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I posted a screenshot of my desktop on another forum, with this as the background, and a dude by the name of "tYyPpI" upscaled the original image, and made [url=]this[/url]

I think I just found a new wallpaper
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This is fantastic, any chance you'll share the script?
8-bit Night! by TommyCreep

Hopefully Sam and I will make it up for this!
New hair!! by sigflup

Gotta go fast

I love this art style, and I definitely encourage it.

From the thumbnail I thought this just said 'Red'. I was hoping someone was going to release a chiptune cover album of Taylor Swifts album, Red.
face2face by Balloonbear

When you put the photoset on tumblr I thought 'Woah, that goto80 fellow looks just like Yegor'.
It took me longer than it should have to realised.
But cool picture nonetheless.
Clear GB Pocket by JoeBleeps

Is it just me, or is it clearer than a normal pocket? The one I had was really cloudy.
Though now it's just awfully painted and green.

At first I thought 'this is kinda cool, doesn't sound very 2xlsdj' and then it hits 1:00 and AWH MAN IT'S GOOD.

Oh this is nice. Your other stuff is p rad too. Good work, look forward to hearing more.

dudes this is fab
Aperture Boy by Alexpowrs

Woah, this is so rad. Do you mind if I post this image on the uc tumblr? I'll properly credit you.

if i hear this again i will cry
HonkyBoy by b4byf4c3

What case is this?
"SmoothBoy" by zaxxon

Did you take alot of the plastic off with the sanding? It looks almost new colour wise.
May be a great way to restore a console to looking good.
Goldboy by b4byf4c3

This is pretty cool. I'm thinking of doing something similar to this to one of mine, but I'm going to use metallic paint rather than acrylic or whatever.
What did you use for this? It looks a little blotchy, so I'm assuming it's a spray can or something?
For a better finish try using an airbrush and thinning the paint, such a nicer effect.

Oh my, that hideous circular saturn pad. what were they thinking.
BUTTMAN by Saneko


Can't seem to get this to play, download didn't work either.
Ellipse by Auxcide

Seriously one of my favourite songs ever. Though the live versions always sound better.

Is it possible to download a version of this without the lyrics? The tune is amazing.

This is so weird, but ever so cool. Good job.
orion by raptorface

This was cool, but ruined by the random sound bits.
Mystical Rush by Jredd

Pretty cool, why can't I see an album link? You've released quite a few cool things.
Bright Matter by Kubbi

This is awesome, love your stuff!

This is so strange. But I like it, oddly enough.
Pale Blue Dot by awesomeforce

Woah, this is rad.

I was listening to this in the shower this morning, Top tune.
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