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Hello, all, I am KungFuFurby. I make real SNES music using mukunda's SNESMod sound driver. I also make music for other sound chips provided I can find the right utensils... I used to run an iMac G5 running Mac OS X 10.4.11, but the computer, as of August 2014, has suffered numerous crashes due to hardware failure, and thus has been retired. So I'm on an Intel Mac now running Mac OS X 10.6.8. Just don't expect me to try to use Windows applications on this computer (mainly because I don't think it's a good idea... I could try to do so, but I'm just too nervous at this time.)... including Famitracker.
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This tune was/is amazing man. Well deserved first place :).

Feels like this song brings you on a journey. Very cool.

Nice song, it deserves its place (maybe a better one, I have to check the other compos)! :D THere is a real good melody and a very good control of the NES sound possibilites in this song, nice work.

I also really enjoy the orchestral hit sample for some reason. I'm sure that I already heard it in some other music.

this is fucking beautiful

the part at 00:52 sounds like a Bar9 song

I needed some time to get into the tune but then I did not regret it to listen further. That one was awesome in a special way ...

Please place it in the middle of the canvas

This is fairly well put together. Could use some dynamic variation, though.

01:56 reminds me of the game OFF

Awesome, the noise sound is great and great choice of sounds and drums.

You are honestly the best SNES artist I've ever heard.

You are an interesting man :D.

Oh Cosmo meant for the charts here you won :P.

Wow! This is amazing! I can see there is a reason you won! Nice!

That's some awesome sound! Great job!

Great song. Must've taken a while to make the whole thing.

This is freaken awesome!!! Love the double sounding lead in the beginning.

that's a lot of material to bring together, you did really well keeping the momentum up the whole time, well done! congratulations on the competition!

Whoa, this is nuts.

Oh, I didn't know this wasn't famitracker. Shame, you 2 together would make the most strange amazing things together ha ha.

You are like a mad scientist, you and Zan Zan should collab LOL.

Sounds too good for a game over theme! :O

very jrpg esque, great track

ah okay, I did not think about the limitations :)

that was a nice spacey track, very interesting. I would love to hear a melody in the high frequencies at the middle part

Can anything be done about the looping artifacts/problems/whateveryoucallthem ? It sounds pretty cool otherwise !

Wow this is impressive, it reminds me a bit of some of your older stuff which is perfect for the mood you're trying to capture :).

One of your best songs, in my opinion.

yah long loops are impressive. i dont know why they wouldn't want it to loop but it glides out nice

omg yah this sounds like some weird inescapable never-ending level that would come after the game over screen

LOL I remember this one. It fits the theme quite well :).

Left! Left! Left,Right Left!" I'm totally ready to destroy the enemy Captain! Nice title screen music ha ha.

Woah this song blew my mind!

I am at 2:11 and I can tell you that the composition is badass ... totally agree to Jredd, I am having good times with the tune right now :)

I love it. I absolutely love it. I really like the atmosphere you made with this song. As much as I love FM music, I really like what can be done with the NES and SNES. Really great stuff right here.

Is this really the same KungFuFurby that I knew from VGMcon and VS Compo? If so, you sir have improved tremendously. I am blow away, This song is great. The NES samples mixed with the SNES ones gives me a bit of a game boy advance feeling. The composition here is phenomenal. If you had made tunes like these for those contests back then I'm pretty sure you would have won. That's awesome man. :D
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Depending on what the competition is exactly, I might enter. However, I have college work to attend to these days, so I can't guarantee my involvement. The last competition I ever recall is for a spot on Weekly Treats.

I already gave VGM Music Maker a shot and abandoned ship after one entry due to export problems, especially with the PCM timings.

Averted by me as well... just because of the title, which got me curious.

Yeah! He should. I know him as a masterful Sega Genesis musician, and I've even encountered him in the past before this website was up!

Is this a sneak peek of your Wildchip entry?

Eh? Did I hear that right? Project Y? Well, I've connected the dots: that's apparently a new Sega Genesis game by Watermelon.

That was kinda radical has graphics from Day Dreamin' Davey.

If you got rid of the anti-aliasing (the logo looks like it would work with a single color) and reduced the resolution of the entire image, maybe it'll work for real on a NES.

Seeing these up has me tempted to put up my own BitPuritans entry up on ucollective.

Hey... this is an .it file, right? Perhaps I could give it a shot and use SNESMod and convert this to an .spc file for real (although there may or may not be some upper limit pitch violations... the SPC700 can only go up to 128khz, and I can analyze that while playing the song with Schism Tracker or just simply playing a note).

I remember your second accepted OCRemix entry two years later with Revolution X. I also started with remixes myself, and software-wise, I was somewhat worse off. Although I had the Playstation 2, I had distribution difficulties, so I ended up starting with a demo version of Harmony Assistant. That didn't work too well, so I bought it. Then I discovered Schism Tracker, and ended up using it ever since roughly 2007. I have the real DS game on my end, so I can relate to this one, and I have just recently return to the very place that I started: VGMix. That's because the site went into an open beta for its newest edition.

Hey Jredd... have you heard of Battle of the Bits? If this were a real .vgm file, I have a feeling it would do excellent over there for either Winter Chip or Summer Chip.