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Nice video! I just redownloaded and holy they made the program more closer to the gameboy version and the interface is a hell of a lot easier then the original android version was...

Oh update?, gotta check that out...

I use to use the crap out of it on my android, I can't find my back up tracks... I never new there was a black theme to it, looks awesome!

Buttons look awesome, the whole thing looks like stone~

implying this is MSpaint

how do you call that thing with sliders?

does that case have cracks on it, looks like someone spilled coke in the lighting ha

It's a KORG Monotribe with stickers, Pikachu, and legs on it.

It's a KORG Monotribe with stickers on it.

3463r 2 637 my v0lc483475!

Nice. I love the laser cases.

Nice, I was wondering if anyone/ how many people has snapped up one of Arfink's cases

cool lsdj logo the eye, not so much......

Don't buy, just download and use. My PSD is right in the description for all to use freely!

Nice. (You could finish the shelling and use my label if you like)

that's p fucking rad!

I've got a white tama cart as well, although I won't be drilling any holes in it, just going to put one of my 32mb smartcards in it to avoid the hassle

pretty neat, could work for an album cover
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Blasphemy by AZURE

haha nice

damn...dat zelda edition camera!
been lookin for that for awhile meow, that musta been a bitch
to find..mad props
Clear GB Pocket by JoeBleeps

damn...does look mega clear lol >.<
National Suicide Day by DeerPresident

really like all the panning, great shtuff

noice, cant wait