joined on Sunday 25th of March 2012
Audio Favourites
Not Afraid (Pokemon Dark Cave Remix)
dsn-12 Nesque
Walk Around The Puzzle Block (Chiptunes = Win Volume 3)
1 Bit Shine (Tritone)
Avancerad Häst - Night Vision (New album out!!)
Funk Blaster (Sega Genesis)
Laffe the Fox - Anthropomorphic Resort (Tropical Resort Act 1-3 from Sonic Color
clean up
Jredd & Groovemaster303 - FM Underground Radio Preview
New Super Mario Bros. U - Peach's Castle: Bowser Fight 2 ("CV: Dracula X" Arr.)
Welcome to Mollypops (kingdom?)!
Chunky (super chocolate) brownies
Junglewood entity
The King's Chamber (Feat. Groovemaster303 & Tudd)
High Score
Wibble Wobble
Laffe the Fox - Breaks are Hard to Catch
CHICKENANDROFLS & Laffe the Fox - Hang in There, Kid (CHICKENANDROFLS Cover)
Toxic Canyon Zone
City Shift (Featuring MBtech)
Ice Mountain (Sonic Advance)
Hotpantz Romanze
Lovesickness [2a03]
Keep The Soul(Feat. Jredd, MuteKi, MBTech)
All of the things, All of the time
Retropolis (Feat. Groovemaster303)
Retro Bounce (Featuring Groovemaster303)
Yousuke Yasui - Extermination (PB RMX)
Kubbi - Restoration (New album announced)
Splat File
Last Christmas (feat. グミ)
Kanto Wild Pokemon!
Retro Obscura Podcast Theme "Follin's March" (Featuring Aaron Hickman)
Avril 14th [Famitracker]
Invader (Radio Edit)
slow__hi (LGPT)
Mario Sports Mix: Toad Park ("Animaniacs (SNES Version)" Arrangement)
The last V8 (cover)
for blood (2010)
An UncleBibby Christmas (feat. Sandro Petrillo)
Laffe the Fox - Dancing to Bullets
Koi wa CHAOS no Shimobenari (Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W OP)
DBOYD x Kommisar - Interstellar Retribution
Color Dungeon
Ripe Seeds (from Belmont's Revenge)
Special features, yes?
Big ol' Sassy River
cirno (2A03)
Last Tile 海底撈月
Meridian Dance (cover)
Bus 65 (2014 version)
[FM8] Space Jackknife
Super Quality Series Track 2 ~ I Wub Robot Invasions (SNES))
Clockwork (3xlsdj)
Moonlit Looming
Piccolo's Theme (Sega Chip Hop Mix)
Memories of Green (Chrono Trigger Cover)
Full Throttle (YM2612)
Thought Life
sunshine. for a lonely heart.
Tropical Bounce (2a03)
Southern Express Outbound
Sawblade Precipice
ShrineG [Turn up volume for full experience]
Airman (Hang Time RMX)
Cyber Punk Turbo (Featuring Groovemaster303)
Game & Wario - Kung Fu - Main Theme ("Five Trials") (I.G. Arr.)
Stardust Speedway Past [FM]
Divine Wings
Warmth and Kindness (Professor Layton cover)
Laffe the Fox & Zalza - Cats Don't Play Video Games
Forboding Fortress (Sega Genesis)
Giga Snap (Sega Genesis)
SR388 (Metroid 2)
Forever Online (Album Teaser)
Roboctopus - Can't Have the Sandwich if you Ain't Got the Jelly (remix)
Missile Command
Death Harbor (Castlevania Adventure and GG Shinobi)
Volcanic Rush (Sega Genesis)
Overdrive Oasis (Neo Geo)
Back to basics BITCH!
pneumatic gummi stamper
Face the Unknown
Star Tropics Cave (Jredd Funk Mix)
Stope bein a fanny
bury me under an ugly rock in the forest
Knights of the Round - Village on Fire (2A03 Famitracker)
Pinball Palace
Limitless Cherry Blossoms On Glass Hills (Featuring Groovemaster303 and rayjkayj
Before the Sunken Palace (YM2612)
The Mysterious Mansion
i wanna fuck the moon
Can't Have the Fish if you Ain't Got the Jelly (New EP out!)
The Ballad of El Gohque
Expander (streets of rage 2)
Ignite The Flow (Featuring Rob, Groovemaster303, CosmoBG, Dropbit, and Toni Leys
V-Axys & Laffe the Fox - Bright Sky Dark Space
Frost* - Black Light Machine (Cover)
ABBA - Mama Mia (cover)
Kinetic Ignition
fragile aching shade of the children's summer
After a While, Pedophile! (Booth's Song)
snesei - trinity ( barbeque's pudding pal remix) LGPT
Superheroboy feat. Laffe the Fox - Personal Planet
xyce xyce Baby
encounter (lsdj+logic/usb-boy demo)
Super Mario 64 Theme
Enchanted Forrest (Sega Genesis)
Lament of Layla
Queen - Show Must Go On (cover)
Rainy Rain
Bounce (Feat Jredd)
Subconscience (prog. trance)
GB style track WIP DS-10
The Underground Zone
Laffe the Fox & Super Robotic Encounters - Eat Fireballs!
Take Flight (Featuring Groovemaster303)
Flange Monkey
Swingy Chaos
Flute Room (YM2612 Cover)
Perfume - Electro World (cover)
be safe, gurl ft. the one electronic (LGPT)
Chunks of Velvet Moss
Korg Ds-10 dual mode Stencil (Tobal 2 Inspired)
frozen lips
Bad Situation (from CV: Portrait of Ruin)
Vampire Killer (Korg M01D cover)
Purple Mist in the Moonlit Night (Z80+band)
Zora's Domain (cover)
windy morning
Daft Punk - Within
Trisqularinine Chromatherapy (Chipsound + Live Clarinet)
NO OD Pt 2
A New Beginning (Sega Saturn)
Windup Molasses
Stardriver vs. Kommisar - Caduceus
DudeQuest OST!
Angel of death (slayer cover)
Proof of Blood (from Circle of the Moon)
Serenade yo Gurl (FT robugaa & Toni Leys)
Dragon Fist of Rage!(Feat Jredd)
Laffe the Fox - Left Alone in Outer Space
Beauty (Love) Chaos
See You Later, Emaciator!
The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Deku Tree Theme (DMG-01 Cover)
Rainforest Metro Cue
Theme from GC9X Podcast
Lila in the sun
Galactic Smash (Featuring Toni Leys)
Cruel Angel's Thesis (Atari ST)
The Biggest Mistake You'll Ever Make
Yours to keep (experiment, lsdj guitar, opium)
Slayer - Raining Blood (YM2612)
Divided Singularity (Internet Explorer Anime theme) WIP
Ys III - Valestine Castle (2x LSDJ)
cheap tobacco (LGPT + VOCALS)
Lazer Fist (2A03)
Dreams (LoZ Fairy's Theme)
A Pinch Of Funk (feat. Jredd)
Rainbow Blade (VRC6)
Misirlou sketch
indie fuckboy (LGPT)
The Tornado Flies Again
OH! (2A03+N163 cover)
Banana Warlock.it
dr who theme cover for critical hit cocktails
Suspended Craving (VRC7 Jazz/Funk)
Smells Like Weird Bananas
MAG Finale [WIP]
Semblance Dance
i can't breathe (LGPT)
The Masterplan
Sister, Friend, Lover (Nyaruko-san W ED 4) [Namco163]
Do You Know Who You Are? (cover)
helloween megaROM mix
Theme of Win RL Stine's Money
Chip Hop (With Lyrics)
Artificial Creativity
Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor (Weird Bananas Remix)
Hearthopper (Twin Pricks cover)
CHICKENANDROFLS & Laffe the Fox - Space Port Bravo
This is Halloween Cover Thing
AciDnB - Epic [Single,BTT006]
On Three
Ultraviolet (Vince Kaichan Remix)
Glass Hills (Sega Genesis)
Laffe the Fox - Circus Fox
Unleash The Beast (Sega Genesis Metal)
Snowy Haired Reaper Girl
Bad Lag Bedlam (feat. Jacob Cooke)
Metal Drive (Featuring Peter Orzell)
Gejmbåj (2A03+N163 cover)
Something New
The Climb (Genesis)
FM Portable Live
Retroboytimo Tribute (FNE RMX)
Laffe the Fox - The Frozen Train (Monster Tale Cover)
Sand Castles
Vector Nova Mega Mix
Acidjazzed Evening (2A03)
TikTok (Ke£ha cover, lol)
Ingenting Försvinner, Allting Sprider Sig
Love Gimmick #5
Machine Killer
Attrakt Möd
Hyper Drive Bassline
Gang of Heroic Souls (Sega Genesis)
Dr. Eccentrik
Stickerbrush Symphony, Genesis Style
All You Want
Chemical Wasted
Native Forest Spirits
Unreeeal Superhero 3 (2x Spectrum AY)
Furby's Synthesis (SNES)
Valiant Aces (Sega Genesis)
Neon Star Field (Game Gear)
Bad Apple!! chipbreak remix (jumpin on dat bandwagon)
Heroes of our Age (feat. Potentialing)
Vector Nega The Last Boss (Sega Genesis)
Aegis of iliad (.xm)
Lost Jungle
Angelic Anemone
Power-FM - 2 unlimited no limit (Cover)
Arnold Schwarzaneggar Fights the U.N. Squadron(FT Rob)
Du Vill Så Du Kan (lsdj reggae loop (svenska akademien)) + lsdsng
Club Clover (Featuring Groovemaster303)
Metallica - Master of Puppets (SGEN)
Hexen Heart
Inotia 3 Mille Feuille Remix
Case Portman - StarCade (feat. Laffe the Fox)
Summer? More like Purgatory
Onslaught 2612
Trouble Take
Don't Forget Happiness
The Last of our Kind
Lost Woods (LoZ:Ocarina of Time cover)
Polyester (Feat. Peter Andersen)
Smooth Shore (Featuring Rob) Sega Genesis
Strong Independent Hermaphrodite!
An Escape
Sea Battles In Space
SuperStare (2A03)
Microbeings (FDS)
Roots Recca
Dr. Wiley's Romantic Rights
Fairest Wheel
1 Bit Messiah (Belmont's Revenge Remix)
We Have a Man Down
4 Short Ostinato Soundscapes
shitty club II
Star alchemist
Hang Six
Something is Amiss, Pt. 1
Tribute to Chris Hooper
Password Screen (SPC700)
Cave Story Theme (GB Remake)
what remains
Loop from Itchy Butt
New song preview (Atari ST)
Dodgy Traits
Skrillex - Voltage (Monotron Dirty Rom Remix)
Skank & Shake ft MC Carlito Blacks
1 Bit Body Puncher
Curse of the Heavens
Tripping the Light Fantastique! (rework)
Ikasam . I Cant Mega Man Ok? (You're Beautiful When I'm Drunk)
Sky Bus For Hire
Delta Wing - Aircraft Selection
FM Portable, Staff Roll
Dinosaurs - Live @ BRK'13 [ CLIPCORE ]
1 Bit Boss
The Day the Sun Exploded (Atari Pokey x2)
Extends Levant
Killswitch ~ Neurotype's Theme
ain't good at titling
Imbroglio Aftermath
Chemical Plant Zone (sonic 2)
Tomb Of Doom
Ninja Poop
Le CouCou (Cover)
Continue? SMS
Dark World
Prom Fight (Chiptunes = Win Volume 2)
hello there
Quite scream
umbrella on the balcony (slow lsdj dub/reggae)
Out of Sight, Into the Mind
Power-FM Test (Little Man Feat. Thomas Canell )
Death By Strobe Lights
Plasma Shuriken (Sega Genesis)
Alex's Dream Land
Andy Bot Loop #5
knuckle joe
Corn Dogs
Shattered Ice(Ft.Jredd)
thirft shop (PISS SPEARS & Friends: "MACKLECORE: Sounds Like R. Kelly's Beats")
Back in the Basement
Skycstls - Shatter (Laffe the Fox Remix)
Drag me here
Cosmo Bounce
Club Sega (Feat Jredd & OtakuMode)
No Limits (SNES Rock Mix)
Power-FM Test (Final Blow Feat. Thomas Canell )
White (Backslash REMIX)
Past The Green Hills (Sega MD)
Andy's Title Screen
Jordan Jam (demo)
Mighty Metro City (SNES)
Vanish Into The Blue Night (YM2612)
Feline Aesthetics
Acid Trex (Featuring Groovemaster303)
clock cycle murderer
A Long Time Ago Tomorrow Morning
Galaxy Madness
Alpha - Kayasa OST
Power-FM Test (old crap)
Choas Theory
Julometer (Choose Your Destiny)
Results Boogey!!!
Funk Selector
Ms Foster (Feat Thomas Canell Peter Andersen)
DarkEdge (Overworld Theme)
Zangief Dance Mix
Way of the West
Toxic Tree
Nimble The Spinycat
Dr. Robotnik - Green Valley Zone Boss
Generic Nineties Badass
Game of Thrones Theme Remix (WIP)
At The Gate to the Afterlife (YM2612)
Tragedy and the Mind (YM2612)
Green Valley Zone (WIP)
Alpha // Cover - WIP
Battle Clash (Sega Genesis)
Troy McClure [LGPT]
Mr. Lenix & Laffe the Fox - Boring Action
Transparent Heart
World of Reality
Jovial Love
Lavatory Party
Sea shore shuffle(Ft Rob Jredd)
Ready To Fight - Super Street Fighter II Staff Roll Theme - Arranged(ModPlug)
Hyper Drive
Crystal Vortex (Feat Jredd)
Laffe the Fox feat. CHICKENANDROFLS - Undecisions
Panning Test --- Power-FM (Featuring Peter Andersen)
Set Sail
Kingdom of endless dreams
Face the dragon(Ft Jredd Groovemaster303
Vitamin B12
Sly Fox (Featuring Rob)
Airwolf (Cover) Power FM
Biodigital Jazz, Man
Runnin' Through Castles
GRANNY BASHER (Album Preview)
Eleven Doorways
Space Jungle Funk(Featuring Groovemaster303 & Jredd)
brock lesnar
Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden)
DeadBug BedBug (korg DS-10 Plus)
Mushroom Maddness (New Super Mario Brothers Remix)
Groove Selector (Featuring Groovemaster303 and Rob)
Groove Selector (Act 2)
New song
Funk Mode Stage Clear (Featuring Groovemaster303 and Otakumode)
Laffe the Fox - Apathetic Theme
Sega Heart (Featuring Robugaa)
Chunk Pulse (Feat. Groovemaster and Jredd)
(303ɹǝʇsɐɯǝʌooɹb puɐ ppǝɹظ ʇɟ) sןooɟ sןnoɥb
Celestial Bodies
Marmalade (´・ω・`)
Sonic Triple Trouble - Sunset Park Act 3 (Laffe the Fox Remix)
The Wil To Fight
A Steady Decline (After the Burial cover)
dunx hunx
Battle Sphinx Neo (VGM Music Maker)
Fire At Will (Sega Genesis Trance)
Back Off!(Nu Metal Parody)
Slack-Jawed (ft. Skip Sandwich DX)
Love Lock Down Cover
RedBull Turns Depression Into Intense Dance Moves And Violence
Sad Candy Apples
If Raindrops Glowed
Some Dealings With The Office of Magic (LSDj)
Sunset, Beach and Scrolling Text
Apocynthion Drive (FDS)
A Compo Of Epic Proportions (Atari Pokey)
Dark Bounce Caverns (Sega Genesis)
ombres (.mod)
I'll be waiting for you in the jungles!
Far Away
The theme of Dustin Wyatt
Jade Hills Credits Theme (Sega Genesis)
Rocket Park
We Are
The Way
Sometimes I cry in your ice cream
Wrong Kind Of Tea (mad lsdj bounce bop tune)
Green Tea (WC8)
CHICKENANDROFLS feat. Laffe the Fox - The Doomsday Zone (Sonic & Knuckles Cover)
NUSD - Dont let me go
Set Square Dance
Bailando En Calcetines
Rigor Mortis
1 Bit n' Bass
Last Summer
Versa Versa (NES, 2A03)
When Sudoku Gets Serious (ZX Beeper, Savage)
Outrun Passing Breeze Opl3 Standar Midi-Driver
Amber Tavern (Sega Genesis)
One Hour One (SMD)
Cosmo warrior (1x LSDJ)
Dimmed-down Time
Teh Last Troll
One With The Chips of Yesterday and Today (SNES)
Work Sucks [Ska]
Masked Stranger's Waltz in C Phrygian (unfinished)
Russian Winter
Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily Stage 1 (Laffe the Fox Remix)
Untitled Bouncy Track (Name Suggestions?)
Azure Promise
Hysteria (Muse cover)
Surfing on lo-fi waves
Pumpkin Seed
Snow-Coated Suburbs
Twin Jupiter (SNES)
Fun With Laser Guns (FDS)
The Zerro Feild (arpeggio madness version) Opl3 (Peter Andersen)
I Need Air (Magnetic Man Cover)
Gold Fist Zone (Sega Genesis)
Frozen Sea Side
I Went To Space Castle
the brilliant open ruinous world of little flying things
Storm of the Dark Moon (Feat. Groovemaster303 Dropbit)
A Quest To Nowhere
Castle Of Shards (Sega Genesis)
Blu Ska (Sega Genesis)
The Invisibles new jam
Riviera ~ Encounter (Chip remix)
You Can't Beat the Light
Death Spark
DiscoDeathBall (WIP)
If We Don't Make It (extended jam version)
Not Enough Time
Big Neon Blue Tiger
Limitless (303 Reason Mix
Abnormal Disturbance Detected
DaXShock - Yogurt Yard Forest (feat. Laffe the Fox)
Turning Point (LSDJ)
KlatMix (Peter A and Peter J) Opl3
Meant To Be (WIP Mix)
Eindbaas Chipmas (Atari STe)
Final day of 2012
A Banana for Priority
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [DnB Mix]
Perfect Stranger (Sax Cover)
Brains Town (DSR-2000)
pow0rup v6 (GRobin opening theme)
In Spirit We never get old - opl3 (part II)
Polar Bear Rides
Nakedupsidedown ft. Kitty On My Head - Sphynx
Hypnotic Arabian Mystery
Elin Går Hem (sweet lsdj tune)
Firecracker (2A03)
Ice Queen (YM2612)
Mr.lenix & Laffe the Fox - Brain Damage
Sphere, Cube and Cone - Feel the Geometry!
Opportunist Waltz (w/ Music Video)
Raccoon Flicka
DM1 Drum Machine App + LSDJ Jam Session
AciDnB - A.C.I.D.
The Separation of Church and Skate (NOFX Cover)
Donkey Kong Land - Kremlantis (Laffe the Fox Remix)
Kerosene Tryptodream
Limitless (Sega Genesis)
Test Score (music by T.canell)
Tidal Bout (New EP out!)
Lufia The Ruins of Lore Floor Master Battle 8bit
Me halutaan olla neekereitä (hardcore remix)
I inc.
Cruise Control Malfunction (MKC x kfaraday)
Pathetique 1st Movement NES
Malstorm Laffe the Fox - Dark World (Zelda A Link to the Past Cover)
Bad Apple (Sega Remix)
Lucid Dreams
AciDnB - Gangsta boogie
how to be cat (1xLSDj)
That's fackin' hardcore
Malstorm Laffe the Fox - Death Mountain (Zelda A Link to the Past Cover)
Old Friends (2012)
Blip Hop Loader
Rolling Roc
Laboratory No. 8
Too Many Giant Robots, Not Enough Pilots
Jade Hills
Land, Air, and Sea
Laffe the Fox - Hot Head Bop (Donkey Kong Country 2)
Disco Train
Möbius Acid
Jeca Analogue
Beyond (VGMM Metal)
Equinoxe 7 - JMJ - Cover. Unfinished Ym2149 Emu. Version
Fear Factory - (Dystopia Rendition)
Sega Funk Zone
Reckless System (Master System/Game Gear)
My Dark Laboratory
Antipop (Primus Cover)
Lava Cavern (KinGSlasHOST)
Bound to Nothing
Gangnam Style
Perfect World (Ver3) (YM2612)
Echiptian Swaggah
Preschtale, Part 2
The Final Frontier
VCMG - Escape [Facepalm Version]
Black Rainbow
Vitamin Song (LGPT - Vocals)
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Blacktop Dragon
Duffy Flight WIP (3 piece band and LSDJ)
Eraser to Erase Her
Good Cop Bad Cop (Prom Queen cover)
Unrest A-OK!
dizzy lizzy
Maailmankuvaharha (Ver2) (YM2612)
Hatin and Flakin
Swan Lake
Eons of Convergence (Collaboration with Fuxter)
Last Save Loaded (intro theme)
First Attempt 2012 (OPL3) unfinish C.C. wanted
In a line of fire 1999 XG Version
Red Gateway
Drifting to Dreamland
Anatomy of a Future Thought
F-Zero Inspired LSDJ
Traveling Star Systems
Shofu 2
Invader (WIP-teaser)
Underwater on the Moon
Latino Sango
Aren't We All Running (65daysofstatic Cover)
Buttrape in Disneyland v2
Starships (Nicki Minaj)
Perdition Crisis
Powerglove (Kubbimix)
HEALTHY CHILLUN - The Story of the Lil Cigg
Different Place
The Secret Garden
Earthworm Facts
Stray Temple
Mystics Ascent
Lux Aeterna
Arle gets raped on the way to Tim Hortons
AlexOgre - Plush Your Mind (Balloonbear LSDJ remix)
Last Breath VIP
Fleshcraft of the B'wana Beast
Pulse Wave Dancin
Gilded Cage (Noichan LSDJ Showdown)
nq\skrju - lera
Right here
Corrosion City
The Walls Became the World (New EP out!)
Cartridge (Read Description)
Caramel Dansen cover
last christmas (LSDJ cover)
Plastic Duck Doll (LSDJ)
hashtag catcrew
Svendsviner (OPL3)
Nowhere Islands
I Do Not Like Zebras Hanging up the Phone
Chasing Kitsune
Finish AT Last (Opl3)
I Lost My Keys
Whatever I do
Gutter Fairyz
IIII (WIP track)
Fwd March
Anthology of the Perverse Strings
The way home
This is my Light
Sentiment of the Soulless
Hamburger Man (guitar vocals story)
In A Line Of Fire
Rose-Tinted Glasses
Bottle-Nosed Rubberneck
Merchants Den (VGM Music Maker)
Crystal Breaks
Planet III (Mesosphere)
New Beginnings Past Old Endings, or How I Learned to Love Life
All Out of Bubblegum
56,000 Shining Suns
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===========-*&%$ WHO'S LISTENING IN 2016??? $%&*-===========

(Raises hand) XD :D XD

So did you stay true to your old complaint & abandon this place??? If you did, come on back again, eh??? : )

This song is fun man. I know compositionally it certainly has a "wheely vibe", but it feels somehow a little different. I REALLY like the 2:00 stuff, Bravo dude. keep it up

Little advice, keep away from the default FLStudio sounds and drums. ;)

covering my fav track of all time i see. Fantastic job! downloaded

Ha ha fantastic. I heard this in WIP form, I'm glad you were able to finish it :).

super classy. Not a whole lot of humanity to the instrumentation but very good overall. i like the opening and i love the drums and sounds you chose. maybe add some automation of instrument attributes if you wanna add some texture to it (the melodic instruments sound sort of sterile) and the transition into the third part could be a little smoother/slower/more gradual but other than that i think this is really really good

Insta-like man :). Heard this one on soundcloud. It's great :).

It is really great Whelly, and it is nice to see(hear) you here again :)

the bass has a atari VCS/2600 feel, or even a atari pokey feel to it, which I like :) The strings chord stabs are well placed too.

I always appreciate your gritty tones and hard hitting beats. You guys make a great team. Well done once again :D.

Love that hard hitting bass. You put together some really good stuff man.

Freaken awesome man. The music from Mega Man 2 is some of my favorite music of all time. This was one of my 1st Nintendo when I was younger.

That grinding instrument sounds straight out of a Gameboy. This sounds very clean & well mastered. Makes me jealous. Nice job on this.

Dude!!! This is freaken awesome!!! Some of those instruments sound like they came right out of LSDj on the Gameboy. That's pretty cool.

So, you're not still thinking of abandoning this site, are you??? Of course you're not. : ) Don't worry about things being slow. That happens. Each of the sites have their own quirks about them. One characteristic of this site is the play counter. It doesn't add a play to the counter simply by pressing play, like it does on Soundcloud. There could be like 20 people that listened to some of your song, but the counter will still say 0. Don't even worry about that. That's just the way this site is. And I do agree, this site is put together quite well.

Oh, BTW, I wanted to thank you for putting pressure on me to get back to music. Even though I STILL haven't finished another song in all these months (until yesterday), I have been trying. Just a simple message was enough to put pressure on me to keep making a push for more music. So yeah man, thanks for that. I think I needed a little kick in the arse, or I probably would've put it off to the side again. I thank you sir. : )

There are some really good competitions coming up in 2015 with really nice prizes - can't let you know what they are just yet, but some reallllllly nice stuff :D

Depending on what the competition is exactly, I might enter. However, I have college work to attend to these days, so I can't guarantee my involvement. The last competition I ever recall is for a spot on Weekly Treats.

I think most people are just thinking "You're not commenting or listening to my stuff, so would should I comment and listen to your stuff." But I understand ya wheels I haven't been as active forever because I've been working on side stuff, and am just getting back in to the groove. Love this track.

good to see that you decided to change the title and that you will stay

competitions are definitely a motivation to be more involved. It's that kind of thing that keeps sites like botb thriving

u don't get to leeeeeave

Thats good advice Wheely, I plan on indeed spending more time listening and commenting on uC

Wheely! You can't leave bro! I am coming back, I swear it. You're like my main dude from 8bc, you gotta stick around! xD

I understand if you gotta do your own thing, but take it from a person who has taken a hiatus... If you really enjoy doing this stuff, stick with it man! I also agree that this site is very well constructed. I think the more we use it and share our stuff on it, the bigger uC will get.

Lastly, this track is awesome! Still getting better and better after all this time. I feel like the structure of this song shines above the rest of your stuff. It flows really well!!

All the chip sites have taken a hit, even cm.o.
Nobody likes forums anymore I guess, just the major social networks.
I'm going to continue to run µC to the best of my ability until I have no time or energy left to give a crap about it, then I'll pass it on to somebody else I think.

This year I wasn't able to drive any traffic to the site through competitions and stuff as I was just far too busy with moving to London and starting work, just trying to get my life in balance.
This coming year will be far more organised, we have two competitions lined up, some stuff to really drive interested back into the site, but again it's difficult if nobody's interested.
We'll see.

dang... sorry to see you go but i guess you're sorta right... you know, a friend of mine said the same "nobody listens to other people's music or comment anymore" thing about Soundcloud... i wonder if all music sites on the internet are having some kind of collective Meh-pocolypse...

I don't blame ya dude. It gotten bad when you can get on the top 3 with only 2 likes.

i can't say you are wrong, also one of the reason that i not active here anymore, also i have been sick most of 2014...
i think the problem is that many only want to promote their own stuff, and don't use any time listens to others music..
i hope to see you online, but otherwise it been a privileged to know you

Here's hoping you come back.

Will miss you Wheely :(
(love the cover)

Nice and raw remix. I could megaman to this.

this is sick, esp around 3:10!

cool drumsamps. the beats around 2:36 are quite awesome as well.

Ha ha this is sweet.

yay the beats at the end are all funky and groovy, this is fun!

That beat is so strong. I love it!!!

This is awesome!!! This definitely fits the story so well, & even just sounds cool on its own. Very nice. :D :D :D

yes! i remember this very well! you should definitely think of a new story these were so fun :D it's like those cassette fairytales without the narration

Whoa, this is really good. Nice mixing & mastering on this.


He's back. :)

good fun! sounds feud-y just like the title says -- mortal kombat mixed with international karate!

sorry i am late dude!

Fantastic and as I have said before I really like the new approach instument-wise. Sounds fresh! Very well done my man <3

Very classic sounding, good stuff man

dad tell me turn of! stresmusik say head fpain

Hell yeah, duder.

This turned out excellent! Really creative stuff. :D

X-Buster Rave Party!

it is always excited to hear something new from you :)

This is pretty rad mate!Sound design is really cool too. Well done :)

fierce as fuck

great as always

love the melodic focus in this, also the break around 1:11 is awesome, at 3:02 the counter melody is hard to hear because the bass overpowers it, a different octave or waveform might bring it out, that's a minor thing though because the track sounds pretty perfect, you've definitively grown as a musician!

5 seconds in and you have earned a like. why is everything you do so awesome?!

This song kicks ass.

Head bangs* Yeah!!! :D

Not really feeling this one, the drums feel a little weird to me. But I can still grove to it

And not finished, haha. But thank's :)

Your's turned out rather well I must say! Mine, not so much,haha. Good job man :)

I think solar man fused with metal man. That was a fun one :).

i remember this from a week or 2 ago, when you sent me a WIP of this :) turned out pretty good man

I like how this turned out for sure! The only thing I think could be better is the 2nd half of "Simons Theme". Well done otherwise guys!

DAYUM, love me some Castlevania. Really like how every song connected to each other so well. Great stuff!

wow Wheely i have only 5 words to say.

Wow, really cool. I love the clouds and sky :3

DR Wheely doing a castlevania twist awesome

This is great, I heard beta versions of this and I am happy to hear it finished. Castlevania Hard Corps! :D

pretty nice medley. love the part that starts around 0:55, what song is that called?

Like candy to the ears; I like the crunchy bass too. Great work!

congrats dude!!

We seem to be getting back at the same time always :)

I remember hearing wips of this one. It has turned out awesome. Great job man :).

dadadadadada batman

i love this tune! great job, man.. and sweet title ;)

massive tune man

hey wheely you are the man.
i think that i will re use the comment that i used for "Entropy Matters" :D :D
great as usual. it reminded a little on Asian Music on Speed :D

Lol, you did a lot of really cool stuff in this one. If I ever make a video game, I am going to have to ask you if I can use this for one of the stages.

really nice track (as usual). glad to see you are still at this :) LOVE the bits at 2:15 until the end.

good to hear and i am glad that you are back :)

Btw did you wear out your 3ds :D

wow, did not expect this kind of music.

definitely deserves to be #1

I love that DnB sound! Well done!

Niiiice! :D!

Love the sounds mate, well done!

I sure missed your music.

Oh, wow... Such a great sound! Love it! :D

Awesome. I agree with everyone else. I missed your music buddy :D. Great to hear a song from you again. Can I have those drum samples :P? I'll trade sounds with ya, I wonder what I could make with drum sounds like that in VGMM? This has a great blend of sounds, and killer production. Solid all around :).

yeah seriously! great job all around! :D

This is amazing. The intro is awesome ^_^

good to hear something from you again,i have miss it :-)

one of a kind. =)

stumbled upon this again today. we really should do more collaborations. We work well together.

I made it sound a little better messing with the Project Rate and the dB gains. :P

@Wheely I'm recording some stuff into Audacity, but the sound quality sounds like poop, do I have to mess around with the Project Rate?

UPDATE: I just bought it and I made some cool sounding loops, you sure showed me what you can do with just a simple application! I should start trying to make some more and upload soon. Thanks for inspiring me to get this application!

that main lead sounds like a tame 303. eerie and calming at the same time.

Wow, this application sounds like you can do a lot in it. Now I wanna go get this!! :O

Yup, really like the choice of drums in this one! Very good suspense as well. Not too fond of the part around 1.30 though. At 2.00 it gets interesting again. Kewl tune mate! Cheers

The style is very pleasing to me.

Cool! Bustin' it up with Retro Bits :D.

sound great, the drums volume is better now, to high in the first upload.


nice Wheely! vocals work really well, sounds great! nice driving bass

Finally, you've received the credit you deserve.

i would also reduce the volume of the very first dark noise at the beginning slightly. klater it misex nicely generating a cool ambient sound. frist version you send me was different :O

Along with what Jredd said, I would eq a lil boost to the highend end of the vocals to get them to stand out a lil more, also you vary instrumentation pretty well here, too expand on that I think some complete silences could create some nice moments in here as well, like a dramatic pause at the end of a phrase or used as a transition to a new texture, good stuff though man

In all your tracks, some kind of a movement sensation is present. I've been trying to formulate it for a very long time, so here it is now.

This is good, I heard it on soundcloud. When the vocals come in, I think it would be cool to put just a tad bit of compression and a little bit of delay/echo there. But that's a small thing. Nice track :).

Nice work with the lyrics man, could have been a bit more clearer with some EQ but that's just me.

you made it good, but you can make it better

remember uoki toki made a remix on this one

hey did you get the tunes I sent you of my project?

WHEELYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Love itttttttttt <3

wow. Wheely. you just...yeah. your work is always so damn good. i am glad you are getting back into the game

oh, I'm still working on that, the game will be out in the summer, and I'll release the ost in the spring, I could email you some samples of stuff from it if you're interested

Very nice track Wheely. Random comment of the day - I never realised it was one of your's and Voxyn's tracks i was remixing when i was working on Burning Surge for FM Possible. It was only when i sent the file back to Jredd and he told me who WAV was. So yeah, i remixed you and threw in a nod to Afterburner in Surge by accident. :-D

aaaaah, a half time break, i love half time, pretty heavy as usual Wheely, good work

some powerful stuff, the transition to your original material was a little jarring, but I guess thats what storms are anyway, lol, good work

Good job on one of the classics, I'll have to agree with 9Heart: I love that you've put some new melodies and some of your own stuff into it. Makes it a creative and interesting remix. Well done! :)

Great job, turn'd out really nice and you did what was right - Make it ya own song. It's not a simple, easy and sheetmusic-Cover you did there, the part that starts about 01:03 and goes on almost to the end is really awesome work and deserves more attention.

I enjoy it a lot :D

Pretty rad buddy :).

It's always nice to see you alive and running :) And that's the first time I see you do a cover (I think). The only other one you've done was with WAV (as far as I remember).

This is super enjoyable. Nice and upbeat. A good "wake-up" song!

Hmm, not too sure on what's different but I still like the tune :)

Hmm, someone removed my like, had to get it in again :(

Wow. This is probably the best sound editing I have heard in the past few years. Everything's as loud as it should be. Awesome, Thomas.

We need to do another collab soon. I think our contrasting idea's do a good job of inspiring each other.

Don't be shy, you've helped me out a lot :)

Without being inspired by your tracks and without your help I wouldn't have made it so far in terms of 8-bit music =)

Awesome track. love those drums.

It's a good thing :) For a while, I felt like you lost that particular thing that fascinated me about your tracks, but now it's back. It's kind of hard to describe, but your early music (and this track), they sound like a beacon of hope firing up within your heart/soul (whichever you prefer). I know, it's a bit of a cliche... It's just... I don't know. Tiny, shiny, not agressive, variative. Like a little girl smiling at you ^_^ Sorry fuer so viel Text, aber ich muesste es sagen :)

Full of change? I think, this is very close to your first works that I have listened to on 8bc. The bass drum is different though, you seem to be more of a snare drum person now. But it's good.

Nice variation, cool sounds. A nice journey.

hello wheely! cool track.

Very fun and euphoric! Like it alot!

I hope you are faring well :)

I'm still looking forward to a collab with you, Wheely. And I miss ZeroPass :-/ He was a nice person to work with. He still is :)

Love the intro and the song is kewl in general :) Well done guys! Now get on skype mofo,haha!

Ahhh you finished the track already? Awesome! Still love this, especially the ending

woah man this was epic! I really dig all the color in this, it really keeps your attention! Great work Wheely!

Congratulations with the release :) I like what you did to the track

a classic Wheely tune !! indeed

Yeah this is hopping!

Maddd! Love it!

I've been dead for a month

great as usual. it reminded a little on Asian Music on Speed :D

Awesome mate. Love the final version! The mid section melody still gets me every time :D

Ha-ha-ha :) We've always had similar musical tastes, you and me :D Is your WAV project still alive?

Great, good sound control.

really great, if i should criticize something, it would be the lead guitar from 0.59, it remind me a little too much of an Amiga sound or an early sample guitar. but over all very great, so 5 point from Denmark.

Wow, you listen to the Stolen Babies too O_o

For me, the story finishes around 3:42. If you want to have the end around the 4:23 mark... Maybe, try panning the sound from left to right repeatedly? Or speeding up the tempo?

this was awesome. great tune, fun story, all around good fun. will there be more in the future?

great tune, nice speed and music variations, it's reminds me, a little of old folk music.

NOICE! and great story that goes with. I really felt what was going on as I read and listened

Goood. Liked it. Nothing needs to be changed.

aw god its nice!

wheely, seriously dude... you need to just get a big compilation of your work, and then submit it to some one who is making a space shooter game.

Insaaaaaane! very very nice

I really like how the song picks up at 2/3. Gotta love heavy but melodic chip music. Nice work.

So weird to see Wheely without an avatar


Nice job on this. I remember when you sent me this song as a work in progress. Thanks for letting me know about this site. It is nice to see that there are people interested in keeping the spirit of 8bc alive while it is down. :)

Very nice my friend!

Glad to see you made it to the site Wheely! This track is killer man.

Great intro, but I wasn't ready to put my happy face on :P Nice song!
Comments Given

I like the zelda-ish background :)
dsn-12 Nesque by drexegar

sweet stuff, so playful

I still love that tune ... so much fun

that was pretty nice

yeah man, a full length on spotify ... I am def in, take my money :D ... Your percussion is right on spot and somehow if forms your unique style together with the driving basslines. Is it complicated to get into spotify?
Wibble Wobble by 0b111

had some more plays of that piece, you did some pretty things with the noises. I love how playful even the dubstep part is. Cannot wait for the next one :)
clean up by SnarlyDawg

that gave me some chills

I like "Back in the Groove" a lot, thats the kind of stuff I always love when you do it, awesome track.

I also had a lot of fun with Dojo Drop, the setting was awesome in that track. Some sweet chills!

"Cyber Evolution" build up pretty nicely, the chorus is really cool :D

I like the straight kick clap beat in "Neon Glow" a lot, have to check if I can manage to make something cool with such kinda beat. Cool stuff!

I like the use of the noises in "Galaxy rush" ... such details are always welcome.

Good work guys :)

oh dayum, that comment will take a while, listening to the album now :D

I have to check out the original, played the game but cannot remember how the music was. Thanks for that :) The tune is really nice too, I like the disharmonics a lot

will you add some more layers? I would go for a lot of ambience in that one :)

another nice tune, you do some sweet music
The Chainsaw Witches by TommyCreep

I am not that much into dubstep but I have to admit that I had some fun with that tune

I think the tune fits the title perfectly
High Score by Monotron

that was a nice trip
Wibble Wobble by 0b111

woah, that was some awesome stuff. I am digging the setting a lot

yeah, I can tell ... very chilled stuff
89 by bertfm

needed a second go on that one. I like all those well placed little things that keep things fresh.

that some cool stuff <3

nono, I do not think that its irrational. When you cover stuff you always take something away from that and if you would like to find your own music without influences then I understand your opinion. Just try stuff, you will get better with the time. Another advice for the melody ... you should go for larger patterns at least 4 times as long where the melody varies all way long. Elsewise it gets repetitive.

beautiful. I like the choice of instruments on that one
Hotpantz Romanze by PolarBirds

I am late for the party but hey, sweet tune. It is always nice to hear something from you :)
Lovesickness [2a03] by Fearofdark

I wish I had your patience :D

If I was you I would try to do some cover songs first in order to see how good melodies are build. There is a lot of great stuff with good midis to get the notes from out in the interwebs. The percussions with the bass are quiet simple but effective. I like what I am hearing in the background. The main melody is your big problem and yeah, I know that is a hard task to do. I would recommend something simple to cover first. I hope that helps you for your future plans.

You are doing sweet stuff with the noises, I like that. Thats some deep stuff with a nice atmosphere.

That was very interesting. I like all the little gimmicks of the tune.
Mercury by Kommisar

you seriously have the sick basses. I love your music dude :)
Nemesis by DontBlink

yeah man, entertainment to the max
Datagoth by Balloonbear


woah man, that one was huge
Splat File by PixelTrashHeap

that is some really cool stuff. I like the whole setting and instrumentation a lot. Well done man!

this one will haunt me for days

sweet stuff. I like how it pushes through the song :)

well, that was a wild ride. The tune feels like a wild combat so I guess the pokemon connection in the title was right on spot :D Nice tune!

I think that could be a cool basis for a song. Will you work more on that snippet?

I am 0:30 in and totally in love. Beautiful :3
DSN-12 THE FM COPS by drexegar

I have to lay my hands on that program again, sweet sounds

one of the nicest little songs, sighs <3

that sounds like you had a lot of fun while making it. Nice tune and sweet bassssssssss
slow__hi (LGPT) by barbeque

its always nice to hear your stuff. That was a nice trip :)

I could easily imagine playing a stealth game to that music. You did some interesting stuff with the harmonics :)

sweet tune, I do not now the original. Would be nice if you would put a link to the original into the description if there is any source
for blood (2010) by JeMappelle

yeah, that was some nice and heavy 4 to the floor stuff. I like the outro a lot :)

very chilled tune, I like the whole atmosphere it delivers. Had also a lot of fun with the percussions, well done man!
Inhale by Skycstls

sweet stuff, like the breakbeats

a collab between you both, that justs awesome
Color Dungeon by DjCUTMAN

I did not even know, that I can post as guest ... well the last post was me ... liking the samples a lot

you got my like with the song title, I did not doubt that you could misdo that one :)

a long piece that was interesting the whole time, well done
Big ol' Sassy River by Nestrogen

that one has fire
cirno (2A03) by kfaraday

awesome ... hahaha

dayum, you keep getting better and better ... I love your basslines!
Meridian Dance (cover) by PleaseLoseBattle

that childhood memories <3 ... awesome cover!

well done man, the best that I heard from you since long
[FM8] Space Jackknife by dualtrapezoids

that was impressive

I needed some time to get into the tune but then I did not regret it to listen further. That one was awesome in a special way ...
Clockwork (3xlsdj) by Pixeltune

that was simple and effective. A beautiful tune with a nice setting. I like the instruments a lot :) as a suggestion ... in that beatpart, have you tried to go for a more chilled beat that is not four to the floor? I think that would add a lot to the tune.
Moonlit Looming by platonist

that one really dragged me in with speakers on high volume. Thats a very pretty background lead you have going on :)

that was beautiful

that reminded me of that one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1Kr-IZba00 ... sweet tune you made
Thought Life by gotoandplay

I was perfectly entertained, thanks for that

So you want some CC ... I think the build up during the fist 36 seconds is pretty slow, I would try to get things a bit faster going. I am not that sure about the part from 0:54 to 1:14, I know you did that because you did not want to repeat the melody from before that fast. I would try to create a longer part between that ... maybe from 0:54 to 1:34 or something like that. I like the tune afterwards a lot. The part that beginns at 2:02 has a nice feel and especially the last section is fun!

the name is absolutely fitting :)

I like the dark feel you are going for a lot, sweet stuff

Hey dude, I did not know you so far but hell yeah, welcome here :)

That could be a cool intro for a song ... I shocked a bit because it was mixed way louder than all the other songs I listened so far this evening. You should bring the volume a bit down.
TRIPPY AUBERGINES!!! by Weirdbananas

the mix is awesome ... nice to hear something from ya
9.9 by ImATrackMan

I love the rhytm of the noises a lot ... gives the track something that makes it feel like a caravan that is moving south. I would name it caravan if I was you :P
Astral by Duplica

one hour? damn it :) ... I would say you got what they wanted. Well done!

sweet stuff ... I like how different it sounds ^^
=ASSAULT=GOOG=3 by laukmetaals

nice noise channel work

yeah, that was a nice one

I liked the tune ... the bass was cool :)

nice stuff, I like your main lead
Divine Wings by stinkbug

pretty chilled stuff, sweet
Proud by CosmoBG

I did not listen to chip since long time and it is still alive and grooving, awesome
[2A03] Dangur Zone by dualtrapezoids

sounds like you had a lot of fun ^^

try to rebuild it ;)

oh I like those toms a lot ... have to get something like that myself :)

very nice, I wait for the release

I had a lot of fun with the noises in the track, well done guys
Missile Command by StereoOfBuddy

that is how it is made ... that one would drag me to the dancefloor instantly

I loved the percussion sounds. Well done man.

I have to check out that vids ... the track has an awesome atmosphere
cutesong by Christerious

the song title is absolute accurate. That was sweet.

I liked the tune itself though I think that the guitars are very loud, I would mix them down a bit
Back to basics BITCH! by Weirdbananas

made me smile :)

That are some pretty samples I hope you are thankful for that ^^

I am working on a collab tune that is running well so far. I hope we can finish that one soon :)

that was pretty cool, I liked the part that begins at around 0:45 the most
Pinball Palace by PolarBirds

I keep coming back to listen to that track :D
Face the Unknown by Jayster

Pinball Palace by PolarBirds

I am glad you finally finished that tune ... it turned out awesome
Stope bein a fanny by RadicalPresident

thats some cool stuff ... reminds me a lot of the old beastmode tracks which is a good thing ... yeah man, I like that diabolic part at around 2:15! :)

I loved the arps a lot in this tune. That is some awesome stuff and you should not be shy to shout it out. I am glad you made it to the charts with that tune :)

damn man, that was a sweet experiment, I loved listening to this because the tune really offers interesting changes. I think I have a go on this challenge too when I have some time for it ... cute and scary, I think I could do that if it does not mean it has to be both at a time. I would write something that is as whole song cute and scary :P
KRYM NASH! by RebootMe


very entertaining
Expander (streets of rage 2) by xCriticalStrikex

yeah man, that is the shit

that track is very uplifting, I always enjoy to be brought to better thoughts thanks to you :)
April by Volt44

yeah man, that is some awesome stuff. I am digging the long dragged bass and slow percussions a lot :)

makes me jealous

I do not like Abba at all, but I think that was a good job on that. Even made me enjoy a song which I really dislike ... hmm ... I think I do not like the singers :P
Swinghai by Christerious

sweet stuff, though a bit short :)
Kinetic Ignition by Zeropass

dunno which revision of that is known to me, but I like what I hear :)
Train by spacecosmo

hey man, you should work more on the variation of the patterns. The main lead keeps looping and it would be nice to get some fresh input on that channel. I know it is hard to write proper melodies, so this is just some advice ... I would try to make the main melody a bit more complex and longer so that the tune gets more dynamic and fluent. I think it would be a good start to make a cover first in order to see what tricks can be used when you write melodies. Anyways, its a solid start, so just keep experimenting and learning :)

your way to write music fascinates me more with each tune you serve, sweet stuff

I love Irish music and I like how you blended your style to it to get an interesting mix
Paprika by Kommisar

hits hard when it picks, awesome :)

that is perfect music to drive to at night

I like the way you mix, sounds sweet

you should make a version with jump, coin etc. samples in it ^^
TACTICS (Demo) by DontBlink

I am speechless, those noise waves really pushed me through the intro. I really LOVE the deep basslines a lot ... damn ... 03:25 ... the shit gets serious! The outro was also awesome, that will gonna be a hard week for the others that want to chart. Well played!

that is just wonderful! I really like when you do stuff like this. The percussions are pretty well and give the tune a nice touch. More of that! :)
Lament of Layla by 3ndymion

I second what Zeropass said ... you could go for another key to make it sound really sad. At the moment it is more a dreamy kind of thing :)

nice to see a Queen cover around here <3
Rainy Rain by carlschultz

makes me think of our old house. I loved it to sleep while rain was hitting the windows

oh, I like the percussions a lot ... sweet tune

that is a big one guys. I like how the speed raises during the intro and I loved the space themed setting

that are some catchy melodies, sweet stuff
Swingy Chaos by Christerious

that was a lot of fun, I like how the tune keeps moving. Nice classic feeling, I would love to play a Jump and Run to that
Flute Room (YM2612 Cover) by cqallenwalker

that was short but beautiful :)

I am digging the percussions a lot, well done man

I do not know the original but this was fun

just keep doing your stuff :)
My New Tablet by fedepede04

awesome, I would die for a good music app for my tablet
Chunks of Velvet Moss by carlschultz

awesome song title, I had some sound by dying minions from Hearthstone in the background and it somehow fitted into the tune :)

nice tune to listen to in the background

I like that synth in combination with the gnarly bass a lot. Reminds me a bit of castlevania music :)

I would use less reverb on the main melody flute because it somehow destroys the classical feeling Vampyre Killer should have. Anyways, that is a nice go for a cover of that tune. What about Korg M01D ... I thought about buying it. Is it worth it? How is the handling of that program?

I like a lot when it picks up at 1:30. I am also digging that percussion work. Sweet track!

you should try to simulate something like sea noises by playing around with the volume of the noise channel if that is possible
windy morning by JeMappelle

that made me smile
Rain by Ikasam

that was a beautiful tune :)

congrats for that awesome position, you deserved it

I like the sirens in the middle ... that was fun!
NO OD Pt 2 by DJHollowLife

ah, I missed you man. I am really happy to see that you are still doing your kind of stuff but on a whole new level. Sweet stuff!

I love how that tracks sounds like it should have been put right into the Secret of Mana :)
Windup Molasses by carlschultz

it feels a bit like being on drugs in a ghostride
DudeQuest OST! by MaskedEpsilon

thats what you are made for :)
ombre by AlexOgre

sweet track, love all the pitch bends
Angel of death (slayer cover) by xCriticalStrikex

yeah man, you outdid yourself with that cover

I knew that would be good

yeah man, your stuff improved a lot since I last listened to you

the first seconds showed me that I would like the song. I Like the instrumentation a lot. Makes me feel pretty chilled

nice and uplifting track. I like the driving bassline
organic___ by Doxic

I enjoyed listening to that in the background. Very interesting soundscape
Esoteric by Duplica

yeah, that one goes right down my alley
Beauty (Love) Chaos by ImATrackMan

long time no see. I am glad to see that you are still in the game. Sweet stuff, I like the build up a lot :)
OBSOLETE PARADISE!!! by Weirdbananas

that was a nice ballad, well done dude!

that was very entertaining. I like all the changes and the sense of detail you put into this one.

No likes yet? Take mine, cannot believe that
Lila in the sun by carlschultz

I missed your stuff man

That was awesome :)
Monte Mando by lxtxcx

looks nice


I will miss you music, awesome track

I like the drumwork a lot man, that kick is nice and punchy

nice one
Rainbow Blade (VRC6) by PolarBirds


Welcome back Panda. I like all the details in this track

Fun stuff!

those memories

I am speechless
Aeros. by Ikasam

dat flow <3

that was wonderful ... you never disappoint
OH! (2A03+N163 cover) by ImATrackMan

I like you
Banana Warlock.it by commandycan

the name lured me here and I do not regret it. Wonderful tune with a nice athmosphere ... a shame that it is not longer.

I like that percussions a lot. Always digging your groovey stuff. Really looking forward to a collab between you two
MAG Finale [WIP] by awesomeforce

sounds very good so far. I like how you put that layers over each other. I really felt pulled deep into that soundwall. You should give the bass some more substance afterwards and get some more noises into the tune, but I think that is just me :)
modx2boosted by Xrott

I totally agree with what the others said, more variation on the sine waves would be sweet. You could layer another instrument over the sine waves that is playing similar stuff to get some more effect here and there. If you are going to layer your music (and it sounds like that) some sweet ambient noises or anything adding more thickness to the athmosphere would be nice. Some more variations on the percussions would also take the tune to a higher level imho. I am missing some high hats that bring some more dynamic into the tune and the kick and snares could also take some fills to keep things more interesting. I can tell you, the first song I posted on here was shit compared to what you are going for, so I also am looking forward to see into what direction you will develop.
handblocks by JeMappelle

The Masterplan by Alien7

perfect to run in the background, nice ambient music

what Jredd says ... wonderful tune

I liek dat

I like the artwork a lot
Artificial Creativity by pixelherozero

the last part is pure fun

that was a nice twist, the only thing I have to CC is that short clipping at 2:34

sweet melodies ... I have to check that band out! Nice track :)
Messeah by RoccoW

uuh baby ... I like that Kind of music a lot. Well done!

I like the instrumentation a lot, the mixing was sweet
This is Halloween Cover Thing by SpacemanFantastiques

that was some nice experimental stuff

nice soundwall

that was a well deserved first place ... cool piece, specially like the piano

sweet melodies!

I still love that tune, but is it just me or is there something going on in the high frequencies that is a bit ear piercing

I like the noisework at around 1:05 a lot

that was impressive

I like dat percussions too

Something New by Kubbi

well played

well man, that was a fucking masterpiece. Had a lot of fun with that one :)
JESUS CAMP GONE WRONG!!! by Weirdbananas


that is the cheese, awesome

I like the athmosphere a lot
Sand Castles by twistboy

sweet sound design
skull by Volt44

ah, yeah ... that was super meat boy :)

I really enjoyed that one, well done man!
jezebel by Volt44

you still do some beautiful soundscapes, awesome!
skull by Volt44

yeah, that was the name :)
Bisector by gotoandplay

skull by Volt44

I think I know that pixel art, what was your name on 8bc ;)

alright, I am gonna listen to this again, take my love :)
Awake by 64Mega

well done man

that Kazoo is just too funny, love that :)

that was some solid work, I would take the bass and the main lead a lot back in the mixing because the percussions are far in the background (at least over headphones)
Love Gimmick #5 by Kommisar

hahaha, awesome comment, awesome track :)
Machine Killer by Zeropass

I like the finale the most
Attrakt Möd by muteKi

that was an interesting athmosphere
Hyper Drive Bassline by Groovemaster303

I had to listen to the original again before I commented. Now I cannot decide which one I like better :)
All You Want by RebootMe

should have more likes imo
Portside by pixelherozero

you did some funny stuff with the vocal samples, I like dat
Kittylims by StereoOfBuddy

I would love to hear more into that direction with some more embracing layer action
In The Day by CosmoBG

making good pictures better
Yoda by rduck1

same here, I like that Yoda

ah okay, I did not think about the limitations :)

awesome man, I like how I can hear how you are getting good in sound crafting within that program
Kittylims by StereoOfBuddy

that was a wild ride, I am listening a second time to it at the moment. I don't know how the limitations of LSDJ are, but is it possible to get some more bass out of that kick? ... anyways, I like the experiment you did. Do you want to work more on that or make another tune into that direction?
Dr. Eccentrik by superjoebob

I would upload that a later time if you want some views on it. Its the same like on 8bc ... 1 week or it won`t be shown up in the front (an that would be a shame ^^)
80 by superjoebob

welcome dude, while listening to the tune I have to say I am glad you joined :)

the noise channel work is very interesting, I would work more on the mastering though. The bass is very quiet and the noises are totally in the foreground

that was some wicked soundcrafting. I like the part that begins at 1:07 the best. That is some really creepy stuff!

beautiful, love the swells <3
All You Want by RebootMe

that is one massive track and the vocals are also nice. Cool stuff. I have one CC for ya, please remove your self like, that would be great

the tune does exactly what you want it to do, not bad. I would try to layer it a bit more with spooky sounds. Are you still rocking retrobits?

that was amazing. I love the classic sound

that was a nice spacey track, very interesting. I would love to hear a melody in the high frequencies at the middle part

you would get two favourites from me if I could. That tune has a nice classic feeling to it

that was pretty awesome, well done guys

I like that track a lot ... sweet album too :)
Aegis of iliad (.xm) by jefftheworld

really like the basslines in that track
Lost Jungle by MaskedEpsilon

sweet stuff!
Angelic Anemone by MaskedEpsilon

I can also imagine the ocean to that, so well done man. You have some serious composition skills!

awww, those memories :)

I think that one could use a main melody with dragged out bars that plays some melancholic stuff. I would try to write one melody with at least 4 measures and build your stuff around it ... that is all what is missing imo ... the sound design is awesom
Stormtrooper by rduck1

I think this is pretty awesome, will we get other star wars characters? :D
Eindbaas artwork by KOOLSKULL


I loved the solos in this track and the main melody instrument was pretty nice to listen to. Well done guys!

I wished the noise channel would do some more stuff

that is some weird main lead instrument, I like dat :)
Welcome by RoccoW

sweet stuff, digging the mix

damn it, I missed the other tune! :D

hell yeah, welcome to the FL club :)
Hexen Heart by PolarBirds

Your instrumentation is beautiful as always, really like this tune!

welcome man, I am glad to see you around

there is some sweet dance stuff going on here. Well done man!

cannot wait to hear more from you ...those tunes are brilliant
Onslaught 2612 by DalekSam

damn man, welcome!
Encounter! by MaskedEpsilon

so much layers, sweet stuff <3
Don't Forget Happiness by gotoandplay

I like the athmosphere in that tune, sweet

I would some quiet ambient noise into that part were nothing plays ... would hold the tension and bring the same effect ... something like leafs rustling in the wind

well done man, sweet cover
CHAOS BLUES!!! by Weirdbananas

that audio sample at the beginning was hilarious. Awesome track too :) I really have to try to create some bass sound like you use in your tunes. That is pure fun
comic by SnarlyDawg

I keep on visiting that comic so I guess you have to get my like :)
Emercry by vytong

that somehow entertained me ... wicked stuff you are doing with Rhytmic Retrobits
Bloodrush by DontBlink

woah, that was some cool stuff you did with LSDJ. Impressive!

that really sounds nice, sweet stuff you can do with your tracker :)

needs moar likes!
An Escape by pixelherozero

I liked what you are going for in this one, I would try to bring some fresh patterns into the bassline, some different chord progression would be nice, because it repeats during the whole tune. Keep on writing dude, I am certain that you will do some cool stuff in the future
THREE by MaskedEpsilon

I liked what you did. I would reconsider the bass though ... I could not hear that much of it, seemed like the kick was dominating the lower frequencies
SuperStare (2A03) by commandycan

cool track
Microbeings (FDS) by Fearofdark

damn, that was a wild ride
Adept by JeMappelle

sound architecture to the max
Roots Recca by MicroD

that was totally awesome!
Dr. Wiley's Romantic Rights by SpacemanFantastiques

lets see what else happens when you bring that to full length :)
Fairest Wheel by Ikasam

that was a nice soundscape

that was pretty entertaining. I liked the first part the most
DIBS!!! by Weirdbananas

please do never stop to make music man :)

I like it when it shows its full layering potential at around 1:00 ... cool stuff, gimme more damn layer soundwall :)
Star alchemist by FotonCat

cool stuff as always man
Chiptune by lxtxcx


worth every like ... gimme that damn mono version! :P
Hang Six by MicroD

I liked that too, have to check out the album.

you should variate the bass though, the melodies are sweet

a shame that no one commented on that one yet. After the flute melody comes in the tune really gets nice. I like what I got

1:02 <3

I keep listening to this, your instrumentation is perfect for that kind of music. You lazy dog, make some music and post 'em ... I would love to see your name in that damn charts sometimes!

dunno the original version but this would fit nicely into a password screen

cool stuff, I loved that game! Solid cover
what remains by kloudygirl

you managed to create a lot of pressure in this tune with the basses. I like that

that was not bad, will you extend that?

I enjoyed that a lot ... can you get a more filling bass out of your program for later sections of the tune?
Dodgy Traits by CarnivorouS

haha, I had some childs playing outside of my window and I thought you did them as sample into the tune, sounded very nice ^^
Dodgy Traits by CarnivorouS

I think the tune did exactly what you wanted it to do, that was interesting and exhausting at the same time :)
Orbit by 8bitApostle

I like this one more ... but I mean in general the instrumentation of your tunes :)

you should do a cover of "it's like that" by rundmc

not many guys manage to make 1bit enjoyable, you do
Orbit by 8bitApostle

never change the instrumentation, I love that off sound :D
Starlight by Ikasam

I can second that though I prefer a harder sound. Your new avatar is awesome!

that was awesome. Liked all those crazy bits in it that disturbed me a bit from the main track.
OFFICE MAGIC!!! by Weirdbananas

Sky Bus For Hire by commandycan

wicked stuff :)

really nice for that composition time!
FM Portable, Staff Roll by Groovemaster303


I bet that was a lot of fun
MASCULINE TO THE MAX!!! by Weirdbananas

good stuff as always :)
1 Bit Boss by Jredd

that was a huge amount of pressure for an 1bit track, impressive

dat outro <3

woah man, what a monster track
Imbroglio Aftermath by 8bitApostle

nice athmosphere
Ninja Poop by TechnoZealot

totally Ninja-esque indeed
Le CouCou (Cover) by fedepede04

I would love to hear the rest of it ... the instrumentation is awesome!
Continue? SMS by Jredd

sweet :)
Quite scream by canell

sweet stuff, liked that a lot

I bow down before that masterpiece :)!
Pumped by RoccoW

missed that one ... sweet dance music

damn it, I really hope this tune hits the #1 spot!
Death By Strobe Lights by Weirdbananas


I really enjoyed that one. You have one higher noise snare in the tune, I would try something more whipping there. That could sound nice.
Alex's Dream Land by Kommisar

well done, congratulations! Totally deserves the no 1 spot
knuckle joe by Ikasam

way to go man, cannot wait for new tracks, that one is awesome too
Corn Dogs by Ikasam

you are doing some pretty good stuff, I think that should have gotten way more than 1 like in the week it was posted
Rain by pixelherozero

pure chill

that kicks in nicely
Back in the Basement by SpacemanFantastiques


enjoyed that a lot
Bye(lofi) by Ikasam

Drag me here by canell

that tune was a bit simple, but I still had good times with it
Ametrine by PopsicleTheory

nice to see you back
Cosmo Bounce by Kommisar


I love the percussions, whom do I have to thank for that drumtrack ;)
Rain by TechnoZealot

make a whole tune out of that :)

that instantly made me feel younger ^^

I love how those tunes flow everytime ... its like riding a wave :D
Andy's Title Screen by awesomeforce

I do not need to tell you how awesome this loop is, do I? :)
Jordan Jam (demo) by Weirdbananas

2:25 is some serious shit the tune gets much cool stuff during playtime. Thats a demo? What else do you want to put in?!
Jordan Jam (demo) by Weirdbananas

that has been a huge amount of time since I listened last to a track from you. I can tell you your sound has reached a whole new level. Awesome!

woah, that was awesome man

I had a lot of fun with that one :)

any chance that you put in a driving double base part somehere close to the end? Ba ba bam, that would be sweet!
clock cycle murderer by GreaseMonkey


cool stuff
Galaxy Madness by kidThunder


I liked dat
PONPONPON by xCriticalStrikex

Tasty! Eat my like :)
nosagan by aunt1

I am pretty sure Carlschultz would love that, or however exaclty he is spelled, so do I

I totally agree with otakumode, the only thing it lacks is a nice main melody :)
Choas Theory by Seasons

that was a nice amount of tension. Liked how the layers worked together. I would work a bit on the drums and put some more drumfills in there. You could also bring the tune back after the break to deliver a big finale, but that are just my thoughts. Anyways, I like what you did, that was some well crafted unce

I second that
Topside by MicroD

that was lovely
Homely by TapeState

the tune shows a lot of potential, well done man

hahaha ... Jredd made my day :) (I like dat tune btw. ^^)
INFRARED by Pixeltune

the swells were a lot of fun
Funk Selector by Jredd

I like the basslines in that one :)

I like the flow of the tune, well done guys ... still playing games on my 3ds, but I decided to use FL to make music for future tunes :)

that was pretty cool, nice cover! I like the first bass and the part it belongs to very much, in the second part that piano lead is sweet, love that
Toxic Tree by LoneEchidna

I like how that one builds ... nice melodies and sweet background leads in there

that bass is tasty!

did not get the tune when I first listened to it in February. As barbeque said, you soundscapes are sweet

that was a nice tune
Green Valley Zone (WIP) by TechnoZealot

keep doing what you are doing man, like the arrangement a lot :)
Alpha // Cover - WIP by awesomeforce

I am at 0:06 ... damnit man, take my fucking like!

the flash ... the goddamn flash ... must ... not ... the ... must ... flash ... DAMNIT
Commercial music by BodySpray

that was strange somehow though it entertained me much enough that I wanted to listen to its full length to see whatelse is in the tune

I liked that wicked ... whatever it is?! Are that really vocals or something different?

it is good to have you here, you never disappoint. I like how the tune got me into its flow :) Is that FlStudio?

the music is not really my taste, but I wanted to say that it is well crafted. You seem to be pretty talented :)
Transparent Heart by Kommisar

that was a lot of fun. Loved the haunting melodies that your played with that wunderful main melody instrument. I do not know the original, so I would request a link in the description :)
BlooperBoy 2.0 by 9Heart

that Gameboy looks sweet
World of Reality by LoneEchidna

I enjoyed that a lot. It seems that you know what you do in Famitracker, will check out all those other tunes you uploaded when I have some more time ... sweet stuff!
Jovial Love by Starpilot

that was pretty nice
Lavatory Party by CarnivorouS

thats one angry robot on his devastating mission

well done man, am I am enjoying that right now
Hyper Drive by Jredd

exactly what Groove says. The ending was pretty nice :)
Crystal Vortex (Feat Jredd) by Groovemaster303

I like those trippy parts like at 3:08 ... sounds like stuff that I do, just with other instruments and in a different way. Made me smile :)

did not read with whom you collabed and the percussions made me think of him ... sweet track guys

I like the sounds the program makes a lot and the theme you used is awesome. I do not have much of the panning but its good anyways. At least through my speakers :)

is that a cover, it reminds me of one song I heard in the past, I just cannot remember the name. It was a ballad
Set Sail by Jredd

I enjoyed that a lot. The theme was perfectly set. The only thing I would change would be the main melody instrument. I think it would be sweet if it had a bit more sharpness. Anyways, congratulations for that sweet composition.

I loved the ambience that track produces with its bass / noises ... sweet sweet stuff. You never disappoint.
BLACK AND RED (2XLSDJ) by SkipSandwichDX

the noise percussions are sweet
WIP[LGPT] by nuclace

you had a lot of fun, eh? :)

I like the metal parts it has a lot. Sweet percussions!

I had a lot of fun with the basses

No. 5 ... must ... DESTROY!

I love that theme. Your tracker is on da way :)
Biodigital Jazz, Man by awesomeforce

interesting stuff as always ... I would maybe put the background strings a bit back. A channel with long melodious noises would also fit in nicely into the tune

no, I did not stop. Sometimes I just do not want to make music (my Nintendo 3ds is eating me)

I have no skills with trackers and no time to learn them, so I guess you should ask another one

that are some sweet sounds you are producing with the program

woah, that was special ... but nice :)
Eleven Doorways by Starpilot

I really enjoyed to listen to this one ... nice sounds / experiment
Novem by gsmith

<3 1:20 ... I wanted that chorus melodies that bad

that was very entertaining, well done guys
brock lesnar by aunt1

that is a drum learning session

p.s.: I hate you :P

damn Kubbi, the production is A

damn it my comment got lost in the interwebs :/ ... so here is the short version of it: 1. excellent beat 2. nice composition 3. can hear the limitations of the DS.10plus but that is not your fault 4. as Jredd said it, that was excellent work

I do not wonder why you got them with that track ... you outdid yourself in that medley. That was really good!
Resolve by Zeropass

finally I found time to listen to that one ...I love the sounds at the beginning, those noises are sweet ... I like how it picks up at around 40 seconds, sweet part. The percussions sound sweet, love that you are experimenting. YES, the part at 2 mins really rocks my socks. Yeah man, that is some fresh stuff from you, cannot wait for that EP.
Sega! by Jredd

but yeah, that are some good looking breasts
Sega! by Jredd

I shall post my wifes boobs in here to, more boobs
New song by Balloonbear

you wanna tell me that this is no song? I am depressed now :(

where was my like on that one ... anyways, here it is
Groove Selector (Act 2) by Groovemaster303

New song by Balloonbear

cannot wait to hear the full song you liar ^^
New song by Balloonbear

yes baby, that one is going to get big :)
EMPTY by Person

sweet, that reminds me of some stuff I did in the past :)

do you also some non beepola stuff? I am not that much into 1bit :)

Do you know "Pinball Dreams" btw.? ... this reminds me somehow of the music of the western styled table

when will you guys come up with a band name? I think it is time for it ...

I like how uplifting this tune is. Loved the baseline pattern though I think you should variate it and bring in some drum fills. Cheers!

is it intended that the main melody that is intruduced right at the beginning has a slighty off background vibe? I think I have to get used to that. Anyways, nice chilled music that is very enjoyable to listen to.

its like a VGM MM crew is building :)
Quarters by MaskedEpsilon

that was very interesting

you guys are like collaboration machines ... awesome :)

I wished I would have the patience to write such kind of ballads

I think a verb is missing there. Anyways, that tune is right down my alley
Symbiosis by Jredd

I like the percussions in that one a lot

I always smile when a cover by you hits the page
The Wil To Fight by CosmoBG


dunx hunx by Guardia

make more music man :)
DEPTH by Balloonbear

well that was massive :)
Era by MaskedEpsilon

DisMantle by Zeropass

nice to hear something new from you :)

Dunno if the drums in VGMM really fit into the dancefloor, but that was a nice go for such kind of track

I enjoyed that a lot ... just the right amount of aggresiveness and some sweet percussions. Well done man!
The Lost by Crimmy

I could easily imagine something that that as final boss in Isaac ... you should twitter edmund that picture :) nice work

still listening to it at least once a day, that tune is a fucking masterpiece
Love Lock Down Cover by MaskedEpsilon

I would give the bass more volume and maybe try a dirtier bass in the tune. That could be nice ... anyways, I like that cover and the theme is pretty catchy. I might try one cover of that one too one time, could be interesting

I am looking forward to hear more LSDJ stuff by you my man ... your tunes will be so sweet when you have found out how to get some more pressure into the sound of LSDJ. You are very talented
Sad Candy Apples by JerBearX


would love to hear that one with some drums in it, nice tune though, really like what you do with your noisechannel in the tracks

Hell YEAH, that tune has a BADASS groove

dude! ... I am speechless

the drum sounds were awesome, well done man ... go take the charts

I like how that one flows, sweet chilled music. The percussions are a joy to listen to

very entertaining, nice music right here
Blob by Monotron

Never thought that way about a picture @lxtxcx, but you are right. I like that picture anyways and cannot wait to see how it will look after putting in the CC

you have put a lot of work into details in this one, good work. That's all, just keep doing what you are doing!
Far Away by Byzanite

I love the heavy sound you are going for though I think it could take some more layers here and there to get it more full, escpecially in the high frequencies. Some supporting melodies would be nice. I like the part that begins at 2:16 the most, because the noisechannel work here is totally nice to listen to. Anyways, I cannot stop stomping with my feet to this tune so I guess I have to push that heart :)

oh man, I like your stuff more and more with each track you post. You are very talented, nice composition

I second Jredd, I like what I hear ... all the instruments are working nicely together and the melodies are sweet too ... well done

well done guys
Blood by MaskedEpsilon

that piece drips emotions, I like the athmosphere you created :)
Rocket Park by awesomeforce

I like the layers ... all of 'em ... that was fantastic!
Amber Tavern (Sega Genesis) by Groovemaster303

I think I would love to have a wav of this so I can try to add something :)
The Way by gsmith

I have to check that one out
Ultimatum by Pixeltune

I think you should modify your main melody instrument with a sinewave to get it sound more prominent. I would also spend some more time into the melodies to get them more interesting. The bassline is way to nice for that melody, gimme a punch in the face with that tune, do it!
The Way by gsmith

welcome back man. That is pretty entertaining, I like how you experiment with a lot of different ideas. I liked that small part were you played with that noise a lot. You could do so much more with that if you wanted to. :)
ElectroQ-T by Kommisar

nice songtitle

well, that was different. Like the way it is mixed and how you use off notes and noises to get nice effects.

now THAT is some nice noisechannel work right here. I am a bit jealous how groovy it is ^^

that made me smile :) I like how it pushes me to get amused, well done

sounds like CHICKENANDROFLS did the percussions. Your two styles blend together in an interesting way
NUSD - Dont let me go by goodboymamen

I liked the background noisemachine a lot
Set Square Dance by gotoandplay

well played

enjoyed that a lot, nice music
synth ui [cc] by breakphase

I would make a brown or red square on the end of the white lines
Rigor Mortis by TommyCreep

thas was some rad stuff
1 Bit n' Bass by Jredd

when I think about it, it would have been amazing if such kind of music was on my atari 2600
Last Summer by RadicalPresident

beautiful piece

have fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgUmFPnkoHU :D

you have missed some very good games :)

so much details! well done

what a nice song title. Sweet stuff (and I am not a big fan of Beeper) ...
Dimmed-down Time by CarnivorouS

14:50 is quiet a long time but now I did it ... sounds a bit like Quake 1 music to me
Ultra-Sketch by astrocorgi

I second Jredd
FUCK THAT! by Tilde

nice but really short

I think that song has a bit touch of Mario somehow

I wished I could mark a time limit in the tune with my comment ... that part at 1:30 is so sweet ... perfect ballad for me

listening again and again to that one ... the kick is so much yes
Amber Tavern (Sega Genesis) by Groovemaster303

02:20 ... who came up with that epic ultra fast snare idea ... love that shit ... any chance to get some noises in this part from you guys ... would be sweet
Amber Tavern (Sega Genesis) by Groovemaster303

the more ... the better ... well done guys :)

I really like what you did. Nice fast music with groove.
Pumpn by MaskedEpsilon

ah, that Robbie Williams song :P
One Hour One (SMD) by bakabaka

you get three likes from me. One for the tune, one for the epic username and one for the lamas ... good job :)
Dimmed-down Time by CarnivorouS

did I tell you that you are weird mate? :P
Teh Last Troll by nuclace

I would love to give two likes just because of the name of the tune ... haha

I am at 2:11 and I can tell you that the composition is badass ... totally agree to Jredd, I am having good times with the tune right now :)
Work Sucks [Ska] by Monotron

I would work more on the percussions as the snare keeps playing the same patterns all along the track. Like what you did, because not that much composers around here do such kind of music. Sweet stuff
Overture by Pixeltune

those long bars are mixed a bit to loud. I would put it back a bit. Anyways, I like the baseline and the used percussions a lot.
Wheely's Makeover by LaffeTheFox

achievement unlocked :P
Wheely's Makeover by LaffeTheFox

hahahaha, easy like xD
Laffe in Mega Man 2 by LaffeTheFox

hehe ... no no ... I want to be an Orc that has a rocket launcher which is triggered by a drum xD
Laffe in Mega Man 2 by LaffeTheFox

make a Wheely for me ;)
Laffe in Mega Man 2 by LaffeTheFox

Russian Winter by FotonCat

haha, that is somehow a classic FotonCat bassline. Had a lot of fun with the tune as usual :)

as long as it is that good you are allowed to cover the song :P
Starbound by Jredd

nice athmosphere
murd3r by h3xal1te

not bad man, I wished there was a melody instrument over it by times though

what fedepede04 says, really like the artwork!

that was some wicked stuff! Welcome my man!

I agree to MaskedEpsilon, though I think for a first attempt its really nice ... you just have to play with the limitations of the DMG :)

I had my fun with "Essentiell - Doch gar nicht Wichtig"

gratulations that you hit the first place. You deserve it!
Azure Promise by MaskedEpsilon

had to download it to get it running, the stream does not work somehow ... ahh I remember that one ... one of my maskedepsilon-favourites. Love the birds!
Hysteria (Muse cover) by gotoandplay

ah, now I am at the end ... the pulse there is way more pleasing ... yeah, make that triangle a bit more quiet and everything should be fine
Hysteria (Muse cover) by gotoandplay

I really like dat a lot ... agree to what Jredd said. I would use some reverb on the main melody instrument, but thats just a matter of taste
Surfing on lo-fi waves by 8BITchintendo

Underestimation by CarnivorouS

the track sounds like a ghost ship that is sailing through a thick fog, haha
Underestimation by CarnivorouS

dude, I am at 6 mins ... I swear I will take it to the end :D

that remembers me SO much of the first Castlevania on the DMG! Sweet sweet stuff
Pumpkin Seed by JeMappelle

oh, I liked that tune a lot ... well done
Snow-Coated Suburbs by skinnyhead

JUST TONIGHT by less3an

I like your new avatar a lot man

I love it too, did you make it yourself?

sweet stuff

hey mate, come into Skype, I have to show you something :)

damnit, I missed that one ... sweet stuff as always, your instruments are always a pleasure to my ears :)

I think the main melody instrument is a bit loud, but I like that tune a lot

seriously, that track was exactly what I wanted ^^ sweet stuff dudes *hitting play again*

woah dudes, the drumtrack is way awesome!

that would be the perfect music for an ice level in a game

sweet to see that your stuff is coming along :) Like what you are doing ... I would maybe try to get the main melody more dynamic. Instead of having notes at all 1/8 I would try to manage some more rests here and there between the notes

sweet, did not see you around since long time. Nice to hear some new stuff from you. Contains the special carlschutz spice as always :)
Gewitter by TRIaC

some sweet noises in there, I like dat!

happy birthday man, nice track guys
A Quest To Nowhere by deadbeatblast


that was fantastic
Casion Art by Dropbit

Apocalypse by RadicalPresident

reminds me a lot of a game I am playing at the moment, nice instruments! :)
The Invisibles new jam by SpacemanFantastiques

wow, nice ending!
The Invisibles new jam by SpacemanFantastiques

much love from here :) I love that version a lot!

I love the instrumentation a lot, well done
PewPewPew by Kubbi

thanks for that dude, got me think of something I want to do in my tunes too :)
Ruby by Zeropass

ah yes, then it still does not support full midi import with several channels, or did you find a way to manage that?
You Can't Beat the Light by MaskedEpsilon

I did get your files btw. ... loved the music and cannot wait to see that game, seems to be something I could really enjoy. Another question, would you mind sharing that snare sample, I would love to play around with it. Cheers!
You Can't Beat the Light by MaskedEpsilon

more old stuff!
Ruby by Zeropass

sweet track mate, like the melodies a lot. So you are playing around with ableton, what about midi import and export? :)
LGPT_666 by Person

I like the drum patterns you used. If you want to create an evil athmosphere you should look in the internet what moll key would fit to get what you want and then just use the notes that belong to it
Death Spark by Jredd

Nice track dudes, love how it flows. Will you make a track like "Volt City" in future? I loved that one a lot :)

will you make music like that one again, loved that tune :) ... nice to see another one on fruity loops around here :)
FIRE by Voretx

nice sound textures around here. Really like what the tune wants to tell me :)
Party by TommyCreep

sounds rad, though I would try to give the leadbass more strength in the lower frequencies. I would also try to get some more aggression into the snare and hi-hats. I think you could do a lot there with short noises instead of long sweeping ones. I hope CC is welcome :)
Event by MaskedEpsilon

its always a joy to listen to you :)
Stompin' by Dos

that was very entertaining to me. Nice to hear you experimenting with stuff like that

You hade some fun with ramping squares ... haha. I like dat, shows that you are experimenting :) I would use them not that much, when you write some new stuff though they can do some cool effects ^^ I like the noise snare you are using here, but due to the recording I am not able to hear much of the hi-hat noises, so it would be sweet if would upload a better recorded tune here. Then I have some CC to the base line. It is just punching every measure ... you should variate that a bit and too the snares. I made an example for an example baseline to express what I mean: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/763096/Baseline for Dropbit.mp3 Anyways, I like to hear that you are experimenting and finding your way and what do do sounds not bad for someone who just recently started. I see some big potential :) Your avatar is very irritating btw... I first thought oh dear one troll arrived here and then I saw your drawings and thought that I was wrong in my thinking. You can do such wonderful drawings, why don't you make one of those your avatar? That would be as effective as your actual avatar but way nicer. I hope you do not get that wrong

what should I say oh my master of ambient music. I fucking love your style, but I think you know that :)
Not Enough Time by Alexpowrs

much better :) ....uuuh, I like the mixing in that one a lot. I would love to hear the bass do something different then playing offbeat somewhere in the middle of the tune but as it is on an actual album take this as CC for future tracks. Drum fills after 4 patterns would also be sweet to keep things fresh during the tune. You could also mix the noise hihats a bit louder in my opinion. Sounds like much anger, but it isn't ... I really like what you are going for and would love if it was even better! :)
Not Enough Time by Alexpowrs

Will listen to that later at home but please please change that avatar, it makes my eyes bleed ;)

really like what you are doing here with the baseline :) I would try to work on some percussion fills with the snares here and there to make it more fluent. The instruments are pretty nice, liked them all though a high melody instrument would add a lot to that in my opinion. Anyways, sweet track!

Everything is fine here though much is to do in real life at the moment :)

hey man, I have tried something out to give you kinda inspiration. I hope you like dat :) https://dl.dropbox.com/u/763096/noiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzes.mp3

very nice, that could be a great theme for a more grown up pokemon stiled game ... just the imagination to let things like that fight for me makes me feel like HELL YEAH!

concept art by Dropbit

you are very talented sir
Forever by MaskedEpsilon

samples would be sweet :) I still have my old email-adresses

lawl, what a game ... hehe, that one is the first one I really played http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-orPpiZy5I :)

you need a video with some kittens that are chasing through the night :)
Limitless (303 Reason Mix by Groovemaster303

sweet remix of that fine piece :)

I really like that a lot, you have a drone sound going on through the tune ... what about putting some attack and release to it, could sound nice
Forever by MaskedEpsilon

hey man, I asked you something on my tune, I am not sure if you have seen it. Didn't you work on the music for a game some time ago? What happened to that?

hehe, I had my first computer 1986 but I was damn young :)
Forever by MaskedEpsilon

I never said anything about handclaps :P you lied!

Its really amazing how fast you are pulling out all of those tunes and they never dissapoint. Keep up that good work man :)

nice to hear what you can take out of LSDJ, sweet stuff!

I really love that melody instrument that comes in at 0:28. You made that 1988? Jesus, it seems that there are some guys around there topping my age :)

sounds sweet so far, not a big fan of that high toms but I enjoyed the setting of this one a lot

sweet, I am glad to see you around here too

I love me some 160bpm ... nice start dude. I would bring some more variation into the baseline somewhere inside the tune. Do also more with the noisssse :)
Final day of 2012 by dusthillguy

I just love your stuff <3
Winces by breakphase

groovy, I like dat!
Corazones de Papel by clsource

not bad, but I would put more detail into the bassline and try to get some more variation into the background lead too

I like what you do at about 3:30 ... sweet use of the samples, had my fun with that
Crow-bit by LaffeTheFox

A Banana for Priority by CarnivorouS

woah, that was really athmospheric ... love it!

love the snare sound and the glitches and the haunting melodies ... sweet stuff man!
Circles by Skycstls

I love that sounds you are doing at 0:06 for example ... that noisework it awesome :) I would put some triplets into the baseline where it goes 4 to the floor

I still love that tune. Your mixing is always so spot on! Keep doing what you are doing :)

sweet cover, I like that. If I may give some CC, I would work on the mixing, cannot hear much from the bass, because the drums are too loud in my opinion. I would also do something with the background noise, because it is scratching in the background and could be more crisp and dominant

sweet stuff

very interesting blend of sounds dudes!
Hypnotic Arabian Mystery by Groovemaster303

exactly what the title says, sweet tune

LSDJ with groove is always welcome, well done

sweet jam
I Dress Tastelessly by CarnivorouS

that is some Grindchip :D
Not Much by GoodMannerz

as Jredd said, something is missing to fill the lows ... you need to put a bass into more of it :)

that was some nice groove, like the melodies you made a lot. More of that!
Scrape The Tape by Gigglesplat

I would love to hear a deeper bass with long bars at 3:08. Dunno if thats possible

I like what you have so far

that was weird but pretty charming
Last News by lxtxcx

thats way awesome, nice idea behind the pic

that lead sound is interesting, sounds a bit like an overdriven guitar. Sweet stuff

yummy! I really like the tracks you are posting lately, the voice is a great addition to your sound!

sweet stuff mate, really enjoyed that one? One question, do you still make the kick with magical? Its sounds sweet
Machinery by Kubbi

dat bass!

you put so much details in there. Like the tune a lot, must listen more deeply into it. Thanks for that wonderful piece

nice to hear something from you my man, I like that tune a lot

I love how driving it is

you are just like me, you like teh wicked

I take everything back :P
I inc. by Kubbi

pretty nice, I love when you do chilled stuff

hey, you stole my charts position because of your self like :D

very interesting!

I liked the tune in parts but I would love to hear a downtempo breakdown somewhere inbetween
Stormn' by MaskedEpsilon

uh, I did not know that one. Very sweet for some early work. Not bad!

I had a lot of fun with that one, thanks for making all those Zelda covers :)
Adulthood by Starpilot

dude, that is awesome stuff. Congratulations!
Blooming Oysters by CarnivorouS

there is no doubt, you must be one of the madest guys around here ... and that is a compliment :)

got me with the first note ... makes me wanna play!
Concrete by Kubbi

woah, that was unexpected ... nice, looking forward to the album
Lucid Dreams by JerBearX

there is no need to leave the kick alone like you did here and there ... give it support from the nice noises :)
Lucid Dreams by JerBearX

that was some sweet noise action in there. Well done my man

well, that was fun .... I have to show that to a friend, he will love it

mad people are the best people :)
Nanaimo by Kommisar

Dude! I like when you do mad stuff. At 0:52 you should put more strenght to the driving melody that is going on there (maybe play it in chords or put some release on it dunno), that would be nice

First of all, I like that track ... concerning the end I would take the percussions back like you did, try to let the arp instrument play a slow countermelody to the main melody instrument, then cut bass and most of the percussions (I would say just some hihats should be in then) and let those two melody instruments form the end of the tune as a strong duo. I think that would work sweet! @HolyKonni: you mad bro?
F▲†Ǝ by Balloonbear

found some haters, eh? I like those glitchy percussions. Sweet sweet stuff man

nice to see you around here man ... that one made my day! :)

I hope you get much love for than ... you make at least one Zelda fanboy lucky with this wonderful cover
Old Friends (2012) by FotonCat

that one is one of my favs from you. Did you speed it up?

nice percussions sounds you have here
Rolling Roc by SpacemanFantastiques

it's so full of hope, I love that :)
Laboratory No. 8 by FotonCat

nice to see you man, sweet as always
Urban Pixel Art by Skycstls

I want that in my neighbourhood too
my 3rd painting by Zeropass

sweet :)

would you post the lyrics or put them into the description ... like the sound you are going for a lot ... darkmode = achieved. The song title is also awesome, like dat
Jade Hills by Jredd

I love the change after around a minute, that was what I was waiting for ... sweet stuff dude, very uplifting
StuffStuffer by mush

what you have so far is not bad, looking forward to the completed version. I would change the percussion patterns after a while and make the tune go into another setting ... there are a lot of possibilities :)
Defend! by MaskedEpsilon

Surplus means that I like it a lot :-)
Defend! by MaskedEpsilon

Quiet short at the moment. I would extend it to around 1:30 - 2:00 to get more variation into the loop. I like the melodies a lot and the percussions are crisp as always. I hear a lot of detail most of the tune and like that very much. That driving background lead is surplus btw! I would maybe try to find some more patterns for it with just a tiny variation, not much ... that would be cool. Anyways, like!
Red Sky At Night by TheVIRUSEmpire

the build-up could be shorter for my taste. I think 0:33 should kick in on 0:18 together with the hi-hats. Like the bass and melody instrument afterwards though the instrument sounds pitched down, I would pitch it down too, 1:08 does not deliver much new so I would cut that and bring 1:24 earlier. I can get what fedepede means and share his opinion about that off-melodies, but that is just a matter of taste, you go for a special feeling that just does not work for me. I like the samples but through the end not much more happens. I would work on more melody variations through the tune and spend more time with it. It is a good start and has potential, but you have to work on it to give it something special that makes me want to listen to the tune again. Hope those words are not to harsh, but I had to comment, because I think you are capable in doing better stuff! Cheers man!
Disco Train by TheNBN

noises, yummey!!!
Möbius Acid by Groovemaster303

the mixing is awesome btw, big hugs for that
Möbius Acid by Groovemaster303

I need to do some acid too ... thats so sweet music :)
Jeca Analogue by kfaraday

that is authentic ... make a game :)
Magda by Kommisar

I still like that one ... the noise channel does pretty great stuff :)
Discovery by MaskedEpsilon

sounds sweet so far, extend it ... you could bring another long bar instrument after that snippet and support it with an arpy lead

dat compilation must be da bomb, nice track!

take that link, here is just the music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1nhkCByv-E

I love that mega man tom in the background. You should maybe for some mega man percussions for the kick too, like here in that tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgIaFz-tFTc
Orchid by daisy

woah that solo was awesome ... feels a bit empty here and there, would lay some other patterns into the background ... anyways, the melodies are totally sweet, I like dat

I need to check that compilation so hard. Awesome track mate, is there anything new since the last time you showed me ... cannot remember the WIP anymore ... anyways, you really did a good job on that. ... aah, now I am at a new solo ... sweet
Land, Air, and Sea by PiecesOfEight

that is actual the longest drum solo I ever head made with chip background <3 you made my day
Land, Air, and Sea by PiecesOfEight

oh yeah, I love that beast :) ... how did you make that awesome bass?
Sega Funk Zone by Groovemaster303

sweet man, I always like your groovey-ness a lot
The Fourth Dimension by Parallelis

had a lot of fun with that tune, feels a bit empty here and there though and could need some additional melody instruments. A strong leading melody instrument during the whole tune in addition would be nice

love those percussion sounds

that was sweet, Digging the mad science theme :)

sweet, totally missed that picture

Put it in the DB, must see when I have time and passion for that

hate is the wrong expression :) it's funny, but if I listen to this on my phone I am sure that it will annoy me after some time. Can I write an intro for ya? :P
Antipop (Primus Cover) by CarnivorouS

<3 Primus <3 .... awesome

nice one, perfectly fits the name
Bound to Nothing by Zeropass

we have to do something together again man, I loved working with you :)
Gangnam Style by MyLifeIsPixels

I would freak out to that on the dancefloor. Good job!

I like it without some extra layers, not everyting has to be overloaded. More of that ... totally chilled music
Transcend by Jredd

So today I decided to crawl through the new shiny and glossy ubc and I did not reget my descition. A lot of cool tracks online and this is no exeption. I love you VGMM stuff dude, would you do some fast metal in it for me? :)

nice one!
Forerunner by Frostbyte

woah, that was some sweet unce :)

Did I ever tell you, that I hate you? Prepare for some rage :P I played the game "Spectromancer" (which was pretty nice btw.) and it just had 3 tracks in the soundtrack. They were all nice and a bit cheesy. After a while (played 50 hours or what on the game) those tunes were burnt that deep into my mind that I have an earworm everytime I think about that damn game. I was also not able to turn it of because without the music the game was not the same. Why did they only want 3 tunes from you, they must have been some masochists. Hehe :) Anyways, I like the tune a lot (as expected) the instruments were awesome and I really love all the solo action in it. Makes my metal heart scream out of joy. <3
The Final Frontier by RadicalPresident

nice arps after 0:44 <3
Temporal by Gigglesplat

once this got going I fell in love with it. Nice ambient and sweet choice of instruments. More of that my man!

I really like your cover, though I wished it had an intro that is not that disturbing :)
Black Rainbow by CarnivorouS

I thought about what you wrote man, thanks a lot. It's very pleasing to know that there are some real fans around there :)

that was fun, a lot of reverb on the vocals ... I like that

I would try to shorten it to 4 minutes and take all the good stuff in. Anyways, good work

sweet athmosphere ... the song title is totally fitting imo. I love how the bass hits after 3 minutes
Black Rainbow by CarnivorouS

exactly what Jredd said :D

that might be my new fav by you guys :)

I had a lot of fun with that one, complete it :)
Toaster by Kubbi

that was nice
Eraser to Erase Her by PiecesOfEight

that was wicked, liked that a lot
Unrest A-OK! by PiecesOfEight

hahahahaha, you really trolled me at the beginning. Sweet stuff dude, keep the good work!
Homestead by nuclace

sweet ambient
dizzy lizzy by AlexOgre

that was not bad :)

oh, you pushed up the kick a lot since I listened last to one of your tracks. It should maybe be a bit deeper in the kick. The tune itself is sweet at expected. Nice melodies
27 by gsmith

I agree with CarnivorouS concerning to the bassline ... should really be mixed more into the background. I would simply put the bass instrument into one channel and mix it a bit less in volume. Anyways, it is a nice piece like the others said, but I did not expect something bad from GSmith :) Nice to see you back!
Hatin and Flakin by PiecesOfEight

had a lot of fun with that tune, lots of interesting details that really hooked me
Swan Lake by RebootMe

that was fun ... never thought about puting this into 8bit but its really effective as you did
Zoombie by Jredd

that could be a nice part of a whole song man ... do something with it!
Fatality by WAV

Fatality by WAV

thanks man, I am glad you like it. You can also search us on facebook if you want to hear some of the older tunes :)

that was pretty nice and totally interesting. I think you two clash very well together

I love the new noise snare you took a lot ... you should play with it in the higher frequencies too!
THANAstine by PANDAstar

sweet Panda! Would love to hang out with you and make a tune together :P I bet I could add a lot to what you do ^^ ... Jesus! that drum and base part with the build up afterwards is awesome, well done :)

sounds sweet so far, really like all the nice pitch bends in here. I would bring in some more notes after 01:00 or add another layer to the tune there, so it sounds like more than in the section before. Anyways, sweet start, I am very glad that you start to produce music again!
Galaxys by CybernetiX

Sweet dude, the noise channel is sexy and so is the whole tune :)

I can add nothing to the previous comment
Red Gateway by JeMappelle

I love the distorted bass ... awesome work man, more of that!
Zetafacts by dotexe

that is some wicked stuff ... seriously! :)

I like a lot what you did here, though it was a shame that it was lacking new content after a while. I mean, you variated the stuff that is there a lot, but a change of instrumentation and some fresh melodies would pimp the tune a lot

I am at the middle at the moment, the athmosphere before was sweet but that release here, just beautiful :)
Juggernaut by Kubbi

I like how you are getting better with each tune :)
Intergalactic by singkongbalado

not a bad tune at all, but I would like it more if some melodies would stand more in the foreground like after 2:10 ... before there is much playing along but nothing can hold my attention and I am rather confused ... ya ... there at 2:39 ... that moment is perfect would be nice to have more than that during the tune, becuase that 30 seconds are fucking awesome

I really like that tune, cannot believe nobody commented on this yet. Is that just reverb on the noises or whatelse do you apply on them? I love how they sound
Juicy Fruit by SkipSandwichDX

I like the main theme of the tune though it is somehow typical SkipSandwich stuff. You should try to break some borders and try something new. Different instruments than your normal ones etc.. The mixing sounds a bit dull, but I do not know if you intended that ... I would try to get some more treble in there. Anyways, keep the good work
Shofu 2 by fuxter

I think that is a matter of taste ... you can get it better sounding without processing, but that means a lot of more work to do :)
Shofu 2 by fuxter

on the main mixer channel he could try to heighten the high frequencys within the mixer, that could solve the problem that it sounds dull

I like the shirt

F-Zero Inspired LSDJ by SkipSandwichDX

old but gold, I like that one

got me from the beginning. The bass is sexy, woah ... now it kicked in, nice sounds! What are you working with dude? Anyways, nice to see you are publishing good tunes after good tunes. Can't wait to hear more from you. That haunting melody is awesome
Shofu 2 by fuxter

I like what you two did here ... concerning to the dullness, who had the FL part? I could help out. Cheers
Mu by Solarbear

DAMN! Gimme some metauuuuuuuul

come on Sam, write the thing from scratch on new, you can do it! Love the reverb :)

that was some sweet stuff, a shame that I cannot hear the panning because I am limited to one ear. Good job man, keep up the good work!
Latino Sango by VCMG

that was some fine music, I can echo the others and escpecially roboctopus because the bridge really rocked my socks

oh yes, I really liked that ... AND I like that it is depressing. You should do more ballads :)

I really liked what I got once it kicked in, good work!
Starships (Nicki Minaj) by xCriticalStrikex

Nice to see you around here. Sweet track with catchy melodies
Song37 by Ayu

I like your noisechannel work so far though it is repetitive, some more patterns would be cool. Expect much from that in the future, you sure have some potential
Perdition Crisis by Kommisar

dat melodies!

That tracker sounds so goddamn classic (sexy!) ... well done, both of you :)

I love the kick!

did you record the vocals, or is it a sample? Anyways, I liked the tune and the vocals a lot
Different Place by canell

sweet stuff dude, missed the basedrum a bit but I liked what I got

Earthworm Facts by cartoonbomb

Spaceman sums it up. Very interesting track, so much change <3
Stray Temple by JeMappelle

I like those dry drum sounds. Sweet chilled track
Longing by SpacemanFantastiques

that would be a perfect opener for a guitar chip album. Really looking forward towards what will come next, keep the good work (and I am sure you will ^^)
Mystics Ascent by Zeropass

the new percussion sounds fit nicely to your style and I have to agree with Rekua, your bass sounds awesome meanwhile ... your "sound" is really coming along!
SeaVoyage by Sukie

I really missed your stuff man, very special as always ... keep the good work!
Lux Aeterna by Voretx

I some kind of liked the square drums you used here. Did you make the tune with magical?

nice to see you around here ... nice track, I liked the part at 0:47 a lot ... really felt the tune flowing :)

So good²
Last Breath VIP by PandasAttack

oh fucking yes!

haha, I love the mid part dude, that bass is sounding like my cat when it is purring, I would definetly vote for a more "cat-ish" name for the tune :)

hey man, nice to see you ... long time since I heard a track made in that way, sweet stuff
When i´m 8BIT by Gampoy

that made me listen to a lot of dubstep ... I hate you :P
Mellow by Kubbi

woah man, the percussions could not be better. Way fun!
Pulse Wave Dancin by KOSMOPOP2

welcome man, nice tune :)

sweet tune dude, liked it. Haha, thats some nice rave music after 1:20. I would try to bring a more simple melody into that part. Already had a melody coming into my mind while listening to it. Anyways, that was fun!
ABC News Theme by secretpeter

liked the melodies in that a lot. Wished it was a bit more interesting in the percussions, but thats me ... not a so big fan of unce :) anways, keep the good work, you know how to write such stuff

it seems that there is much nice music on the front atm and this tune here is no exception. Like the melodies a lot and the percussion sounds are dope
Right here by canell

What Jredd said. Very authentic :)
Metroid Based by 8BrickDMG

I really liked all those catchy melodies you are using here. I wondered if you could find a better kick sound, because the baseline could be way more present than it is at the moment. It is a bit dull and in the background at the moment ... maybe more mids on it could be nice. Really love the noises that come in at 2:16 ... sweet stuff. The main theme could be a bit more dynamic ... some more short notes to make the melody flow more, would love to lay my hands on that bitch ... haha. Besides of all the critisicm, I really liked what I got from you and am looking forward to what you will make next. Cheers!

well that was fun :)
Krock, Problem by danmark

I think of starting a tune in the way you did here and at about 60-80 seconds runtime bring in some energy pumped percussions and a straight dance punchlin

oh, that will be fun, looking forward to that

what intro ... that really pulled the ??? out of my head and then it kicked in and I loved what you delivered ... nice tune, never stop making music dude, would you promise that? :)

woah, that was nice, sweet arrangement

I also liked this a lot though I would love to hear some more drum fills. Anyways, I would freak out on that stuff on the dancefloor, so well played :)

that was the most wicked cover I every heart of last Christmas ... great interpretation

always a pleasure to listen to your stuff ... dig the ambience

did you intend to make the bass that loud. I mean that sinish-bass ... I would calm that beast down a bit. Anyways, happy birthday dude

The bass in the middle is just too sexy, great work. More of that!
Krock, Problem by danmark

the mixing in that one was very interesting man ... I would love to hear another tune, where you mix that way and pull up the power after a intro passage
Neolectrical by VCMG

I really enjoyed that one, thanks!
Boy who loves by Milkdrop

sweet patterns you have in here, wished the build up was a bit faster in parts ... anyways, I dig the sound of this a lot ... well done dude
EP Preview by roboctopus

really looking forward to that EP, everything sounds awesome

that haunting lead instrument is wicked. Love the build up in that one, a lot of tension. woah 1:15 ... the soundwall is incredible, nice! ... have to listen again to that ... puts cursor to 1:15 ... sweet, more of that shit! Awesome track!
Goodbye Windfish by CHICKENANDROFLS

nice stuff, though I would reconsider the bass patterns ... something that would give the fast lead instruments more justice would be nice :)

I wondered how it would sound if you put some faster baselines into some of the parts, though I liked that a lot ... very busy tune :) reminded me a bit of Castlevania in some bits
Svendsviner (OPL3) by fedepede04

sweet :)!
Nowhere Islands by SkipSandwichDX

awesome noise channel work
Chasing Kitsune by Solarbear

stab stab ... stasta statatab ... gets better with every listening ... I really love that part
juiCHi by PANDAstar

damnit ... listen to this and read the post ... not that easy to explain within Website font stupid shit aaaah limitations ;) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/763096/damnit.mp3
juiCHi by PANDAstar

does not have to be much complicated ... something like: k___k___k___k_kkk___k___k_k_k_kkk ____s________s__ s____ s__s_ s__s_sss Next try :) That would be sweet ^^
juiCHi by PANDAstar

I think the Poppy kick has its charme somehow, anyways ... I liked that unce, you are good in what you are doing, though I would suggest to put some more drum fills into the straight to the floor parts it to get it less repetitive. Anyways, I liked what you did ... the noise channel is sweet
juiCHi by PANDAstar

ah, I see ... Chrome was the problem, yeah I am using Chrome :) ... will listen to it, now :)
juiCHi by PANDAstar

dunno why, but I cannot play that tune :(

that was some weird stuff, really liked that sound engeneering you did ... very interesting
Chasing Kitsune by Solarbear

I really loved that part in the middle. That driving bass combined with the stabbing action is the shit ... makes me want to make some music soon :)

go to ebay and buy it :)
Finish AT Last (Opl3) by fedepede04

a little noise on some of the instruments = always welcome :)
I Lost My Keys by awesomeforce

promising title, nice sounds. Really like what you are going for with this one, cannot wait to hear what you will add to it. An additional melody to the fast part would be awesome
Whatever I do by TRIaC

exactly what I need right now, well done ... I really like now I can hear your way to write melodies, tend to write the same way often :)

yeah, exactly what TRIaC says, some supporting melodies in that one would be nice
Gutter Fairyz by idevourstatic

that is by far the best I have ever listened to by you. It is so damn interesting to listen what the noises are doing. Was a nice adventure that tune, thanks!

a lot of cool stuff around in the front at the moment, really enjoy hanging around here. Love the chosen instruments for the tune ... I am at the dubstep part at the moment, sweet stuff ... you say it is a WIP so here is my try to bring the track into a certain direction ... I would LOVE to hear it go for a straight bassline with some nice dance stuff :)
Fwd March by MegaFlare

yeah man, that was nice different stuff. Dig the mix a lot, those drums are badass, you easily could make a tune, where you make an intro like in that way and bring a stronger part with bigger percussions and octaviated melodies in order to put the listener into a dance trance. Really really like what you did, well done

wicked but awesome stuff :)
Emerald Horizons by Zeropass

:) ... I really like how you evolved during the last year
This is my Light by Zeropass

I like the intro in that one a lot ... sweet tune with that Zeropass chill in it

hell yeah!
The way home by SkipSandwichDX

had a lot of fun with that one, well done

that was some cool stuff. Would love to hear an additional slow melody somewhere in there
NYX by PANDAstar

do a ballad!

that metal plate is really cool, does the symbol have a meaning?

you love some anime stuff, heh? :D

Nice mate, did not know that you are so good with MSPaint :) show us more!
NYX by PANDAstar

wow, that is some haunting stuff. I LOVED the intro, that was so emotional, wished you hat some heavy hitting snares in the fast part, but that is a minor problem. Thats really cool stuff ... you are evolving into a direction I am totslly looking forward to.

that was totally weird, what awesome text, haha ... well done Konni
In A Line Of Fire by fedepede04

how could I miss that. You have some awesome tracking skills. I would really try to make some more music instead of testing the instruments. With some practice you would make some killer tracks. I really liked that one though I wondered how much better it could be if you did some more variation into the song structure, a whole new part that fits into the song additionally. Sweet, I am really looking forward listening to the other tune
Load Game (Ft. ChasingBleeps) by RadicalPresident

the tune somehow feels like a high melody instrument is the only thing that would make it totally sweet
Sleet by Kubbi

I like when you do calm stuff, more of that ... the mid part is awesome
Saffron City by ZenZero

I like what it is there though I wished the melodies had some more variation during the playtime

awesome as usual :)
Debilitating Zen by CarnivorouS

hey :) noiiiise ... now another advice ... more variation in the drum patterns would be nice :)

not bad dude, reminds me a lot on stuff I did in the past ... you should try to play with the bass in there and make it play something like __-____-____-____-___ , I hope you get what I mean the low dashes are something like C3 and the high ones C4

Zeropass = pure melancholy ... I love it :)

sweet sounds in here. Like it very much, I think you should speed it up after the runtime is over, that would perfectly fit
Song10 by Ayu

what about "The embers are still glowing" :D
Tidal Force by Kubbi

liked the part with the ambient lead most ... pretty nice tune :)

I had a lot of fun with this one, good job

congratulations :)

hell yeah, second album :)

nice noise channel, had a lot of fun with the tune ... :)
477OFM3 by VAN17INO6

hey Mr. 17 in 06, welcome to the site. I liked the tune once it kicked in and would suggest to shorten the build-up a bit and bring the kick earlier

Hi man, welcome here :) I would try to take a main melody instrument with some more dirt factor. Your tunes are always so different. I liked that bit without melody at around 1/2 best, I think you should make a noisy tune without melodies and a lot of other stuff going on, could be fun!

dunno if its my PC but the sound is a bit cracked up

really like the keychange at 1/3 ... sweet tune :)

I like how you polish your sound more each time. The mixing is tight
All Out of Bubblegum by roboctopus

insert nice comment
Ecstasy by Obtuse

listened another time, I think you should try to bring some more variation into the melodies and drum patterns. You patterns are badass, but the tune needs more of them :)
Ecstasy by Obtuse

woah dude ... whoever you are, I liked what you did a lot. Nice work on the percussions, cool track
Damage by Kubbi

the last 1/3 was best
Rising by VCMG

yeah, there it is ... and still good to me ... nice work dude :)

Sweet as always man ... the structure in that one is superb!
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