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Based in Kristiansand, Norway, the artist and EDM producer Vegard ‘Kubbi’ Kummen has his alias mentioned in many scenes around the world. By fusing the sounds of vintage video game consoles with modern synthesizers and real instruments, Kubbi has produced music for Slamacow, Bravest Warriors, Dave Chaos, Dodger and many others while also releasing music for all his listeners to enjoy freely. Since 2009 Kubbi has released 6 albums and plenty of singles taking you through an electronic odyssey of nostalgia. Tons of genres, dreaming atmospheres, tail-shaking grooves and moving melodies awaits you in the world of Kubbi music.
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im in love with your work so clean, hearty and beauty, congrats! big hug!

Forever a master!

<3 <3 <3!!! How in the world has this track been out there for 2 1/2 years with only 3 likes! Thank goodness for UC radio, or I never would have heard it. Entrancing. Vocals are lovely and music fits perfectly.

Astounding, gripping, AND mad appealing. Very influential work here.

You have talent.

Love that DnB part! sounds amazing!:DD

yeah! it has been too long kubbi!

Awesome Stuff!

Thanks so much C:
I can link it if you want if I need sexy musics at one point XD

i cry everytime <3

Hey Kubbi!
Can I use this in a YouTube video (and credit you)
this song always makes for sexy music times XD

Kinda reminded me of Owl City, 'specially that orchestral-ish stuff in the middle. Really dig it!

man when that high pitched lead comes in to harmonize with everything at 0:34, its just so beautiful. and the main chorus at 2:00 is perfect.

Great dude :).

Cool piece! Catchy, fresh, I dig it :)

very progressive sounding track. love the orchestral stuff in the middle

nice. i like the differences from the previous track

really good stuff. dont really care that its fakebit, there life in the format when its done as well as this :)

well played

Wow dude, this is something else. You're a hell of a composer buddy :).

beautiful track man

this is amazing!

full of emotions. great stuff


Great song as always, one of your best so far I'd say. The whole EP is great as well.

damn Kubbi, the production is A

I absolutely love the gas powered ep

Kinda Vectrex-y, awesome :D

Ohh yes Kubbs, this hits them sweet spots!

Excellent man, just top notch stuff :).

i love it the guitar is sexy

Hey look gas powered ep

Kubbi confirmed for catbug

Well, this is great. What more needs to be said. It's excellent....

On a scale of 1 - I'm hype as shit about this release

This freaking rocked my socks off

Damn, I always get like smashed in between 2 or 3 super cool songs lately. Oh well, to the charts indeed lol.

To The Chartss!!!! <3

absolutely brilliant. amazingly composed, amazingly produced and just generally amazing!

Oh no... :)

Always awesome stuff Kubbi!

oh my... This is fantastic and hilarious.

I love you too Kubbi

3 full length albums, 3rd person, 3 times as professional. Half life 3 confirmed.

Just found this site today. Glad your music was the first I heard. :)

makes no sense. can you make nothing bad?

i dont understadn how every track is amazing

I'mma buy all your albums for ten hundred dollars each. xD music is so good!

why is kubbi in third person

You rock dude. If I ever get my hands on renoise, I am going to see if I can get some tips from you. I'll trade my VGMM knowledge :).

Any possibility of Kubbimerch in the future? Should make some stickers or pins! I want it!

thumbs up :)


а со мной кто сделает

I've got a Kubbi Krush <3

yeah, triple comment... thats how good this song is. i feel like i owe u 10$ for downloading it lol

I take it back... the 2:50 area sounds better than any deadmou5 i've ever heard.

not sur.e.. how this got so overlooked.. this is like... deadmou5 to me. legit. downloaded.. this is fucking awesome.


dude, you're too good!!!


ugh. stop being good so i that i can make the charts...you Jredd and JeMapplle need to stop :(

Fucking Kubbi Doing It Again <3

Gotta love those build ups

thanks for that dude, got me think of something I want to do in my tunes too :)


to the charts?

I paid $3 for this album and I am not sorry

you are always an inspiration for me :)

hell yeah Bro i..i,

beautiful 10/10

Deep bro deep

the lead sound,(the first couple of notes) reminded me of "war of the world"

Super Excellent bro

Circuithead ROCKS

/人◕‿‿◕人\ KUBBI

Love this song have you talked to any programers yet about putting your music in a game?

I'll add you up on my recommendations list on bandcamp =)

OMG your so nice id buy it >:) I SUPPORT TRUE TALLENT<3

Got this game on my B side of my cartridge :)

oh my YES

i cant get enuff of this song is there a way to download it or buy it?

this track my ear relaxed :D

You are consistently excellent.

dude this is so damn sexy

you never let us down kubbi!

I love that bass! I love everything about this! I'm hoping to write more stuff like this once I purchase a Korg Electribe. Thanks for the upload man!

Fuc You Kubbi your to good <3

dat bass!

Excellent :).

errrr.......**Kubbi* *

Yerrrrrr Kibbi Turns me on<3

Yeah... I feel like the whole midsection detracts from the work as a whole... I would suggest that the Blending Options be played around with. I know with photoshop you can change around some of the overlay settings. Doing stuff like that, you can get some really cool effects that would make it seem more like the walls had circuits on them like they were left by some ancient civilization or something...

pretty nice, I love when you do chilled stuff

I agree with the shadow on the Kubbi, but i like this artwork a lot. I love the whole horizontal 3rds thing going on and the rough feel. Fits the title well.

I like the dick graffiti'd on the ram in the back left.

Yes :3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE THE ALBUM SO FAR! On #4, and it's probably my favorite album released this year.

Art is really great, but i'll get rid of that shadow on the "Kubbi", also that "back-lighting". Trust me that's really "over-used" :3

Better get a good deviant artist next time...

Don't really dig that art so hard. The last one was better. It just feels so random and don't give's me the connection to the title. Also it lacks interest. If i would see that in stores, it wouldn't pop out into my eyes and say: "DUDE, LISTEN TO MEEE!". Just to plain and simple for me. But your music is good. Yeah.

woah, that was unexpected ... nice, looking forward to the album

Beautiful dude, just absolutely astounding.

I hope that in years to come, orchestra's will devote their time to transcoding your tunes and playing them at various theatres around the world, to audiences who will come in thousands. Or more simply, my dick is hard

Holy crap this is good man! Super powerful voice and you really nailed a great atmosphere with the track due to all the revereb/delay. It reminds me of a James Bond theme song for some reason (thats a good thing),haha. Now you really have my attention!

I can't stop playing this! Completely blown away.

can't wait

awesome! Rly deep and touching!

oh goodness that shift to minor, it was good

hello kubbi mad love from me

This is a beaut :)

Brilliant <3

good work kubbi. i can't wait the album :)

Really like the precussion in this one Kubb's. Well done!

Damn, man there are so many awesome songs to kick off this site. I cannot wait for that album, it's going to be stellar!

Looking forward to this release. Sleet was soooooo gooood.

Kubbi, you need to stop making me love you.

Reminds me of FTL, for some reason o_O Really nice

This is awesome, love your stuff!

Can't tell you how much I love this track. So perfect.

waaaaaaaaaaa cool! sounds kind of midi. what program did you use?

that was nice

Dat bass, it's so funkalicious.

Amazing track. Mega good!

Get a job Kubbi.

I have a feeling someone on this site is fucking up ratings on purpose, which isn't really nice :-\

Reggae ^_^

Sounds like this is reggae influenced. I can tell your trying out new styles. Sounds good. Keep up the good work.


ur ef wizard! i hate you! awesome track!

sweet melody bro. :D

So chill. So sweet. So lovely. It's like listening to a love story with no words!

Kubbi for prez 2013 yfjsuidfhdufghsgsyfgsufjk

Very nice indeed, another awesome track Kubbi :D

well its baller, so all is forgiven.

I glad that such a hard player like you took part in VA of russian netlable! Amazing skills

epic epic epic. I feel like this song should be in cave story.

I think, in terms of trackers, I still prefer sunvox, but you create beautiful stuff :)

Your bio and your tracks made me download renoise :-/

haha, always a pleasure!

This reminded me of some old ska bands, for some reason o_O

It's increasingly likely that October will be the (safest) release date now. So much has to be re-done due to my own errors, but if things go well we may see it before October. Stick to October for now though ^_^

Wow, this song is extremely cool :).

It's going very well - just finishing off comment and favourite support for submission pages now. (Commenting from the new version ;])

Downloading the compo - can't stop listening to your work Kubbi :3

0:35 - bass, wonderful Kubbi :D Also stereo bits later in the song, I've missed stereo in chipmusic!

Cartridge reminds me of Gran Turismo so much: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k-771SCI0M

Seriously Kubbi, when I get back into making music.. you are who I will strive to be like. Only you and Freque.

Hey Kubbi, did I ever tell you that, you're like, my chiptune hero forever. 100% serious.

Masturbation joke lol!!

when it hits 2 minutes thats when I finish.

I love the new noise snare you took a lot ... you should play with it in the higher frequencies too!

I was trying to find a DL for this yesterday after I saw it on Tumblr. Nicely done!

great melody, like it alot

This sounds really cool man :).

this is pretty awesome

this is really relaxing, amazing tune. gonna download this :)

So awesome

I agree with Wheely.

I like how you are getting better with each tune :)

faved <3

:O This is amazing. <3

god, i'm listening to this like 6th time in past few days. and i'vw been through sleet like ten times. it drives something inside me. if only i could cry...

I was listening to this in the shower this morning, Top tune.

sweet. love the bass

indeed, epicness all over the place! loved those kinda drops

Epic opening is epic!

nice groove. really like your sound

I really liked what I got once it kicked in, good work!

I love the kick!

Yeah, Kubbi, just gonna tell you flat out, yours is the superior version. I love Dj Cutman, but yours is definitely better. Have fun on that GameChops release!

woah man, the percussions could not be better. Way fun!

awesome as usual!!!

I have, all is forgiven :) <3

Thanks for the motivation :D I'll try not to be a 'lazy bastard' or a 'slacker who didn't know how to run a website' ;)

dang kubbi that's some hella fine audio you got there

Love this track so much !

Love this haha ! Sounds cheeky :)

Favorite one on the whole new album

Great drum sounds.

well that was fun :)

woah, that was nice, sweet arrangement

i can't get it to play on the player, but just listened to the bandcamp - very nice, mate :)

was just listeing it on bandcamp... FUCKING AMAZING

Cute :3

cute. nice arps



kubbicat is COOOOOOL

You can always play it in your USB cartridge, as i do

go to ebay and buy it :)

why nostalgia? I play it a lot those days

No, I played this a ton as well :) Super adventure island, right!? Great game ^^

I like when you do calm stuff, more of that ... the mid part is awesome

YOU'RE GREAT!!! i just discovered your music. love it.

nice melody, great sounds, good beats. great job!

Yep its awesome! Instant Download.

You made me go on a favourite-raid on your soundcloud-acc just now. This stuff is catchy as hell. Keep it up!

This is really nice :)

liked the part with the ambient lead most ... pretty nice tune :)

I really enjoyed this one.

This is very good!

This is so good ;_;

wow nice work.... like a travel or something...

This is just killer. Downloaded.

Sweeeeeeeeeeetttttt. good stuff kubbi!

Just beautiful. I love the panning. And OH MY GOD that tempo change! Amazing!

I like how you polish your sound more each time. The mixing is tight

the last 1/3 was best

That was cool :D

awesome and out of this world like always.... i would love to see u live on day.... wanna shake like CRAZY to you ^^

This is cooool :D
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lawl, Nice : ]

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Congratulations with the release :) I like what you did to the track
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you could work a bit more on your kick maybe, it sounds a bit too 'uumph'y for my taste, but I do like this track a lot. Builds up really nice. The change in the chordprogression at 1:25 is brilliant, especially with the awesome melody.
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The sound you can get from those Korgs is pretty impressive

Dang this is nice! Very cool opening melody. 0:55 is epic as phuck! Can't wait to hear more of this track :D

Oh, when the kick and bass-line kicks in it's really awesome. The intro is kinda confusing though, but that might be possible to adapt to after a couple of listens. Very nice melodies though they're a bit repetative. Overall, awesome track :)

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Sooo crazy. I really like how it builds up. Nice use of arps and brilliant melodies. Keep it up :D
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Very nice work on the melodies. You could try to make the intro a bit more interesting. Instead of just adding new layers of instruments you could for example add some fills and whatnot. Just my opinion, but this certainly is very enjoyable :)

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Well shit. This is hilarious. I love the way you said "and he did" like nobody gave a fuck. you, sir, are creative!

Cool. Could do with a little more punch in the kick or a deeper bass-line, but I think it's nice : ]
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