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I am an appreciator of chiptune who has trolled this and other sites for many moons. I make traditional music, but lack the skills to create the wonderful chip melodies you guys put together! Thank you for making my ears happy.
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Very melodic! That is DEFINITELY a speak n spell - flashbacks to 1985!
Climbing Still by MicroD

I love the bells-like lead that comes in at around the two minute mark. It makes me happy, even though it is immediately follow by a key change :-P

<3 <3 <3!!! How in the world has this track been out there for 2 1/2 years with only 3 likes! Thank goodness for UC radio, or I never would have heard it. Entrancing. Vocals are lovely and music fits perfectly.

This is a great little tune. I could listen to JRedd all day.
Sunset Bullet (FM) by UrbanFlowX26

Looking forward to more from UrbanFlow. This is a very catchy track. :)
fluc by madpew

I just registered so I could favorite this track! The beginning sounds like it could have been a radio hit (with vocals added), but I love how it garcefully breaks down to nothing but growls in the middle. Great track.
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