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old bay leaves
Jredd Hill Zone
my first chiptune
Spider dance - undertale (CrabsoundRMX)
Night Sky (Loop)
Chrono Trigger (Main Theme Cover)
Mega Man X - Password Screen
Salvation [Oneiric Remix]
dsn-12 Nesque
²¹zer0 (F-Zero Medley) [feat. Confuzed]
Clouded Thoughts
Bullet Time
Make Me Famau5
Blip Hop Loader
Kubbi - Restoration (New album announced)
Track 1 Clouds LSDJ
Robot Lullaby
untitled beat (timmy and the robot band demo)
Venus Flytraps (VRC6)
Star Light (FDS)
Laffe the Fox & Super Robotic Encounters - Eat Fireballs!
Queen - Show Must Go On (cover)
Lament of Layla
Keepers of the Talisman - Book one (The Vikings)
Take Flight (Featuring Groovemaster303)
Bird of Paradise
Solar Man (Mega Man 10 cover)
Soundcastles [Castlevania Medley] (feat. Confuzed)
knuckle joe
clock cycle murderer
just go to sleep you idiots
A Long Time Ago Tomorrow Morning
Dr. Wiley's Romantic Rights
Tripping the Light Fantastique! (rework)
Growl at the Moon
Generic Dance Crap
ain't good at titling
Imbroglio Aftermath
Laboratory No. 8
Part of my set 11.11.12 @ Squat Cafe (made in Ableton)
Monotony Cycle
Omission (Ft. Nic Cunningham)
Chapter I
Sonic Triple Trouble - Sunset Park Act 3 (Laffe the Fox Remix)
RobotSexMusic - Bacalao [by Stereo Of Buddy]
Groovitational Pull
Smoggy Sunrise
I Spill My Drink
Earthworm Facts
Powerglove (Kubbimix)
The Secret Garden
Puyo Puyo Chipmetal (FETAL AS MUCK)
Follow Me Home [New Version]
Pixel Nightmares
Fun With Laser Guns (FDS)
Azure Promise
King of my Castle (Wamdue Project cover)
X-Flies Theme (LSDJ) (effects)
Kidnap the Sandy Clawz
I Need Air (Magnetic Man Cover)
4 Repeating Chords (New Album Released)
We are Wired
First Snow
Meant To Be (WIP Mix)
Turning Point (LSDJ)
Somebody that i used to BRK
Subspace Biker Gang (feat. Confuzed) [revisited]
Song of Storms
The Final Frontier
Bring the Party Home remix
Xeromancer (feat. Zeropass)
The Vulture [Pendulum 2xAA cover]
Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
database (Check out my new album)
Hedera Helix
Planet IV (Ionosphere)
Chasing Kitsune
Comments Recieved

I think the instruments should be raised in volume a little to match the volume of the percussion in the middle of the song. That's some pretty cool percussion!!! : )

I like the zelda-ish background :)

yah ill see if i can download that stuff anyway im working on a little remix :)

the three main instruments bass guitar, square bells and strings work well together that makes it a good song i like it :) if it had gotten more intense (like if it had a sick generic trap drop and the drums got more sporadic)that would have been awesome. as it is it sounds like a chill hip hop song or something. also I'd throw in a rhythm change to 1/3 and get funky. anyway i like it. especially the strings are they snes soundfonts?

the opening is awesome, booming bass is great :D

Love that percussion.

dunno which revision of that is known to me, but I like what I hear :)

What did you use to make this??? This sounds pretty cool. You should definitely keep it going.

I like the finale the most

i did not fancy all of the drum sounds, but i really like the melody :)

finally I found time to listen to that one ...I love the sounds at the beginning, those noises are sweet ... I like how it picks up at around 40 seconds, sweet part. The percussions sound sweet, love that you are experimenting. YES, the part at 2 mins really rocks my socks. Yeah man, that is some fresh stuff from you, cannot wait for that EP.

Oh No <3 hahaha this is rad what did you use?

@Zeropass Hell yeah man, this is amazing! You've come a long way since Wake of the Zealot. :P

nice to hear something new from you :)

i am excited about this

ah yes, then it still does not support full midi import with several channels, or did you find a way to manage that?

sweet track mate, like the melodies a lot. So you are playing around with ableton, what about midi import and export? :)

I really love this! :D

I'm guessing it's not a coincidence that this track bears a lot of resemlance to Big Blue from F-Zero, considering what you've named this track? Didn't really notice it before 01:02. :P That's cool, though. Nice track, well done!

welcome back! awesome trakc keep it up!

I feel inclined to ask if you're aware that Neon Tiger's theme is already a cover?

love what you are doing. keep this up ZP...keep this up!

That's tough man, at least when I switched to logic a lot of my garageband stuff worked with it, this has a good sound to it, I would vary that droning bass though, a nice low long tone sounds cool, but when you do it a lot it loses impact, try modulating it (tremolo or filters) or varying its dynamics (overall phrasing, crescendo's and decrescendo's)

really like what you are doing here with the baseline :) I would try to work on some percussion fills with the snares here and there to make it more fluent. The instruments are pretty nice, liked them all though a high melody instrument would add a lot to that in my opinion. Anyways, sweet track!

well your not going to have an option to un-read this but when i first looked and before i read the comments I thought it really looked like a ninja coming out of the lake and is about to slice a foolish hokeys ass.

Love this energetic style! Really catchy. Around 2:14 it sounds amazing. oh, also. I saw in a comment that you heard one of my songs on the radio? You should hit me up on youtube or something, I'm really curious to who was playing my stuff :o Sorry, but I had no other way to contact you... lol

Well i have study in art school about 4 years. Now i whinking about posting my old pictures here. And, well done Zeropass, you have talent)

what are they doing?

man your sound is starting to really come together

we have to do something together again man, I loved working with you :)

@CarnivorouS: I can't see the little pencil in my submission either actually :/ hmm... Sorry for the double-post, damn submit reply on hitting enter business,haha.

@Zero: Nice to hear you changing up the mix a little :) It's pretty good overall but I think you could make it a little more exciting towards the end or just make it a tad shorter, idk, just some thoughts.

Google Chrome is the browser this site works best on, actually, so everything should be fine, in that regard. Do you see the big green (download) and the big red (like) buttons? There's a row of links underneath them. The left one looks like a little orange pencil. This is the one you can click to edit a submission of yours (which also allows for submission deletion).

I did it for you :) Next time, just click on the little pencil image, that will send you to the submission editing page. There, down the bottom, to the right, you shall find the "delete" button

lol, I'm pretty sure I remember when you first uploaded this


Who likes scratchy bass lines? I like scratchy bass lines.

yes, i really enjoy this one dude.

the new percussion sounds fit nicely to your style and I have to agree with Rekua, your bass sounds awesome meanwhile ... your "sound" is really coming along!

That Bassy lead is AMAZING! Really epic feel to this

:) ... I really like how you evolved during the last year

I like the intro in that one a lot ... sweet tune with that Zeropass chill in it

really enjoyed it !!! :D

Great! I'm looking forward to collaborating with you again.

Zeropass = pure melancholy ... I love it :)

I like the track... What I don't like is that it all sounds like it's being played in a small room. You have obviously used reverberation. Probably, too much :-/

I dont think so! The Drums stick out, they become something special! Nice Rythm!

I get that. That's like what I'm doing. Just writing whatever comes out as practice, writing whatever in order to get more comfortable with my programs.

You and your sick snares! I really like this one. I wish it was a little longer and more complex, but I understand since you didn't have much time for it. Maybe you should go back to it when you've got time?

Sweet as always man ... the structure in that one is superb!

Nice work... Aw god, youre good. I mostly submit crap to weeklybeats xD but nicwe work man!

I like this! I'm not a fan of your "hollow sounding" snare drum though. Or I would like to hear you using a different for this piece atleast :) This is just my silly opinion and something that I have been thinking about while listening to some of your other stuff.

I like it! Props for getting something in to weeklybeats, too. I forgot it existed after week one. :/

Wow, it's really looking good :D

Holy shit that is good, im just submitting crappy weekwork...
Comments Given
Noir by Liddy

make more music nerd

my first chiptune by SnarlyDawg

It's awesome , I'm interested to know how you made it

I really like it too. Nice work!
Chrono Trigger (Main Theme Cover) by SpacemanFantastiques

dayummm man. this is rad.
Can't by gotoandplay

super chill, if thats what you were going for , then you nailed it
Black Light by twistboy

after the first drums came in, i downloaded it. lol

This song is fun man. I know compositionally it certainly has a "wheely vibe", but it feels somehow a little different. I REALLY like the 2:00 stuff, Bravo dude. keep it up
Frozen | Machinery by XenonOdyssey

i like you and the things you do
dsn-12 Nesque by drexegar

I feel like this song could be in an earthbound game, in like.. a dance club.. lol
dsn-12 Nesque by drexegar

hahaha. i love the melody a lot!
Born-day by aaronparsons

pretty good. it sounds accurate to me, but what do I know lol
Starflight by Aquellex

the drums stand out to me a lot, But I also appreciate all the instruments I'm hearing, none of them sound bad at all. I enjoy how the composition gets progressively more complicated and doesn't get stale.
synthister by raptorface

you have no idea how happy it makes me to see you posting stuff here.

covering my fav track of all time i see. Fantastic job! downloaded

Baller track. I don't see anything wrong with it.

crazy inspiring

yeah! it has been too long kubbi!
DRIZZLE by skinnyhead

perfect atmosphere for the name imo. very enjoy
Thump by Gigglesplat

love it. simple.. catchy.. awesome
until we meet by AlexOgre

you've come a long way man
Track 1 Clouds LSDJ by KidultCalcium

Robot Lullaby by RadicalPresident

pretty chill, i enjoy the melodies. The instruments also fit well.

Thats good advice Wheely, I plan on indeed spending more time listening and commenting on uC
Restless by VCMG

glad i ran accross this on the radio... added to ym library for sure.

Wheely! You can't leave bro! I am coming back, I swear it. You're like my main dude from 8bc, you gotta stick around! xD

I understand if you gotta do your own thing, but take it from a person who has taken a hiatus... If you really enjoy doing this stuff, stick with it man! I also agree that this site is very well constructed. I think the more we use it and share our stuff on it, the bigger uC will get.

Lastly, this track is awesome! Still getting better and better after all this time. I feel like the structure of this song shines above the rest of your stuff. It flows really well!!

this is super chill. I love it
Paprika by Kommisar

lol.. song is awesome! I still listen to a few of your older tracks I swiped off 8bc. and I LOVE this description..
Lament of Layla by 3ndymion

Changing the songs key may have been an option for making it sound more sad. Some keys are downright dreary. I like the composition though, You change it up enough for a sad song imo. The arpeggiating notes remind me of cave story in the beginning.
knuckle joe by Ikasam

sweeet stuff!

this song seems to scare my dog, and for that- I very much like it.

this is rad, nice work.
Dr. Wiley's Romantic Rights by SpacemanFantastiques

Nice work, I enjoyed it.

Yeah I remember this- I never noticed before, but it sounds like it belongs in cave story, which is a really good thing. Nice work man
Growl at the Moon by regol3th

pretty deep. it sounds amazing.

swweeeet track
Imbroglio Aftermath by 8bitApostle

dem drums
Laboratory No. 8 by FotonCat

this has a really cool vibe. nice panning work as well.

this is enjoyable to say the least =)

i really like that tremolo on the lead.
12 by BOOSH

I really like the part at 1:60, fantastic. All-around very interesting.

this track is fantastic, downloaded. I love the eerie vibe, and that guitar almost brings me to tears.
Epiphany by Wheely

Lol, you did a lot of really cool stuff in this one. If I ever make a video game, I am going to have to ask you if I can use this for one of the stages.
Unwind by Wheely

one of a kind. =)

stumbled upon this again today. we really should do more collaborations. We work well together.
Novem by gsmith

this one is pretty smooth. pleasing sounds and everything. Nice
Polypathy by gsmith

thats pretty heavy. I'm sure the kick is a hit at shows right?
Deep by Wheely

The style is very pleasing to me.

not familiar with the original, but this is sweet.

This is pretty legit. You did a great job man

great sound!

dude, this is gold. GOLD

Awesome track.

Oh this hobby of ours can be so frustrating. Hang in there man. I kinda feel like doing some absurd challenge, like... a song every day for a month or something. Maybe we could get some people together to do something like that to get us out of these funks. I like the track too =)
Machinery by Kubbi

makes no sense. can you make nothing bad?
We are Wired by Kubbi

i dont understadn how every track is amazing
PewPewPew by Kubbi

I'mma buy all your albums for ten hundred dollars each. xD music is so good!
First Snow by RebootMe

killer beatz. the name fits perfectly.
Paracet by Kubbi

yeah, triple comment... thats how good this song is. i feel like i owe u 10$ for downloading it lol
Paracet by Kubbi

I take it back... the 2:50 area sounds better than any deadmou5 i've ever heard.
Paracet by Kubbi

not sur.e.. how this got so overlooked.. this is like... deadmou5 to me. legit. downloaded.. this is fucking awesome.

that snare/bass combo... and those smooth transition melodies.. wow nice work

this is super legit.

this is sick.
Stompin' by Dos

pretty heavy. I like it.
Event by MaskedEpsilon

almost has a classical music vibe, pretty cool.
Chocolate by MegaFlare

1:45 is killllllllleerrrr
The Set Up by Dropbit

is that an ipad? what app? looks very useful

at a glance, it looks as if the girls are the controllers. and then the button placement lol.
Rolling Roc by SpacemanFantastiques

its pretty short and sweet, but I like it. I think it's a quick synopsis of yourself.
The Final Frontier by RadicalPresident

epic as hell.
Hedera Helix by woahfox

Hey man, thanks for the comment on the track. I just wanted to clarify, I heard your song on the uCollective radio. If you mouse-over "Audio" it expands out. It basically plays random songs on the site, pretty cool feature.
MSX Art by Dos

love the contrast of bright light and darkness.

dude.. this track rules and I'm jealous

We need to do another collab soon. I think our contrasting idea's do a good job of inspiring each other.
Hedera Helix by woahfox

Heard this on the radio, this track is swweeeet. It repeats a lot, but I don't care because it's very pleasing. Nice work.
orion by raptorface

I still listen to a lot of your old stuff that I snagged off 8bc. Gotta say I love your style man. It's very unique imo.. You blend things together well.

reminds me of that song from space jam.

well its baller, so all is forgiven.
Dench by KidFlyaway

Pretty solid man. I am digging it. Much much better than what I am capable of with this little DMG of mine! =)
until we meet by AlexOgre

songs like this make me feel like ucollective will replace and surpass 8bc =)

epic epic epic. I feel like this song should be in cave story.
Restless by VCMG

I need to take some LSDJ lessons from you.

Seriously Kubbi, when I get back into making music.. you are who I will strive to be like. Only you and Freque.
Longing by SpacemanFantastiques

dude.. come on. you can't be dominating this much.. I guess i need to put my A game on again real soon if I am too try to keep up with you my talented musical brother. I think the NY experience is doing wonders for your art.

your a god
Chasing Kitsune by Solarbear

so skill.
drops by bryface

I don't know how you did this with korg, but your good.
drops by bryface

I normally HATE reggae, but in the chip genre, it is somehow listenable... This track is also really solid. I don't have anything at all to critique it.. It is probably just above my level. Also, the 2nd half of this track really expands on the melodies in an awesome way.

It's a little repetitive (for my taste), but I really enjoy all of the individual sounds, and all of the levels seem to be right. Nice work here man.
Debilitating Zen by CarnivorouS

Also, welcome to the site HK, It's great to see you online again, and making music =)
Debilitating Zen by CarnivorouS

This is a little different than your other stuff compositionally. Personally, I like the change.
white trash by Voretx

Wow, very interesting soundscape. I love the high notes. the low notes are also sick. The vibrato notes! agh, you are talented. Can I be a honkie now?

To me it sounds like.. a classical song remade in chip. Nice job!

This is awesome man, big improvements here! I can feel the song pulling me into it's emotion, it's fantastic!

nice job man
Song10 by Ayu

I really like the uplifting feel of the song. If you wanted to take it up a notch, I think it may sound good if you add in a bumping bass at some point.

wheely, seriously dude... you need to just get a big compilation of your work, and then submit it to some one who is making a space shooter game.

Oh you record each channel separate, thats an intelligent Idea. I will have to do that. =) Thanks

Ya the end has a really dark and gritty feel which is awesome. I have to compliment your chip drums. I love em, very nice work on that noise channel. I also am wondering, what program do you use to record your LSDJ stuff?

Is that a phone over there on the left? Do you hook that up to the gameboys?

Well, I said in the comment that you're song feels like a boat ride... in which I am cruising along, and there is a nice subtle evolution, as if I were checking out scenery and feeling happy about it all. But I would suggest giving this "boat ride" events. Like imagine if the song portrayed the boat getting hit by a tidal wave, and then struggling through the rocky aftermath, but then coming out ok at the end with a feeling of triumph, and experience. All I'm saying is that a song that portrays "events" tends to be more memorable

This is just killer. Downloaded.

I really like the talking instrument. I really like the higher melody that comes in just before the 2nd half of the song too. I think you could have maybe brought it in earlier. Wow, the instrument that you bring in reminds me of mario RPG lol, which is awesome. Overall, I'd say this song's mixing and overall sound is really good. Nothing really bothers me at all. If you wanted to take it up a notch, it just needs something that makes people remember it. I personally think the easiest way to accomplish that is by having very powerfull/emotionally impacting segments. Now keep in mind, I only say this because you welcome CC. But the over-all "vibe" of this track is rather melancholy. It is likely that it feels that way because the instruments in the background of the track don't change a whole lot.. and so I kind of feel like I am just casually cruising on a boat, and looking around with a relatively happy feeling., which is great, if thats the kind of song you are going for. But I gues
Monday Afternoon Mods. by defiantsystems

are those buttons mods? they are sweet.
Test image by 2xAA

good quality photo lol.
Welcome to Saturn Valley by SkipSandwichDX

Welcome to the party!
Rising by VCMG

holy hell this is good. I need some one like you to chat with on the regular, because I am going to need a lot o LSDJ tips soon. xD
The Arrival by Wheely

Glad to see you made it to the site Wheely! This track is killer man.
chiptously by Gampoy

Dude, you made this in 40 minutes? Thats not bad. I am impressed with your LSDJ skills. I just got a DMG, and hopefully this week I will be making my first LSDJ track. Also, we are both still keeping up with the weekly beats challenge, so congrats on that as well =)
Once a New by 2xAA

Really digging the 2nd half.
AceSpaceface (LSDJ) by KidultCalcium

Awesome track man. I realize now that I have a lot to learn on LSDJ =)
We Are One by Tetrasaurus

very nice
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