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Pairs great with the image on fullscreen o.o

Super fantastic :).

It's awesome , I'm interested to know how you made it

This to me sounds like something someone would listen to while chilling in a lounge in the year 2075. I like it.

I don't get it

Y0uv3 607 50m3 84ll5, dud3!

can't get enough of this!!

very chill


this is dang good

Love it!


that gave me some chills

You've read my taste in chiptunes like an open magazine in a doctors office. How the heck did you know?

very nice ! very soothing.

Very nice aesthetics! WP

Hahaha, right on! Anime Penitz Elf is mos def chiptune enough. + for improving on an already beautiful work of art XD

this is really nice too, i really like the layering i can hear some interesting stuff happening just below the surface, sort of draws me in, fun atmosphere and beats SnarlyDawg!

oh this is great! love all the fun bits and pieces flying around, that warm hazy background harmony instrument with dodgey tuning, the wobbly rhythms! totally fun!

Dude, this is such a cool atmosphere!

Nice outline

post-fakebit :)

nice drawn

I don't understand it but the art is fantastic! frame 5 is the highlight imo.

fuck dude, serioously, im going crazy, this is aMAZING. like, you cant tell if you see it from a far. its got so many details.. its gorgeous.

damn nigga, sick asss shit. 4real this is seriously some of the greatest art around.


holy fuck this is goregous dood

So meta

I keep on visiting that comic so I guess you have to get my like :)

funnily enough, I'd just finished having a massive rant at someone about pedophillia.

Anyway, you've gtoa really interesting art style dude, keep up the good work

Was this inspired by a Skrillex music video, I wonder? :)

I Love it


That is terrifying! :D

This is really interesting for sure. It makes me think of an eccentric version of Tim Follin if he compsed for Streets of Rage 3 had its story been where Aliens invade earth and start mind controlling everything, making people go mad, mad in the classic ren hoek fashion, and have completely gained control over the entire world.

Wow. this is interesting :D.

i can't either, i try learning to play a couple of years ago, but then i started code again, and i have forgot the most of it

quite interesting and different, very changeable,
btw have you played the piano in the recording, or is it type in

dat fl at the end

certainly interesting
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good job!

You're welcome :)

Lazarus is my favorite. Nice chord. That awesome guitar kinda gives me a Super Castlevania vibe.

kewl noice
Marks of Wear by MicroD

that was nice :)

amazing at the end (:

DAMN. good melodies, sounds/aesthetic. good job!

beautiful (:

yes everything you make is awesome
Hypnagogia by platonist

hey this is good :)

yah ill see if i can download that stuff anyway im working on a little remix :)

whats the tempo?

the three main instruments bass guitar, square bells and strings work well together that makes it a good song i like it :) if it had gotten more intense (like if it had a sick generic trap drop and the drums got more sporadic)that would have been awesome. as it is it sounds like a chill hip hop song or something. also I'd throw in a rhythm change to 1/3 and get funky. anyway i like it. especially the strings are they snes soundfonts?

its a .wav
Hey by nuclace

don't piss him off nuclace he's a furry
Hey by nuclace

Sunset Bullet (FM) by UrbanFlowX26

squinting emotionally into the sunset with my bros
joyful ride by madpew

Rising Blue by havocCc

yah sounds good havocCc you shouldn't have said i can use it however i want doh i'm gunna make my slaves listen to it while they work
Side Kick by SquarePunch

lots of variation thats good. sorry about the slow traffic around here ):
CHIP ZONE by ayoshutduff

nice rhythm. and yeah melody is good.
Riot Looters (SHALL PAY!) by umbrellapolicy

yah not bad pokemon sound :)
Refraction by XenonOdyssey

sad flute. i like that sound.

Feeling This by StephenBrunton

heeeyyyyyyyyyyyy............. nice flow
Ephemeral Coruscation by XenonOdyssey

good job XenonOdyssey you put more effort in than most
Pathways by BFAD

holy shit!

this is good dude
Wibble Wobble by 0b111

i used to save everything as wav and it got ridiculous thats all i meant
Wibble Wobble by 0b111

ok buddy i used to be the same way you gotta get mp3 converter. wav files take up more space on your computer. go to audacity website
scope (korg dsn-12) by JeMappelle

nice started to get an infected mushroom vibe
8dick by ahchxp

contributing no fucks to society
Twirl by RetroCompute

dam dam dam... good job RetroCompute. you dont hear this often enough.

uggnnn yeha
Showdown by HurrigameBoy

your rhythms are great

Magic Hour by Hypnogram

good job Hypnogram very intense and varied :)
Black Light by twistboy

good job Twistboy! download
Comfort Zone by InDeeperDreams

cooking with grandma simulator
Ashen Shadows by InDeeperDreams

office job simulator level 10: fiscal year deadline challenge
Cyborg Axel by Jredd

greatest thing ever maid
eggdream tape by Musho

offspring of the elder trees made me think of dr.wily castle song + very atmospheric ambient sounds cool. everything is waking is very cool sounding and funky. all tracks had good percussion dreams. from within the egg is my favorite track.
Null and Void (NES) by KungFuFurby

yah long loops are impressive. i dont know why they wouldn't want it to loop but it glides out nice
Null and Void (NES) by KungFuFurby

omg yah this sounds like some weird inescapable never-ending level that would come after the game over screen

cool creepy beat good job interesting :) no dont hate 2pac!
Hexen Heart by PolarBirds

triumphant megaman x anime sound. :) nothing wrong with it would make a great addition to your album
7 Figure Kitty by nuclace

interesting i like it :)

good good melodies :)

attention grabbing and beautiful. good style good job
Eindbaas artwork by KOOLSKULL
i see a signature that looks like you on it
Don't Forget Happiness by gotoandplay

00:57 nice
Radical D by MicroD

very good relaxing reminds me of the first level blaster master and pokemon too
##Reloaddabenjis by nuclace

this is seriously so great'

and here comes mr. clint...oh he just tripped a little ah he's fine
Tesseract by regol3th

yah melody went in a good direction
Bloodrush by DontBlink

you definitely wandered around in a good way some parts good job very legit

cosmoBG this one is my favorite :) jimmy's night

jredd :)

omg primal rage i hated that game scared me the music still disturbs me

good variety in soundfx listened to your soundcloud very good but i think this is my favorite :)

a lot of these Peter Anderen feat. are good :)

agree the 0:28 melody is so cool

they should play this in the background on C-SPAN whenever a congressmen is closing in on the podium to filibuster

rap time- bangin on my mind an audience with audiooo sense,
hangin on the lines of the oculus of providence i,
keep my arcs bent with a skull made of fragments you,
only get a fraction the rest is unsanctioned
Continue? SMS by Jredd

i imagine a big old hairy redneck drinks a bottle of jack, jumps in his four wheel drive, goes off into the woods, mowing down deer and starts falling company owned timber until the sun goes down

the name (: and good variety in this one
Futurescape by nuclace

better than most popular house music
Hyphy by nuclace

rap battle to this! holy smokes man thats cool
the abyss by nuclace

when i smell autumn air first time i think of when i first played metroid prime gamecube. phendrana drifts (depths)OST makes me want to play again
testing by nuclace

the day they start playing good music like this in malls the day i start going to the fricken mall
Teh Last Troll by nuclace

kirby super star {: and prety
Groove [LGPT] by nuclace

impressive bongos

friken good game

i love how it starts weird but then gets totally legit
Happy Island by nuclace

yoshi deserved this!
Hazy[LGPT] by nuclace

way it begins kicks ass
old casio by nuclace

impressive and its relaxing to me
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