joined on Wednesday 23rd of October 2013
Project from France.
I make melodies with Famitracker, for NES-sounding tunes.

I also like cheese.
I play live with a drummer and a VJ.
Comments Recieved

This made me go download Weekly Treats 2015.. and basically cry in finding out that it will be the LAST Weekly Treats. Dafuq.

Whoa, now this is awesome sounding :).

Congrats on the new EP! This is awesome.

Wow. This is quite well done.

(: nicely

Always good to hear new PLB :)

Wow, some great stuff in this patchwork!

Whoa, that was cool!

Ah, amazing as usual ^_^

So many things right with this

une véritable atmosphère de joie paisible. très bone execution :3

I'm turning up to one of your gigs, even if it kills me

Oh wow, this is amazingly wonderful! Well done! :D

Lol I keep hoping for a B section though >.<

Amazing artwork :)

that childhood memories <3 ... awesome cover!

This is amazing

<3 great cover man

Some crazy cool effects in here.

awesome man its got that cheerful sound that brings even the most depressive lifes some joy ;P

Whoa, took a dark turn there for a second. Class A composition man :D.

This is some really good original chiptune music. Great stuff, man, and it's incredibly cool to have an album on chip. This is what I want to eventually do for my music in the future with pictures and stuff.

YES! Wow man, your song craft was great before, but its improved tenfold on this track. My new favorite jam, great job!!

Sounds like boss music. Fucking great man. Zip file downloaded.

Nice color palette

You did some great stuff man.

Agreed! :) Good work

Your EP is ridiculous crazy. Good freaking work and I'm SUPER looking forward to anything you do in the future.

sweet melodies ... I have to check that band out! Nice track :)

Ooo, that sounds nice. You're making me want to get back into famitracker :D.
Comments Given

Awesome tune ! How did you play this on real hardware ? NSF on a Powerpak ?
Flourish by XenonOdyssey

This sounds so good. Never tried MMC5 but it seems to offer cool possibilities !
Logo by 2xAA

Hell yeah !
A Minor Thing by XenonOdyssey

Your style is recognizable :)
Very nice song !

Very powerful ! I love the first part in particular, but the whole track is rad.
Color Dungeon by DjCUTMAN

Wow, awesome trap cover !

Great remix !

Very effective chip/pop punk ! Love the title as well.
GREEN BREEZE (2A03) by commandycan

Congrats man, indeed there's not many people who can claim to master 2a03 as well as you do.
I love your track !

Very nice cover, I used to listen to this song a lot :D
Great job !
TACTICS (Demo) by DontBlink

Sick intro, very nice track. Love it !

So entertaining ! And the drums are very efficient, congrats.
Rise (Z80+band) by Jansaw

Wow, very high-quality-mixing chip and rock ! Congrats, it sounds awesome !

Awesome work as always ! :)

Arps might be a good idea indeed, but this is a very good start anyway !
Keep going, I'm sure this track will be killer when finished.

Waohhh this is so goood !
This track has so much groove in it, I love it ! :)