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that is how it is made ... that one would drag me to the dancefloor instantly

Happy b-day to ya StereOfBirhday)

Happy Birthday! *headbangs*

Really like it! In my opinion the bass could've been a little less loud so the melody jumps out more though.

holy cow, this is awesome. more of a cover but great none the less

I would love to hear more into that direction with some more embracing layer action

that was a wild ride, I am listening a second time to it at the moment. I don't know how the limitations of LSDJ are, but is it possible to get some more bass out of that kick? ... anyways, I like the experiment you did. Do you want to work more on that or make another tune into that direction?

Pretty much what Jredd said, there are a few notes that aren't the same as in the original, and the bass is different, but it fits.

Not bad! Has a few different notes from the original but still sounds pretty nice. Good job :).

this is great

this is wonderful

Awesome builds, really nice track man!

Did you make this dude? Pretty awesome anywho :D

This kept me entertain all the time it was playing. Good job!
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niceee.. :D

cut my voc. please!!! lol

wowwwww,,, good job man. \m/
909090!!! by sombreronegro

amazing work mate. :3
*untitled by cr33p0ch

arabian style. i like it dude. :) its so madness. :D

check your email mr.marcus. :)

OMFG. its good. good work man..
Indolence by Kubbi

good work kubbi. i can't wait the album :)

this is madnes.. <3
Stain by singkongbalado

wow. singkong balado :D nice music bro :D

ohhh no dragonforce \m/ you rock. \m/
The Spectator by Kubbi

sweet melody bro. :D
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