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Wish I was good at making chiptunes. Darn logically-inclined brain...

I do a bit of everything from:
~video games
~text-based gaming
~ANSI art
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I did the exact same thing with my song truce, just to try out echo :) I like the chilled out feel of this

This is a great potato

good sounds. I wouldn't mind some more drumwork on this tho, I found myself waiting for a solid kick to compliment the floaty lead.
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ASCII porridge. by BrainFlooder

It's actually ANSI art (Codepage 437) and not using ASCII.

Noisy Cricket Amp by MooseHead

I just want to see the insides of it :S
Noisy Cricket Amp by MooseHead

Guts shot plz. No guts no glory. Looks great though.
Morning Coffee by nuclace

Funky... It's pretty cool.

Nice Arduino. What ya makin' there? A blinking LED?

Joke?... Or not a joke?... I can't tell...
Fire by StereoOfBuddy

This kept me entertain all the time it was playing. Good job!
Cronos by Kubbi

Sounds like this is reggae influenced. I can tell your trying out new styles. Sounds good. Keep up the good work.

Cartridge reminds me of Gran Turismo so much: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k-771SCI0M
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