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This is insane o-o

Woo! :D

#1 - now no net label can refuse you! (not that they should anyway, it's SO GOOD)

<3 <3 <3
$$|°/\®| by Tilde

That's a known issue, my fault for that - sorry!
$$|°/\®| by Tilde

Fixed that too, gotta fix up the edit page though - the comments don't seem to be showing :/
$$|°/\®| by Tilde

Apologies for the delay on fixing your submission - it was the backslashes in the title that killed it.
Overriden by Eiyeron

Oh yeah, I never wrote in to delete the preview image(s).
Something else to add to the long list of stuff to do :P

Cool glitching though!
Overriden by Eiyeron

But, the preview image is Mario :o
Awesome :0


Wow, how hasn't this got more exposure?
This is great :D
Nimbus Parallax by ToniLeys

Woah. This blew me away.
Style Switch by Tilde

Came across this while working on some µCollective features, for some reason it really stuck out as a nice track - good work :)
Scattered by JeMappelle

Nice man c:
gravity by nonU

Seriously cool!

I agree with Jredd on some arps when the bass comes in, but it's sounding great :)

Awesome as always :)
HYT DEMO 1 (Remastered) by HIdeYourTigers


I can read Musho :)
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