joined on Sunday 8th of April 2012
Age 26, from Dresden, Germany. Doing Chipstuff since 2009, played about 50 Live-Gigs so far.
Only using nanoloop on the DMG. I tried LSDJ, but never got the hang of it.
Recently purchased Nanoloop 2.7 and LOVING IT.

Also, my second EP is finally here! POWERS OF TWO!
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Awesome! Stuff, dude whenever i see a radio in my dream I run up to it and turn it on, you'll always hear a song from another world!

Every song preview on here is rad. I will certainly check out this album in full tomorrow but for now I gotta get some sleep. I had to put a comment in here though man. I'm excited man, this sounds excellent :D.

I love your music dude, always have :).

sweet stuff. I like how it pushes through the song :)

This is really cool.

Ha ha that was fun :).

woaaaaah ab 01:00 gehts ja super ab! YEAH

Very cool sounds. :D :D :D

This is quite nice! :)

These all sound great. I can't wait to hear that album. Keep up the good work man! :)

Nice structure! :3

I like it :)

i really like that tremolo on the lead.

really like 2:36 - 2:53. that part is really great, especially the high airy sound that comes in is perfect

This has a nice melody :). It's kind of repetitive, but I don't really care too much because it's handled well :). I usually like what you make and this is no exception :). Nice job :D.

awesome! i rly like the rythm the whole thing is drenched in!

This is pretty rad dude :).

Wait a second - I hear a small "Hit!" Sample at (01:45-) 01:46 :? Ur using nanoloop - What is going on here?

some sweet noises in there, I like dat!

SAME but this is bas asssssss makes me wanna get started and learn the loop of the nanos :O

I never got the hang of with nanoloop and always a little bit of jeaoulus if i hear sounds in there i can't recreate with LSDJ D:<

This is really cool dude! One of my favorite game boy tracks I've heard in a long time, and the effects you use are done in just the right way. Is this nanoloop? Very impressive dude. This one is fantastic :D.

ㅋㅋㅋ 사랑 ㅋㅋㅋ

Pretty impressive dude. It has lots of variation , good sound design, is catchy as hell and yes it made me smile :). I'm sure it's going to be a hit.

This is really nice!

More variation would be good, maybe, otherwise good

very emotive. i like!


This is a tad repetitive, but still pretty chill.

really cool sounds and harmonies - i love what you did with the instruments. and what a break-in that was!

exactly what I need right now, well done ... I really like now I can hear your way to write melodies, tend to write the same way often :)

I love this track! :D Very very veeeeeery nice!

I really enjoy the melody in this. Time to check out your Soundcloud!
Comments Given
Forgotten by Pixeltune

This song sounds exactly the way I imagine what a rainbow tastes like.
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer by xCriticalStrikex

Hmmm, I mean the first 4 notes of the mainmelody starting at pretty exactly 0:18. Now that I listen to it a second time, it doesn't sound as wrong anymore. But I still feel that they're somehow too low...maybe it's just me remembering the song wrong...I'm confused.
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer by xCriticalStrikex

Pretty damn cool, BUT! What really hurts my ears is that the first few notes of the leadmelody are about two steps too low, therefore the first part made my ears ring :O
If you'd maybe change that, it would become daaaamn awesome!
Blessing by JeMappelle

Nice :) I enjoy this light-hearted stuff!
A Quest To Nowhere by deadbeatblast

yeah, nice. Too bad there is so few stuff from you lately
Adept by JeMappelle

its always impressive what one can do with a gameboy. Is this really just LSDJ?
Skachki krotov by stresstn

yeah! kicks ass!
Nexus by Pixeltune

I wouldn't say the piano is exactly bad, to my mind the piano-thing has just been recently over-used. Apart from that, the piano sound you used sounds somehow muffled, missing some heights there. The second part is damn awesome!
Raccoon Flicka by Kommisar

nice! a little too much wubwubwub for my taste, but its still pretty cool!

Pretty cool, like it.
I Lost My Keys by awesomeforce

Holy mother. This whole thing t is pretty damn cool! If losing your keys makes you go on a rampage like that I definately wanna hear what happens when you encounter some real tragedy...

This track really has some potential, but to my mind it needs some work as to the width of the melodies. There are some really cool moments, but overall I miss some supporting mid-range-melodies.
Sleet by Kubbi

Yep its awesome! Instant Download.
Tidal Force by Kubbi

You made me go on a favourite-raid on your soundcloud-acc just now. This stuff is catchy as hell. Keep it up!

I kinda miss a good grooveline with a wider kickdrum in it. But its pretty enjoyable anyways.
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