot

Most awesome indeed, good sir.

Yup, that's the stuff. :)

Most definitely the best LSDJ song I ever heard. :D How did you get the visualization in the video like this?
Acidblargh! by Starpilot

Crazy, yet intriguing. I also like the video. :)
$$$lord by wailord

>100 views in a few hours? Most unlikely. :)
Sparkling by Starpilot

Love your music! :D You don't happen to use Renoise?