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Whoa what kinda case do you have on the right one?

I'm not always into LSDJ dance tracks but this is pretty impressive. :)

Bit too glitchy for me :[, but I love the core sounds.

This is quite interesting :).


i love how bootleg these look i want one

But in general, good job! Some really interesting stuff here. I hope I didn't sound overly harsh or anything, I really do like this song.

At about 1:33 the snare drum seems to be in the wrong place, it might be intentional but it feels kind of weird tbh There's a couple of weird-sounding chords in the ending section, not sure if it's the voicings or if you just picked some interesting notes for the melody.

The song sounds muddy, maybe you turned up the bass EQ too much?

That's some hot shit dude. So Jealous.

thats bad ass i got a new 1 coming in i love moding them my self :) that blue one is cute

DUDE Wtf did you smoke this is awesome<3

I agree with blackly, needs some rougher bass sound and a bit more energy. Liven up the drums a bit

I think you need more wobbles! But keep it up, good work!

Lovely attention to detail in the intro, I think when the main melody comes I would of used a different instrument, more sawtoothy but that's just me! The build up is very sick :D The drop was slightly disappointing mainly because of the lack of variation in the instruments, it sounds like it was tracked very well though! You get my favourite :3

Your music is quite interesting! Where is your album at? I'd like to listen to it :).

That's pretty awesome. I am going to see if you have anything else posted up here :).
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Adept by JeMappelle

ughhhh i love those tones
NEW GAME GURL :) by Dropbit

If you figure out how to make pressure sensitive light please tell me! :D

Ha! Interesting, I didn't know you could transfer data from the Pokemon games to one another like that =p
Stuff by DuatigaAttack


Hahaha, NICE
Indolence by Kubbi

Brilliant <3
Dench by KidFlyaway

Woah! I'm loving this!

Bleepbloop carts O.O quite the collection :o
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