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Underground Base of Operation L.O.T.U.S. - Terminal Entrance (.xm)
Metro Sweep (Mario Sound Test)
Bibimbap (feat. Protoflight)
Night Beast
Frozen On Mechanical Islands
Oh Blessed Joy
Black Light
Raw & Vegetables - Crab Sound
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Hoax town
DBOYD x Kommisar - Interstellar Retribution
Good Times
Theme Of Puyo Puyo (Korg M01D)
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DnB no name (:
Pixel Dragon
Can't Have the Fish if you Ain't Got the Jelly (New EP out!)
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Nights in the Basement
Blueshift Galaxy (FDS)
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James Landino vs. Kommisar - Dot Hacker
Don't look like that!
that's some haunted sh*t
Mid-Air Mecha Melee
Im not done yet! ♥
Krewella - Live for the Night (Monotron Remix)
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NNNNNNNNNN - Wank Harder (H33llxz Remix)
Concrete (Renovation Mix)
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Awesome Run
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Snowy Haired Reaper Girl
Stickerbrush Symphony, Genesis Style
Curse of the Heavens
Microbeings (FDS)
progressive house with progressive trance melodies [sic] test wip
Calling Your Name
Good Boy
Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time [Nakedupsidedown remix]
umbrella on the balcony (slow lsdj dub/reggae)
Jordan Jam (demo)
Tonic + (LSDJ chipstep)
Seahorse Dreams
Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden)
Spiky Things
That Lsdj (WIP)
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Pendulum - Witchcraft (Cover)
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LSDJ Technical Demo 1
I inc.
Make Me Famau5
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Nakedupsidedown - Massive Until Morning (clubmix)
Worlds Unknown (2k12rmx)
How to Properly Use a Semicolon
Perdition Crisis
Take on Me (a-ha cover)
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I think I really crave for what will come next.

i think i know what will come next. but anyway this sounds good.

I absolutely love the eastern type of sound.

Wow, this is wonderful man. Like Wheely said, simple and effective.

Niice sounds. This is trap?


Oh, the album came out some days ago, be sure to not miss it : http://pixeltune.bandcamp.com/album/glitch-2 (fun fact : http://pixeltune.bandcamp.com/album/glitch redirects to 2013 album, because it was the WIP version)

This is awesome. The use of 3 lsdj to me is like having three of the same instruments in a orchestra. They all serve the purpose of playing different parts and help make the one large great sound. This is great.

YES been so pumped for this no joke

that was simple and effective. A beautiful tune with a nice setting. I like the instruments a lot :) as a suggestion ... in that beatpart, have you tried to go for a more chilled beat that is not four to the floor? I think that would add a lot to the tune.

How could I miss that! \o/

Yes mate!

hope for #1 this week

finally someone else who know how vocals with lsdj. that's very good mate

cool, dude

2:30 woahh.


Listened to this tune on my phone this morning. coming back for round two (:

Mmmh i'm on the same time enjoyed and disappointed. That's nice to see music names I don't know and I'm excited to hear them once I can. (I should search my backups for the 2013 b-sides :-°)

Hehehe, finally Glitch will be uploaded soon! :p
Little question about it though : Some time ago, you published a preview of Glitch on Bandcamp with lots of music on it. Some of them were on Soundcloud but were deleted. Will you add them in the album? Will be they removed forever?

Nice tune by the way, you've been through a lot of progress since you started making music for Glitch!

Its still a nice sound though you should save it for something else or build on that shit

U need to rec only two seconds of each tune

Can't wait to get the finished album to listen it nonstop!

You're getting more and more good dude. Nice outro!

There aren't enough speech for that! ~(//)-(//)

nice tune


a very pretty song :)

You make some really great music.

good fun! pretty wacky limping rhythms Pixeltune at 1.0 and 1.5 i was tapping away like a mad egg trying to figure out the beat yay!

I adore the pulse channel work you've put into this. Fantastic!

Oh. My. God. This is so sweet, dude.

Wow! almost sounding like a distorted guitar bassline going on. Must take a lot of time and work!

Even like this, Chaos still sound quite good. It's not the same flavor, but hey, the intro is still epic

Aaaand that's how Pixeltune made my day! :D

PixelTune going to MAGfest?

Your work never disappoints. If anything, it gets better and better. Great job :)

Indeed, Interesting!

I discovered you throught this site pixeltune! You are awesome buddy !!!

Cool sound design :D.

things are getting uninteresting in chiptune now : (

Fantastic as ever!

Nice footwork on 1:00 awesome work good luck on finishing it!

At first I thought 'this is kinda cool, doesn't sound very 2xlsdj' and then it hits 1:00 and AWH MAN IT'S GOOD.

OH GOD. Good stuff coming from this!!

Oh wow, that's comin along real good. Love the intro.

hi Pixeltune! sounds nice, keep going! i like the lusty chords in the beginning - it's clicking like crazy from about 17s, is that intentional? it sounds like the sort of click you get from discontinuities in volume ..

Wow, sounds like you've got a real hit in the making there :).

Hello there, nicely done Pixeltune!

Epic, as ever. Nothing to add

Evil pipil! :'(

THIS... THIS is why I absolutely love the chipmusic scene. There are so many talented artists making all kinds of incredible music. I couldn't even begin to figure out how you did all of this. You are extremely talented at LSDJ and I for one, am FLOORED. This is what it's all about, man. If this doesn't chart I will be very sad.


Wow, this is really sick. I didn't like it too much when you uploaded the WIP version, but I love the final. I wish the snare was a little longer, but that's just preference. You're style is really awesome man :)

This is bad ass, I would almost say re-upload this at the start of next week so it has a chance to chart because it deserves it :). I love that false glitch half way through. You are doing really interesting things with LSDJ. This rules sir :D.

How you get number 1?

Arps might be a good idea indeed, but this is a very good start anyway !
Keep going, I'm sure this track will be killer when finished.

I agree with Jredd on some arps when the bass comes in, but it's sounding great :)

Kinda cool, I can see it going somewhere. Maybe some arps that bounce from side to side in the higher frequencies after that bass comes in and has played for a bit? Not sure if you wanted CC but yeah I think it can go somewhere cool. Keep at it :).

Sounds like Tiny Toons on GB with some boost! Nicely done!

congrats on 1st i love this track put alot of work into it i can see <3

im really looking forward to the finished version of this!

This builds up very well. I hope you finish it until the release of the next "Weekly Chart Collection" album (And that you want to participate ofc). All the best!

Aw, you beat me with an unfinished track? You talented bastard :D. Well deserved first ha ha ha!

This just kept getting better and better. Excellent stuff!

That description, those arps, that breakdown, mylanta

love the long chords that 2x lends for this song :)

Very cool :)

wow this like gem musik I have in home!

This is cool.

this is p tight

i hear a lot of good stuff from you, i wish they would be finished tracks tho D:

Lol that's rad sounding dude. More :).

Love that kind of sound!!

espacially on the title :D

I like the overall melody in it, but its in my taste for the messy chiptunes.

Too good but too short. :D

... "Shut up and tjke my money!" seems to fit here.

DAMN I LOVE THIS And youuu good work so far<3

This is crazy, love it

:3 Excellent as ever! Keep up the good work!

so far? awesome.

but in my opinion you should change this synth of wobblebass

i like how this melody begans


Castlevania, Zelda, ?, ? (Pokemon's Victory Road??), MEGA FU***** MAN, ? ( Already heard this)... I'm missing some references? Could you give me the last origins?

Ok! That's a lot of work for you, I see! Nevermind! Go on and make us some good tunes! :3

Should I really wait 'til January to get a full album?T_T

Sounds pretty rad, and I am usually not a big LSDJ house fan. But this is well made :).

the swells were a lot of fun

I love this!

Yay! Excellent work!... BUt can't I download it on soundcloud? Why? :/

Way too short :-(. I want to hear the end!

This track is huge. Great job, man! <3

I love you so much <3 this is killer

I zoned to this HARD. Perfect driving music!

Coooooool ^^

I Love You Pixeltune

I like how you smoothly transitioned from one song to another! :D

Is it amazing :D Congratz !!!

Rockman Belmont of Hyrule eh? A classic :P.

Im Glad your back i missed you babe ;) spooky i like it

Nice track :).

I think you should modify your main melody instrument with a sinewave to get it sound more prominent. I would also spend some more time into the melodies to get them more interesting. The bassline is way to nice for that melody, gimme a punch in the face with that tune, do it!

those long bars are mixed a bit to loud. I would put it back a bit. Anyways, I like the baseline and the used percussions a lot.

will check it out

This has a lot of atmosphere, I dig it

I wouldn't say the piano is exactly bad, to my mind the piano-thing has just been recently over-used. Apart from that, the piano sound you used sounds somehow muffled, missing some heights there. The second part is damn awesome!

THIS IS KICK ASssssssss i love Gerudo Valley Lol <3 you Pixeltune :)

He he he, I think we all do that :). Have that sound in our head that seems strangely familiar and not quite know where it comes from. Gerudo Valley probably got it's ideas elsewhere :P Besides, It's not like Gerudo Valley had a piano or game boy in it :P.

Hey, this isn't that bad dude. Gotta give props to a live piano :). I think it would have been cool to hear some ambient game boy noise with heavy reverb during the piano intro after the first minute or so just to help the transition. I like the idea though, you don't hear that many live paino game boy combos. Also, these chords remind me a lot of Gerudo Valley but that's fine :). I like that song too, and it's a good chord progression. I think if the Piano part were just a little shorter, or had 8 bit noise to accompany it to kind of smooth it over that the flow would be a little better. Even so, I like where this is going and I really like the idea of live instruments and chip music together :). I also have a tune called Nexus but it's completely different :P. Nice job on this over all. The piano intro isn't that bad and recorded better than I would expect, plus the LSDJ part rules. If you could find a way to blend these 2 elements a little smoother if you try this again I think you might really be on to something. Keep it up :D.

Pixeltune whats the best way to get ahold of you i got a project need your permission to use 1 of your songs in a clip?

I like it :).

More.... please more... u just stopped at the awesomest part

Nice song bro what softwear you using?

Love you Pixeltune

Really really nice, but I think you need a more complex bass sound. If you're using the WAV channel for the bass that should be easy :D

I love the melody after the "drop" (Not sure what else to call it) That rough bass is nice too :D

Awesome perc!

like the melody, drums and all that! was awesome :D

quite nice

there are some fun melodies in here

tasty, those arpssss man those arpzsijdij :3

Very nice :D

That name is awesome, hah! Also pretty damn cool track

I know dat Fu**ing feel bro.

This shit is deep. Bet you could sell it for a couple o millions bucks to art enthusiasts.

slow and heavy. like it.

yeah fuck verifying shit. facebook gives me a ton of these dialogs every day and "give your email" and "whats ur phone" and "where do yuu live THIS WILL STRENGHTEN YU0R ACC", google too, this is everywhere, i'm like AAAAH FUCK THE INTERNET but i still love the internet

Hmm yes I can really sense what the artist is putting across here

Sweet :D I love the arps

Good stuff :D. Very dark and evil

very cool track man. nice vibes. haha i was about to say throw some arps in, and bam you did. touche

nice and blocky <3

Nice classic sound man :D.

I'm digging this pretty hard. Totally a DL

The synths and melodies on this track are so sick :)!

sooo cute!!!

This is very nice, thanks for the great tune :)
Comments Given

excellent use of panning, definitely getting a cave story vibe too

also the attention to detail is off the wall

wowowow are those kicks dpcm
Sudden Summers by TapeState

i would get from one section to another quicker (ie: the section before the noise comes in would be half as long, and that section before the pulse also half as long)
that fade in with the pulse at the beginning is rad as hell though
i would make the kicks tighter, and descend faster, thus lasting for half as long. it'll allow for more room to do other stuff with the wav channel.
lastly: add some variation throughout the song. the noise channel mixes itself up every other measure or so, but i'm talking big time. add a section with a different chord progression or add some variation to your instruments in order to keep your song fresh and interesting
Wibble Wobble by 0b111

yeah but wavs are lossless (for the most part)

two things: a) if you add a really short noise click to your kick drum, it'll be a lot punchier
b) you should create more instruments if you're just gonna be relying on the wav channel. did a good job of mixing up the melody at all times, and it got a lot more varied at the end, but i found myself getting a bit bored at the beginning, and i think a wider variety of sounds will remedy that.
µChip 4 Poster by lxtxcx


jsyk, a track uploaded less than a week before your previous one will not appear on the front page, but will appear in the "audio" section
Nemesis by DontBlink

fuck dude 2:45 on took my brain apart, amazing track
Oh Blessed Joy by 3ndymion

that hyper-speed stuff is way cool man
synthister by raptorface

only been two years
H-Bomb by H33llxz

pixeltune by SketchMan3

you called
Good Times by twistboy


damn i want that shirt

quite a fitting theme for chicken chicken
Deformation by singkongbalado

pretty rad
KRYM NASH! by RebootMe

oh goodness
DnB no name (: by RadicalPresident

the de-tuning on those longer notes can be a bit irritating, so i'd either speed up the vibrato or take it out. that's literally my only gripe though
Pixel Dragon by Lastmilesofgalaxy

i totally remember this

it just seems like the wav channel is doing too much for 1xlsdj and it's blowing my mind. crazy stuff dude

the wav modulation is amazing. one or two lsdj?
DUC by clsource

i never realized how versatile the duck sample was until now

the stutter section at 5:37 kills

holy fuck
Insulin Plateau by gotoandplay

certainly better than my first lsdj. i don't like to speak of it.

probably the best triangle thing i've ever seen
OBSOLETE PARADISE!!! by Weirdbananas

please tell me that "i'm kool" still exists somewhere because i need that song

Only one thing: I would use a separate synth for the kick than the bass. Try to get as close to a sine wave and speed up the P command. Other than that, no gripes.
Ocean Melody by marcb0t

I usually don't like FM music, but this is fantastic.
The Forever War by Zer0Filt3r

the only two things i would say is that you could definitely get more power into the kicks, and that you might want to vary the wav channel some more. create some new sounds. softer, more smooth instruments for quieter parts, and jagged rough instruments for parts that you want to stand out. it will really help to accentuate the highs and lows of the track.
Galaxies by VCMG

holy balls those chords at the end
Galaxies by VCMG

this is absolutely wonderful.

Wow. I cannot wait to hear this album. This is seriously amazing.
Sand Castles by twistboy

Wow. This is awesome.
Interface by BrokenBit

hot diggity damn
Jordan Jam (demo) by Weirdbananas


If you want some meaty drums, check out an NSF of Pictionary. It doesn't use the DPCM channel, but it's still really good. Another thing I'd try would be recording the song with the DPCM channel muted, and again with just the DPCM channel, so that you could individually boost that audio.
Adept by JeMappelle

one day i shall be as good as you probably not but oh well
Circles by Skycstls

The bass in this kicks ass.

Love you Dropbit
GRobin by dusthillguy

better running animation than i could make
Daisy by treyfrey

This is pretty good.
Make Me Famau5 by JeMappelle

Are those sounds at 1:00 - 1:01 (they kinda sound like really short "yah"s) a sample, or an instrument?
Forbidden Planet by RebootMe

Wow. This is one amazing track.

This is freaking amazing.
StuffStuffer by mush

Pretty stuffy. Also, a nice tune you got going here.
Memory *IS* RAM by TheVIRUSEmpire

Just remember not to type "Google" into Google.

...I have one.
Blessing by JeMappelle

dis is hawt
Untitled demo (2xLSDj) by Balloonbear

I definitely agree with the person below me, this is pretty great.
Zetafacts by dotexe

This is trippy.
Juggernaut by Kubbi

:O This is amazing. <3
Fleetfoot by MegaFlare

I think he broke the comment thingy

Definitely gonna give this a download. Freaking amazing.

wiring by AlexOgre

I keep coming back to this. It's great.
my bby by Musho


This is a really nice song. Calming, yet a little unnerving at the same time.
When i´m 8BIT by Gampoy

Oh THAT video. heh heh heh
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