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Here is my facebook page- http://www.facebook.com/pages/ChasingBleepsRadicalPresident/486836841333240

Here is my bandcamp- http://radicalpresident.bandcamp.com/

And here is my soundcloud- http://soundcloud.com/chasingbleeps

I hope you enjoy my music, Thank you for listening ^O^
Comments Recieved

pretty chill, i enjoy the melodies. The instruments also fit well.

Love the intro!

Very cool indeed! No too sure about the title though, haha ^^

thats some cool stuff ... reminds me a lot of the old beastmode tracks which is a good thing ... yeah man, I like that diabolic part at around 2:15! :)

interesting, nice rhythms, fun beats ~2! the bending makes me feel a bit ill :D

the de-tuning on those longer notes can be a bit irritating, so i'd either speed up the vibrato or take it out. that's literally my only gripe though

happy to see you here

Very cool beat. This is great!!!

bouncy funky! the little chromatic rising motif thing is totally fun!

where's bassline?

beautiful piece

This is great!

Well, you certainly picked a fitting title for this, haha

it's a nice chillout feel. Its easy for chiptune to become OTT when there are many effects and combinations available, but you've balanced it well :)

I sleep to this~

Yesss! this so kick ass nice work i love you <3

ah super chill :D

im in love

reminds me a lot of a game I am playing at the moment, nice instruments! :)

mmmmmm. mellow :D

This is beautiful Craig

Really nice : ]

this is so cute

very smiletron-ish. lovely

This is boooootiful :D

your music is a really nice texture, i just wish some of the melodies were less random. i'm sure it is something that will come with time. another thing is the structure, try to focus on making the song have more opposing sections. good luck, you sure have a lot of potential.

GARRRRGH SO GOOD! Like always I really like your way of composing. Delicious melodies and orgasmic sound layers. Dat sure is a song

So chill in so many ways! I always picture you like an old cozy man, smoking your pipe and listening to cool ambient music while reading books, haha. Not meant as anything bad at all :) Cheers!

nice arps after 0:44 <3


man those sawtooth tones are frickin good

awesome, dude and it LOOPS

in indonesian this called galau song xD

pleasant sound!

hey sam click on my song 120 times next ;)

Might be my fault, I listen to songs on the site a lot while I'm working on it... This song *is* amazing though :)

105? How it possible with 2 ratings? But btw sog is really gud.

This is quite amazing : ]

yet another fantastic song by the wonderful RadicalPresident/ChasingBleeps. Just downloaded two of your albums. Gonna get the rest tomorrow!

i really like this haha, good job

This is amazing :)

This song is lovely :)

Dude, I love your music. It's just so chill.

Sounds great! Can't wait to hear more from you.

Awesome! Please, don't pan the bass drum to the right next time...

I LOVE THIS SONG! I also would like to request a private audience.

This is nice man, very atmospheric

So glad I found this site because of you.

Looks so freaking awesome and stuff.

Very Chill. I like.

I want this to be a cartoon. Looks kind of like Adventure Time.

GOOD SONG...........YES

so awesome!

Nice work. Very relaxed. :)

This is so sick! Love all the sounds and layers reallying enjoy this :)

Very nice! Beautiful sounds :)

minimalistic awesomeness! Love it ^^

nice melodies! Very sweet composition

the tune somehow feels like a high melody instrument is the only thing that would make it totally sweet

Very relaxing track. I like it and it got a certain ambient feel to it with the nice delay effects. Glad to see you on here mate and I hope to hear more submissions soon! Cheers
Comments Given
radical by Pixeltune

Listened to this tune on my phone this morning. coming back for round two (:

Bangin sounds (: Really nice cover
Deformation by singkongbalado

Yeah this is rad. Its so damn old Fighter_x It's unbelievable! I live for unce like this haha (:
Chocolate by TEKNOBANG

AW man I love all these sounds. (:
Do Not Open by TaylorKohl

Damn kick ass percussion in this tune (:
Balsamic by Kommisar

That kick work at 1 minute is rad as fuck (:
Phase 1 Complete by gotoandplay

Rad tune man (: Love the bit at 1:53!

Wow man 25 seconds in rocked my world (:
Really nice tune! Drums are amazing :O
at a pop by bertfm

Real nice sound man (:
Grooved hard to this tune
CrotchBoy by b4byf4c3

That's a nice crotch, Boy. hu hu hu hu

Dat bass, This is awesome :D
New Gameboy by Dropbit

Wot is?
Cursor Street by lxtxcx

february by wailord

My setup :D by Alexpowrs

Jesus cripes dude! That's allot A' stuff! my set up is....A gameboy color and a old ass lsdj cart XD
F0XYr4bB!T - Layers by F0XYrabB1T

SDFDGFCSDC DFGSS :((:():(:)(:):():():():():(:SD

Temporal by Gigglesplat

Yeyaaaa This is really nice (:

I agree! Kubbi GET OVER HERE! This track is Absolute Good (:
Little Robot (2k12rmx) by TheVIRUSEmpire

Pure Hatred by CarnivorouS

I played the casino in emerald so much when it first came out X
The Spectator by Kubbi

Kubbi for prez 2013 yfjsuidfhdufghsgsyfgsufjk

Brilliant :D
Floravox Terraport by FloravoxTerraport

Thats awesome :D

Damn that's allot :D
Treehugger by CybernetiX

Really nice dude :D I could dance to this any day!

This is a really great song. I also cant think of a good name for it XD

Masturbation joke lol!!

when it hits 2 minutes thats when I finish.

Purty :D

Excellent :D I really enjoyed this song :) What program is that you're using? Wouldn't happen to be musagi would it? -ChasingBleeps
Achromic by Pixeltune

Awesome :D
Cube by Pixeltune

Sweet :D I love the arps

Awesome :D

Sick, sounds great :D
Different Place by canell

Kick ass :D
Adventure Time! by ViridianCity

Aw yeeehhhh! :D
Viridian EP Album Cover by ViridianWILL

This is tits man I like the 8bit effect on chu body looks great :D
Kimono by ViridianWILL

Awesome, i love your panning with everything especially the voice samples
Saffron City by ZenZero

I love it! i love the panning with the arps :D
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