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I'm Colin Furner, a 19 year old chiptune and drum and bass/drumstep artist from the Isle of Man. I remember when 8bc had less then 200 member and now I'm sad it has closed down. I've not written any gameboy music for a few years but I'm hoping This site will give me the kick I need to continue what I loved doing as a kid. My music is fun, happy and excited and don't be scared to blast it through your speakers. Hope you enjoy my tunes :)
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i can definitely dig this

Not my general taste but I think it's well produced and have some interesting sections for sure! It's definitely Fighter-X sounding and in that you have succeded. Well done, cheers!

yes yes yes yes yes yes! unce-tastic!

I like how Butt Naked Fairy is right next to Fighter XXX. Nice song btw :).

YES! fucking great

Remember kid, don't fly away too far

If you don't mind of course

ama fighter ama fighter but tonight i'd like to fly

............Wow Rude.............

You're quickly becoming my favourite chiptune artist :3


ahah ive had this on my mp3 since foreverrrr. its great:)


lol whats echoke

moarmoarmoar!!! i love your stuff mon

nice work! xD

Yo yo! Nice tune, man !!!

Very nice chipstep. Your wobblestyle are awesome

Woah! I'm loving this!

hah i just realised its called dench because of the voice manipulation.

Pretty solid man. I am digging it. Much much better than what I am capable of with this little DMG of mine! =)
Comments Given
fluent by JeMappelle

"Je m'appelle Unicorn Kid, Please stay off my laptop"
Make Me Famau5 by JeMappelle

Pixeltune, it's a wave channel instrument
around by JeMappelle

To the charts, Faggot
around by JeMappelle

I love your lsdj work. It's all produced so well

good song, bit too much panning me tinks though

Not too keen on the drums though

This is pretty sick :)

This makes me really wanna play f-zero :) great track

loved listening to this :D
Brrm (nintendocore) by SuperKittyDogKiller

four year strong - that brings me back :) nice song

lovely melodies

pretty sweet tune
Occultation by AuburnKitsune

Love your style dude :)

I agree with blackly, needs some rougher bass sound and a bit more energy. Liven up the drums a bit
Forerunner by Frostbyte

Love the sick track dude, got some really nice ideas in it. Could do with a bit of tiding up though
Defend! by MaskedEpsilon

Nice work :) I must try a 7/8 track

most are sounding sick mate :)

I like it. I think it's lacking a bit of structure as a whole though
Red Sky At Night by TheVIRUSEmpire

lovely melodies, love dem bends too
Compassion by Byzanite

Love it :) feel it's lacking something. We need more LSDJ artists on here
Moomba by Dos

This is pretty sick
Light Polution by Xombie

Liking your style man
Dr Fizz Atari 1988. by fedepede04

got some interesting sounds
Little Robot (2k12rmx) by TheVIRUSEmpire

Love dat bass sound
Cancel by JamesLowrey

funfunfun :)
The Final Frontier by RadicalPresident

This is boooootiful :D

really reminds me of some proper old games :) good job
The Fourth Dimension by Parallelis

those 3 notes at 1:02 <3 haha listened to this a few times, I likey :)

Love the melody :)
Sega Funk Zone by Groovemaster303

this is sweet :)
Beginning by MyLifeIsPixels

Indolence by Kubbi

This is a beaut :)

If Netsky did chiptune, this is how it would sound. Good job :)

Love when it hits at 2:20

when that melody kicked in I fell in love
Venus by JeMappelle

Lewa you're LSDJ production skills are amazing
MAGBeach by cartoonbomb

This is pretty sick dude
Neon Star Groove by Groovemaster303

I like it, you need to put much more variation in drums and the bass
Nostalgia by RadicalPresident

This song is lovely :)
Blessing by JeMappelle

Yay I've been wanting to hear this song for a while, my fav :)
Tenpai Sempai by Kommisar

Got some nice sounds and melodies in there :)
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