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good fun! it's a bit repetitive for me at times, but i guess you only had a week right?

if you're still messing around with it you could add ornaments and other unique little things so it doesn't sound like it's stuck in a loop - the hi-hat is a bit washy for me too, but that's probably just me

the Speccy event sounds great! did your track make it into a game?



your stereo is amazing

okay lemme check it

Nice selection

dat bass int he begining

didn't you play this one at Chipstow? either way, its sick.

dude let me download this i fucing live hear people will love you

what a great Pop tune

i shared link ;)

ill a k-pop song from WONDERGIRLS <3

:O I LOVE YOU i live in korea love this song kiss me

the build-up could be shorter for my taste. I think 0:33 should kick in on 0:18 together with the hi-hats. Like the bass and melody instrument afterwards though the instrument sounds pitched down, I would pitch it down too, 1:08 does not deliver much new so I would cut that and bring 1:24 earlier. I can get what fedepede means and share his opinion about that off-melodies, but that is just a matter of taste, you go for a special feeling that just does not work for me. I like the samples but through the end not much more happens. I would work on more melody variations through the tune and spend more time with it. It is a good start and has potential, but you have to work on it to give it something special that makes me want to listen to the tune again. Hope those words are not to harsh, but I had to comment, because I think you are capable in doing better stuff! Cheers man!

yknow I'm not hearing 1:25-1:30 as a problem, it just sounds modal to me, and i love modes

you are right Daisy, I don't know, if the notes are F#, but the break the current scale, there is also one more place around 1.25 -1.30, but you main melodies is great

lovely melodies, love dem bends too

dem bends! love em! i think what fedepede04 is referring to is the F#s in the lead, they sound rather strange over the F chord underneath cos they're only a semitone (half-step) away and sound pretty dissonant without warning, maybe switch em for an F and it'll all be gravy :D

Hi. it have some good parts, but if I were you, when I would take a look Around 2.32-2.35, I Think that it is a little to of key, to my taste.

Love dat bass sound


Just remember not to type "Google" into Google.

I quite lik the US version of The Office :/

haha need to watch this again, thank you for some radness

It almost was o-o (Love this cover)

This is excellent :D

I'd like to hear more variations in the bass line, otherwise it's good
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Words cannot describe how jealous I am right now. She's adorable!! >.<

Best calves on chip right there.

Compassion by Byzanite

The entire EP rocks man! Keep it up ;D SWC crew represent haha

Happened to me recently as well Balloonbear :( but never give up - EVER! I need more of your awesome music!!! >.<
We Are by bubu

BUBUUUU1!!!11!!11!! <3

love the shirt... and the hat!

Missing Thought by JeMappelle

Always love JeMappelle tracks >.< so much groove!
Call Me Maybe (Cover) by SophmoreSixtyFour

A would listen again!
Pixel Monster by Monotron

so cute! :3
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