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i accidentally left a video playing in the background when i first listened to this and i thought you had figured out how to sample huge audio files in lsdj lol. anyways, this is good. a little edgy but still polished.


It's 1:17am in my neck of the woods and I'm sleepy sry not sry.

Woot Mariachip! o/

you made mariachi sound awesome

very entertaining

You're a monster. Also lmao @3:20. Seriously, awesome work.

Mariachi level 9000.

Awesome Stuff, great job on the Ireland style and love the solo at the 1 min mark.

I love Irish music and I like how you blended your style to it to get an interesting mix

Ahhhh, it got me right at the 1 minute mark. I was like, hey this is pretty goo- ..Ooooooo! And then that hyper solo happens. Yeaaahhhh! Ha ha ha.

sure i remember you from 8bc, this is tasty mang

Wow, that's amazing. :D :D :D

I have been waiting for an LSDJ song like this one. Part progressive and part dance is a really neat idea. I'm inspired. Well done :D.

u cray cray bastid

the pace of the song changes so often, its great. like a an awesome musical rollercoster. especially like 1:50 and beyond

that was very entertaining. I like all the changes and the sense of detail you put into this one.

Said it cm.o and I'll say it again, great work man!

dat slooooooowwwwwww dooowwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

I Need Some Solarbeer lessons

So Retro dude love me some Solarbear

DUDE<3 i fucking love this song watched you on stage to rad

Solarbear suks <3 ;)

actualy is solrbar gartedncpdna

le silly duck face xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD just epic chiptunes = epic winzdorsmzo9r0rz0rzz11

chiptune = win reminds of the time people used to say "tunage"

ha the meme Cool Post on . Reddit. Pwnd Epic Gangnam style : )

Needs more panning, then I can masturbate to it.

agreeing with fuzzheads

fu-fu-fu, lewd traek.

damn that intro was hot

sweet, looking forward to the release of "Kris Keyser's Nutsack" i think

hehe, i did actually like the tune as well :)

i hit the heart before i even listened to this.

do people with semicolons, semipoop?

This sounds really fresh, good one Sailorboar!

*using a semicolon to attract busty human females*

this ain't sound like no solarbear i ever heard

if(awesomeometer() == true){ echo 'Solarbear rocks!'; } Only semicolons I know how to use I'm afraid. Hope that's a decent usage though?

DAMN! Gimme some metauuuuuuuul

Mmmmm, yeah. Those blast kicks. Crazy cool!


I love this track so mucho burrito! Amazing

stab stab ... stasta statatab ... gets better with every listening ... I really love that part

absolutely amazing

made me sweat ink. thank you

solarbear loves me.

lovely melodies dude c:

I really loved that part in the middle. That driving bass combined with the stabbing action is the shit ... makes me want to make some music soon :)

Haha, well. In Sweden newspapers and and media that cover art reviews and such often use a grading system. They usually use a symbol like "stars", "golden bears" or whatever ridiculous symbol they could come up with. This is a model that probably most newspapers/magazines use while reviewing something. Anyhow, when I grade stuff I use sausages as a symbol...Sausages are cool, right!?

YAY, I really like how progressive this is! Keeps it interesting until the last second. There's also some great melodies in this piece, everything I could ask for. Very well done, 5 sausages out of 5 possible for sure! Please make more stuff in this manner <3

Pretty Bizarre, but very cool.

Wow, this is one of the most interesting LSDJ songs I have ever heard. :)


*dances like a drunk girl at a house party* THIS SONG IS ABOUT MEEEEEEEE*burrps*
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The amount of times I've already listened to this song on Soundcloud is right around retarded. Love this song.
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Oh and it's a good song, too!

You sure know how to name a song! XD

This. A million times over.
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Funk yeah, mang.
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