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dayummm man. this is rad.

Hey, I read your post from a year ago asking for collaboration, and I responded recently. I'll be open for that in a few days. Trying to get my BIG project done first, though.

I've never played Chrono Trigger before, but I can already tell that this is a great cover version, though I had not heard the original tune prior to this one. Curious, what tools did you use to make it? I hear Gameboy/NES sounds, but also some pretty high quality samples.

Oooooohhh! Preeetttyy!

nice stereo work. i like how it sounds very open and spacious. good cover

that was some nice experimental stuff

Pretty cool, I liked it, had a lot of sounds going around and I felt the Halloween.

ended too soon! moar moar moar :)

really cool, full version of this would be great

lets see what else happens when you bring that to full length :)

Nice work, I enjoyed it.

worth every like ... gimme that damn mono version! :P

Yeah I remember this- I never noticed before, but it sounds like it belongs in cave story, which is a really good thing. Nice work man

Very happy and playful, I lajk :)

Very good :).

wow, nice ending!

much love from here :) I love that version a lot!

Very cool SF. I especially like when it picks up tempo around the first min and also the section around 3.30. Nice and smokey prog!

Damn Dude Jazzy Love it old School to the max

Your music is always interesting. I can dig it :).

this has a nifty texture, and some nice melodies in there

what should I say oh my master of ambient music. I fucking love your style, but I think you know that :)

Apostrophes in filenames break the uploader. I *promise* I will fix this. Just built another uploader for a part of the site which is in development, so I'll 'port' it over. I'll fix the playback for you now.

Ah, checked the sound cloud link. Nice work :).

As always you succeed at creating a great atmosphere SF. Very nice and will be interesting to hear the new album fo sho!

First thing I thought of was the beer. Followed by AVGN.

it's so full of hope, I love that :)

its pretty short and sweet, but I like it. I think it's a quick synopsis of yourself.

Neat, I didn't catch this one before. You have a really cool sound going on man. Keep this up. It's awesome :D.

Pretty sweet man! I hope you make an album of this stuff

that would be a perfect opener for a guitar chip album. Really looking forward towards what will come next, keep the good work (and I am sure you will ^^)

dude.. come on. you can't be dominating this much.. I guess i need to put my A game on again real soon if I am too try to keep up with you my talented musical brother. I think the NY experience is doing wonders for your art.
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i am still such a fuckin n00b at LSDJ and hearing this makes me cringe at how much effort this actually must have taken....maybe i just dont know what the shit i am doing in lsdj yet? haha either way this is fucking awesome. i really enjoyed this jam.

nice. i like the differences from the previous track
Be cool by Wheely

sorry i am late dude!
Nevernaut Logo by Neveraut

haha cool

yes please
Roots Recca by MicroD

this is really sweet man.

haha sweet. mash ups for lyfe.
Fairest Wheel by Ikasam

this is really awesome man. great work with this.

ugh. stop being good. its making me look bad haha
Epiphany by Wheely

congrats dude!!
Update by CosmoBG

dat some nyc?

this is sick man.

holy crap man. you bring the heat for sure still. like the ending too. good ole ambiance
Served Cold 2xLSDJ by SkipSandwichDX

cool track as always Skip. would like to see a slower or fast part though.

this was really cool. def unexpected. good job.

ugh. stop ruining it for the rest of ussssss
Epiphany by Wheely

really nice track (as usual). glad to see you are still at this :) LOVE the bits at 2:15 until the end.
what remains by kloudygirl

i love this. very aphex twinish. (at least in some parts) and i love the ending
OFFICE MAGIC!!! by Weirdbananas

yeah you have a wonderful style. i still keep funky space in rotation haha
1 Bit Boss by Jredd

damn dude. well done. i would not want to fight this boss
Two Gameboys, 30 minutes by SkipSandwichDX

mmm this makes me happy. good job for 30 min dude.

i like how creepy this is...also it's a little it's pretty sweet

yeah this is would make a nice title track
DisMantle by Zeropass

i am excited about this

haha this is fucking badass as fuck.
Bit Jungler by Skycstls

i really liked when this kicked in and right around two min was sweet keep up the sweet work!
PewPewPew by Kubbi

ugh. stop being good so i that i can make the Jredd and JeMapplle need to stop :(
Nightmare by Tilde

yeah that was really awesomely cinematic. def a trip haha
we were the future by kansascitydicks

....are you going to expand on that? cause it seems like it could be a snipit of something really cool
Not Enough Time by Alexpowrs

yeah i def agree with wheely and ME, fills are what it's all about. but you are def on the right track.
Forever by MaskedEpsilon

haha i think i remember this! very awesome work ME. you never disappoint...

holy mother of god....

dude. this is sick! very good job on this.

wow. Wheely. you just...yeah. your work is always so damn good. i am glad you are getting back into the game
Legacy - FEATURING ZEF by DanimalCannon


love what you are doing. keep this up ZP...keep this up!
thanks by wailord

totally welcome

ooo this is pretty sweet. really enjoyed this
Polypathy by gsmith

ugh. why must you keep making music. it still makes me sad how good you yeah stop it and just give me your talentz
27 by gsmith


sick cover of a sick song. def one of my favorite EPs

fucking. wow. i have missed everyone and their beautiful brains...

really great. reminds me of some of shit from Mystic Quest

Welcome to Lavender Town by SkipSandwichDX

wow. this is perfect for this month. awesome as always
Jeca Analogue by kfaraday

very cool intro! very energetic and at the same time keeping beauty in it's hectic vein.

holy shit. this is fucking amazing PolarBirds! just like Wheely, you never disappoint!
Earthworm Facts by cartoonbomb

wow. this is really great stuff. also thanks for the link to that comp. def going to be snagging it.

this has a really great ff vibe to it. def felt the title in the song. very awesome job. keep it up. loved when it picked up too. again, good job!
Eclipse by Pixeltune

very cool track man. nice vibes. haha i was about to say throw some arps in, and bam you did. touche
Sparkling by Starpilot

nice this is sick. love the flange/phase breaks
Mystics Ascent by Zeropass

yes, i really enjoy this one dude.