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I am a guy who does not finish things. No, actually, I am a guy who likes to do everything that everybody else here does: music, art, games, etc. I have the utmost respect for classic video game music, and listen to it as I would any other type of music. That being said, I'm not really that good at emulating that style, so I have my own style. I like to work with LSDJ mostly (in emulator), but also do a bit of Famitracker, MilkyTracker(XM), and HivelyTracker (AHX/THX-inspired). No "legit" retro-game hardware for me. Uh uh, no way.
Audio Favourites
DSN-12 Manually Arped Goodness (C64 Style)
Cyborg Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey Cover)
Kitty eequlibrium
Undertale - Spider Dance LSDJ cover
untitled beat (timmy and the robot band demo)
never meant instrumental
Veni, Vidi, Vici
Princesse Eternelle
Aliens Exist (blink 182 remix)
µWIN - That Which Oversees the World Anticausally (2A03)
Mario Sports Mix: Toad Park ("Animaniacs (SNES Version)" Arrangement)
Extends Levant - Crab sound (LSDJ RMX)
Zan - Eovalove (Reboot Me remix)
You Said and Smiled (Suggested Mix)
Sonic the Hedgehog - Spring Yard Zone (DMG-01 Cover)
Sonic the Hedgehog - Scrap Brain Zone (DMG-01 Cover)
Valve Dysfunction
Restrain from entering my bedroom
Final Douchebag
Hearthopper (Twin Pricks cover)
Claytower Game Track
Palm Tree Peninsula
We Make the Future
Slaphappy jam
On Vacation
Get on a train
Acidjazzed Evening (2A03)
Dreamgate (2A03 PURITANS)
To the Terminus Zone
The Bloop (2A03 PURITANS out now!!!)
When Sudoku Gets Serious (ZX Beeper, Savage)
1 Bit n' Bass
Sad Faces of Hungry Animals
here is a song I wrote when I still wrote chipmusic: Just The Beginning
Seahorse Dreams
Étretat - lsdj - logic pro
ombres (.mod)
Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites - Crab sound (Cover-RMX)
Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Adon Stage (Crab sound chiptune RMX)
brock lesnar
Mushroom Maddness (New Super Mario Brothers Remix)
Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden)
Fun With Laser Guns (FDS)
Comments Recieved

Hey. This is actually pretty cool. This reminds me of the songs I heard from people a few years ago when I first discovered DJ Cutman & the world of chiptune music. Brings me back to good times. Love those arps. : )

you called

i think it looks like some kind of eye

Woooaaaahhhhhhhhhh.......I'm really tired and this is making me laugh way harder than it should.

Comments Given
Forgotten by Pixeltune

oooooooooooooooooooooo this is gooooooooooood hng :O

Nice singing. That vibrato is lovely
pastfuture meltdown by kloudygirl

This is dirty. I like.

I think this is an actual artist whose first language is not english
Kloudygirl Sprite by kloudygirl

what exactly is happening with the mask?

This is pretty. Kinda reminds me of a band that I like.. Never thought I'd hear this style in chipmusic. Did you ever finish this cover? I'd love to hear the finished cover

This is pretty but i don't get it

Really cute
Veni, Vidi, Vici by Justbeenwarpzoned

Yay HivelyTracker \:D/
Crush on You by woahfox

Does it really keep that same melody going through the whole 3 minutes and 36 seconds? Impressive.

I wonder how many Blink 182 songs don't use this chord progression, lol. Regardless, nice remix!
RESIST by Pixeltune

against THIS

Nice! I like! Very dramatic :D

Lol this is pretty neat, haha. Great for a party/show :D
Dodgy Traits by CarnivorouS

The bass in the intro sounds like Howard Stern in the private parts speaker scene
Project lost by kaska

This is a kool art
Ocean Skies (FM) by UrbanFlowX26

Sail high. Sail high.
shopkeep by SnarlyDawg

I don't get it
strokemon by umbrellapolicy

"oh no oh god why jesus" +1
strokemon by umbrellapolicy

How does a screenshot of a pokemon porn parody belong in the art section of a chipmusic site?

Interesting name for a group

Nice. It's great that Beepola has tritone now :D

Where are the pacman video game sound effects

Oh wow, hehe. I remember when this was released~ :) I didn't listen to it cuz everything about it scared me. lol.

There's an eye in the forehead area. Illuminati confirmed

I really like the choppy stuff in the intro

OOOoooooh Twistboy :D
Junebug by gyrouh

Oh wow. Nice. Congratulations :D
Datagoth by Balloonbear

This reminds me of Donkey Kong Land for some reason
MAGIC DATA by lxtxcx

Now this. This is simply delightful. :o <3
Robot Waifu by Alexpowrs

But of course it's going to end in undying love and psychotic levels of devotion ^.^ <3333
Robot Waifu by Alexpowrs

She looks like she's thinking "THIS is the guy who's going to be mai hasubando...? *twitch* *twitch* "
Black Hole by Pixeltune

Niice sounds. This is trap?

Where's the picture? it not showing for me :(
Bedroom EP front cover by PleaseLoseBattle

So many things right with this

What if I don't live on planet earth?

Nice and raw remix. I could megaman to this.

Lol that ending is so punk

This is really good, lol. Nice cover indeed :D

Like... fk man... I don't know what this is or who Zan is but it's bringing me to tears. I don't understand. What's going on.

Oh my goodness. What. Oh. My. This really. Just. Feels. Tears. Good.

Those gull-like sounds at the end were really cool
Good Times by twistboy

Fun :D

Sounds like an epic type of game, hehe. 1bit ftw

Just curious as to whether this was inspired by that Diggin' in the Carts show lol

Soooo dirty. I love how dirty this mix is, lol. :)

Where is the orange thing looking at? o.o
Final Douchebag by PleaseLoseBattle

Claytower Game Track by PleaseLoseBattle

Lol I keep hoping for a B section though >.<
Claytower Game Track by PleaseLoseBattle

Well done :D
Palm Tree Peninsula by XenonOdyssey

whoa that descending bassline thing caught me by surprise lol o.o

Lovely sounds <3 and the lyrics kind of remind me of the pilot episode of Girl Meets World, which i just saw last night. lol. Coincidences ^.^
On Vacation by twistboy

Slaphappy jam by twistboy

Get on a train by twistboy

Jailbreak by twistboy

Circumstances by twistboy

I love you Twistboy. You are a blessing to Gameboy.<3 I listen to On Vacation all the time, hehe. Love that thing.
GREEN BREEZE (2A03) by commandycan

This whole thing was such a good thing.
This is me (?) by pyrofoux

nice glitchin
Women 95 by chema64

wow CD player :o
your sunlit smile by azuriasky

Your music has this inexplicable smoothness to it :o
New hair!! by sigflup

This is pretty cool.

iI like how his hat is fallin goff

Lovely model

That's really pretty. It looks like it was drawn by pixel pencil. Penxel?

ltc's constructive criticism is a noble institution of uc.o. Someday I hope to upload something worth of being criticized by. <3 -/-> :{fellow}

Wow!! O.O

Anki by JuurianChi

She looks hot.

No, I mean literally, she has her tongue out and everything ;3

Wow that's a great photo. Btw, when you become an old man you should totally get the armless glasses with the circular frames it'd look so cool on you :D

oh my this is soooo dreamy :3

Wow the story and music go well together I want more O.O

d'awww toriena fan-art :3 and yes nice style. reminds me of pen and inks
Palm-Top Tiger by Monotron

I don't know who this is but it is endearing

It sounds pretty close to Megaman. The sound design just lacks energy. Too soft. Good effort though :) It's like a Sega Man, haha.

Wow, been looking at this image for a while and I just realized what these are. Great stuff!
Wiley (Male Version) by JuurianChi


The part at 1:40. That sounds so familiar, but I'm having trouble placing it...

Oh boy. 1bit Fearfodark. *sigh* this is so awesome.
Biodigital Jazz, Man by awesomeforce

What sort of system is this made with? This is really. It reminds me of an updated Jill Of The Jungle (which I grew up playing as Onesimus, lol).

This is so nice.
Crystal Forest by Culture

Sweet. Well then I must say good job at cleaning things up. It all sounds so good. It's cool that you didn't use the chiptune elements in a stand-out "look I used chiptune sounds!" way. Progressive.
Bottomless by JuurianChi

Nice knees
Crystal Forest by Culture

The bass doesn't really sound chip to me at all. It just sounds like a sine? wave. For that matter, neither does the pulse. It lacks that low-fi biting edge that is typical of chip blippage. Is it an actual genuine sample, or is it generated? I've always loved that kind of bass, though. Good stuff. I really like this beat. Those hats are awesome.

gah.. I pressed enter instead of shift enter... anyway... I was going to say, this is a pretty cool picture. I don't think the "caption" detracts from it, and it actually goes with the theme of glitching, if you think about it.

@cqallenwalker: Uh, no? VLC just works, and it doesn't need all that extra stuff. Never had any problems with it that I didn't have with MPC too.
Ur My Favorite Band by BatteryEater

Cool. I like the stuttering or whatever you call that.

The main arps seem to be saying "We're rocking for air air. We're rocking for air air ah ah".

xyce tunes always have this distinctive and similar feel to them, but I just never get tired of it. :) @2:00 the arps seem to be saying "Love the People", lol.

Which Megaman game is that sprite edit based on? The pose looks like Megaman 7, but that was 16bit. Hmm...
Skyward! by Popcornkid

Well, I've never heard a drop with such loud drums before. I was expecting the buildup to lead to a soft drop or a just directly into the "louder section". I really like those horns.

I like the way you changed up the main chord progression. That makes this really special, in my opinion.

Wow, those high piched guitar squeals are awesome

It does seem both too repetitious and too varied at times, though. It's great material for a bunch of video game levels or movie scenes, though.

Interesting collection of musical ideas. It has kind of a cool oriental feel to it. The kick drum wasn't as present as I thought it was going to be. I thought there'd be at least a noise kick after the drop, seeing as how the noise channel only plays on the off-beats. But still, it was fun to listen to.
brock lesnar by aunt1

I don't know what it is, but I lke it

I thought this "Sometimes I Get a Good Feeling" at first. Kind of agree with Balloonbear. Did you use a sample for you kick?
On by JeMappelle

Wow. This is the chippiest thing I've heard to come out of FLStudio. It really has that distinctive chiptune abrasiveness.

Cool! It almost feels like a sega genesis take on "acid jazzed evening"
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