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So.. I was born one day and then I played drums in a post-hardcore band for two years.. then I started making chiptunes.. now that's all I do.

если ты из россии, говори со мной пожалуйста, потому что я тоже говорю по русски и хочу заниматься разговором.

deutsch auch...
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sounds very good so far. I like how you put that layers over each other. I really felt pulled deep into that soundwall. You should give the bass some more substance afterwards and get some more noises into the tune, but I think that is just me :)

I bet that was a lot of fun

Awesome, I'm on a train going fast and this is the perfect music :)

nice, sounds good man

I do not need to tell you how awesome this loop is, do I? :)

i like the boards of canada style sound. cool stuff

I am at 0:06 ... damnit man, take my fucking like!

Sounds more like a Glomag cover, awesome :)

Thank you Ableton for Creating Bass

What sort of system is this made with? This is really. It reminds me of an updated Jill Of The Jungle (which I grew up playing as Onesimus, lol).

Hmm, pretty neat concept :). Maybe you can layer the kick and snare sounds with a deeper kick and snare on top of the ones you already have after the intro so that the drums are just as fierce sounding as the bass. Nice collection of sounds you have going on here. I also agree with Wheely. Keep at it :).

interesting stuff as always ... I would maybe put the background strings a bit back. A channel with long melodious noises would also fit in nicely into the tune

really lovely sounds here! consider it favourited!

Wow, that was awesome :D! Those must have been some weekends. That made me smile from ear to ear listening. What a great sound you have crafted :).

I like the layers ... all of 'em ... that was fantastic!

love the snare sound and the glitches and the haunting melodies ... sweet stuff man!

D'n'B has nothing to do with it, really

Hey, just wanted to let you know that your version of Merry Gentlemen is better than mine :)

Mein Penis ist steif.

We should do a collab some day, this is great ^_^

Soothing and beautiful, just the right amount of epic and wonder. the wav channel sliding in is so emphatic

sweet athmosphere ... the song title is totally fitting imo. I love how the bass hits after 3 minutes

This is fantastic man. What an interesting blend of sounds :).

this is so much ugh... i love your drumset from the very first track you posted here. what are the rest? violins are some banks/vsti i presume. and the last is LSDJ, right? you played the lsdj wav in it very skillfully.

We'll try to fix that up in the upcoming site version, sorry for all the mess

I'm not sure what breaks it :-/ I've tried shortening the URL, but it doesn't work either

Everything bad happens in Missouri just a warning.

Hey, mate! Sorry, I had to change the description of this one a bit, it was breaking the HTML of this submission page. I hope, you have nothing against it

fertig :) eigentlich, wir haben viele Leute hier aus Russland und Deutschland. das letzte mal, dass ich Deutsch gesprochen habe, war mit Wheely

ich wuerde ja noch was in der Russischen Sprache dir sagen, doch diese Seite ist immer noch nicht UTF-8, da muessen wir schon warten :)

Hmm... What software do you use, I wonder?

Sowas kann man nur als "wunderbar" bezeichnen ^_^

takes a little bit to really get into it but its sick as eff

Woah, this is rad.

This is ba dass!

loved this one at brk! ^^

I really like when the bass kicks in. Will be looking forward to the finished song :)

Holy mother. This whole thing t is pretty damn cool! If losing your keys makes you go on a rampage like that I definately wanna hear what happens when you encounter some real tragedy...

promising title, nice sounds. Really like what you are going for with this one, cannot wait to hear what you will add to it. An additional melody to the fast part would be awesome

Man I love this song so much
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273 Atropos by KOSMOPOP2

so good! badass tunes coming from russia, for sure!
Regress Commander by KOSMOPOP2

it has been too long! love this track. it's got that kosmopop groove
Rollercoaster by TRIaC


5 seconds in and you have earned a like. why is everything you do so awesome?!
King of Second Place by DYLANBROCHILL

very cool!! you need to find bandmates and go on tour. edit: yes @1:50
Epiphany by Wheely

i love this tune! great job, man.. and sweet title ;)

really loving the part after 54sec
Unwind by Wheely

definitely deserves to be #1
Unwind by Wheely

yeah seriously! great job all around! :D

quite lovely

great shot!
Unrest A-OK! by PiecesOfEight

very good and really cool! reminds me of those little rascals days
Belladonna by cr33p0ch

seconding jredd's comment. epic and scary to boot! this needs to be performed and/or set to a video, a dance, a game, or something.

very cool, gents. a great track, indeed.
Paradigm by singkongbalado

massive! digging the melodies, mate
Black Rainbow by CarnivorouS

Nexus (VGMM) by Jredd

this is the sweetness! very nice work, jredd!
Cronos by Kubbi


Trafico (WIP) by Alexpowrs

AGH i knew this was on the noichan comp.. thank god, freque posted the tracklisting.. i was going mad. great track - that hook is addicting as heck!

i'd love to go to petersburg and catch a show! one day...

i love 65daysofstatic and this is really cool! great cover, dude

the ending was great

great to see you again [on the interweb]. awesome track as always

i can't get it to play on the player, but just listened to the bandcamp - very nice, mate :)
Soul by PandasAttack

holy bass, batman! sweet stuffs

Nowhere Islands by SkipSandwichDX

fun. i really like the noise effects - reminds me of waves on a beach [hence the title?]
Gyo by TRIaC

very emotive. i like!

crazy sounds in this. nice! i recommend a snare with an env of EF or something. and though you sacrifice your WAV, the 707 and break kits are great for making dnb [assuming you are using lsdj]. great first, though!
EP Preview by roboctopus

can't wait for this to come out!
Considering by TRIaC

really cool sounds and harmonies - i love what you did with the instruments. and what a break-in that was!

this was awesome. great tune, fun story, all around good fun. will there be more in the future?
Sleet by Kubbi

nice melody, great sounds, good beats. great job!
NYX by PANDAstar

emotive as! so very cool.
Cat and Mouse by Frostbyte

diggin' the swing haha. i also like the 2-step bit. if you could get that transition tight it would be sweet.

hard stuff! i like it :D
Sunshine Cadaver by SkipSandwichDX

great stuff.. i really enjoy this, especially the gated pulses at the end

heard this on noichan.. digging the wav so much! the sounds at the end are sweet.. is that retrigger/pitch?
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