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I did this on famitracker for a friend once ;)

pretty good. it sounds accurate to me, but what do I know lol

thought i'd hate it, but i loved it

Excellent job man :).

this is really good man...believe it or not i'm also injured and depressed... i pinched a nerve in my back :( if you ever wanna talk on twitter or something i'm @unclebibby on twitter... please don't give up... i'll be prayin/crossin my fingers for ya man... really good song man, love the synths and the crunchy drums

Awesome stuff!
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Great stuff as always, Jredd!
Wibble Wobble by 0b111

I love it!

Very very cool!

Love it! "I'm a firin' mah layzar!"
Once (VRC7 Jazz/Funk) by Weirdbananas

Very cool!
Scattered by JeMappelle

Beautiful! *cry*

Fearofdark 4 Tha Win at Laser Tag!

I like this! Very very upbeat!

This is why I'm a big fan of Groovemaster303 and Jredd when they collab it up!
Sega Funk Zone by Groovemaster303

Dude! Where have you been? I've been waiting for another FM track for a while and this one does not dissappoint!
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