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This is fun stuff haha.

damm i forgot about this track good stuff yo

what about the good old "loop and fade"? :)

Awesome track, i really like this kind of music

Wait a pulled this off in VGM Maker? Some heavy use of the sample channel there buddy. Color me impressed. :). I don't know if you plan on working with the tracker some more, but if you do I'd love to collaborate sometime man :).

Very future-esque. For whatever reason, Blade Runner came to mind. Anyway, thanks for sharing this song.

Definitely a cool intro. Is the chorus sound in the background of the intro sampled??? If it is, it sounds very clear. I think this is quite different from many other Sega Genesis tracks I've heard, in a very good way.

Which tracker did you use for this?
Sounds great!

missing thought will always be my favourite track you've done

yes!! Just as good as the old 8bc days :D

This gives me hope of actually using my DSN-12 to make good music.

nice started to get an infected mushroom vibe

Emma Lundy >_>

i remember when some dumb girl tried to play this in a youtube vid with a gameboy (with no cart) loool

yeah, that was some nice and heavy 4 to the floor stuff. I like the outro a lot :)

damn thats heavy in all zee right ways

this is good sound

some really cool sounds

NIce bump map? where did you find the maps?

yeah the gloss effect is really nice.

Nice Gloss on it

You know how I feel about this :)

well love this obviously!

that made me smile

Also reminds me of tony hawk's pro-skater 2.

Looks like you can buy gameboys at the TCS. I totally agree about the shenmue thing. It totally resembles shenmue graphically too. Well done. :)

Kind of makes me think of buying things from the Tomato Convenience Store in Shenmue for some reason.

haha the buttons are textures

u stanky

This is good and I like it.

germ apple 4 prez

This is beautiful. Really no other words to describe it. Impressive LSDJ work no doubt. I'm in love. Fantastic job.

I love the oscillated sounding instruments. This is the result of good hard work.

Beautiful! *cry*

You little whore this is amazing

OH MY GAWD! Stop being so kool :D <3



there it is

forgot to like this here

Nice man c:

Awesome mate ^_____^

I work with JeMappelle i'm his manager ok

sound architecture to the max

"Je m'appelle Unicorn Kid, Please stay off my laptop"

> JeMappelle > many flaws

SOunds Awesome

I am really digging that tight beat you've put together there :P

Nice :) I enjoy this light-hearted stuff!

This is pretty interesting. The bass reminds me of Cow'p :)

you made double speed on wav right?


needa shuffle up dat percussion

i fucking love you

now people are ready for chip trap


"I hope he sampled some black guy shouting for this in the WAV channel" je mappelle delivers 2 my mind

the incredible bass kick


Wow. This is the chippiest thing I've heard to come out of FLStudio. It really has that distinctive chiptune abrasiveness.

dang, dem favs

this is the chipest tune around

lyrics plz
rob on On

This ain't no chiptune! But it sounds amazing.

great sound choices, you can always tell when it's a germ apple track

3 easy tricks to losing excess stomach fat!!

0:34 bangin it bangin it bangin it bangin it 0:51 vbangin it 1:06 bangin it hard 1:20 not really bangin any more 1:36 im pretty much falling asleep by now 1:51 bangin it again 1:58 hype 2:06 bangin it quite hard now 2:22 robo bangin it 2:52: BEEEEP

Pretty schweet Lew :)

pring tracks

going to a shopping mall just to commit arson.

really really good mate :-) well done :)

going to a shopping mall just to listen to this and eat and stuff

2:53 :D:D:D:D:D

This has a lot of great sound design variety in it.

oh, I liked that tune a lot ... well done

This track makes me think of cute animals, pink clouds and that I've watched far too much anime in my life, haha! Also, you haz mejl ^^

im here 2 anayleze ur muxic. its good but not too good but stil good and i like it but not as much as i could cuz its kida new. but not as good as lucei in the sky with diamends by the beatles or all along the wacthower with juimi hendrexcks. but good nvrtheulesss. thou my album is now freedownlode so get it!!!!!! now!!!! while is was ilsitening to this i have pleasen t feeling in my ears buecaus it was good musical sond. thnx xso much for the lsitne and favorite it is appreciated for em!!!! :))))0#<#333 plz go n my act and fav all mine dude i fav urs!!!!! #333,<33 :OOO))) accepting donactions as well for my musix cuz its good stuf. thns xalll!!!

instant love

one day i shall be as good as you probably not but oh well

ughhhh i love those tones

its always impressive what one can do with a gameboy. Is this really just LSDJ?

what'd you use to make this?

Holy craaaaaaaaaabs that's good!

Killed this track!

How did you make is a sidechain? thats bad asss

it transcends chipmusic

more favorites than plays lol

master-level instrumentation

JeMappelle for king.

Damn JeMappelle Killin this track

this is the stuff

Cool :).

Cool Sound.....

I'm pretty sure you're the most instrumentally capable LSDJ artist I've ever heard.



i don't hear much music, while i am coding, but as i recall there were some really gem amongst them.

so good sound control. I (envy) you XD

damn it is aggressive, but good }:-)

I really like your music :) did you not release, most of your old stuff over at 8bc

bro you got any Ep's out?

ahh JeMapp im likin this

So smooth and sexy<3

I always liked your LSDJ stuff. Make a finished song!

.savs would be lovely. ive seriously had no desire to mess with lsdj :/

I love how disjointed it sounds, actually. This reminds me of early Random. I really like it, and everything is really clean.

interesting things you made with the bassline


Pixeltune, it's a wave channel instrument

Je Mappelle Is Now Fucking Mainstream *Deletes Everything From Itunes* Now back to listening to my obscure Zaal- WIP's

Yeah, my Sega Genesis music needs moar LSDJ :P

Are those sounds at 1:00 - 1:01 (they kinda sound like really short "yah"s) a sample, or an instrument?

This is pretty impressive dude :).

jem apple truly is the chartz

Holy crap! 1st AND 2nd?? :O I never thought I'd see it.

No problem, those Daft Punk samples have so many uses! ;)

whoa, that's impressive

you made it without any post production?

how you made such pan?

"this song is kind of a joke" Oh really? Well then you, sir, should be a comedian because this is one fucking awesome joke!

rly like the song, its RLY awesome! Like the broken kind of rythm!

J3Map113 iz charts!

Je Mappelle LSDJ is the best Je Mappelle

To the charts, Faggot

you have my heart again

That chocolate milk rabbit face is starting to creep me out

I love your lsdj work. It's all produced so well

let that rabbit cook #basedjemappelle

you should write some more of this man, totally amazing.

Dude I love this song so much but for some reason it's on my iPod as "Back Clock.mp3"? I dunno

My fav song from Wish. Dat key change at 2:57. Also just wondering why did you transpose it down a whole step? It sounds even more golden and beautiful in these keys, but I kinda liked the contrast of Bb's black/white to Ab's colors.

So smooth dude! Will be on the look out for that new toon.

This is one of my favorite LSDJ tracks ever. Is this version slightly different than the one from the showdown?

Always love JeMappelle tracks >.< so much groove!

nice tune, love it

Nice, somewhat repetitive though

great stuff man!

Well done for winning, you really deserve it with a song like that :D

love your unique LSDJ style, I can pick out your songs from a mile away and that's awesome

Lewa you're LSDJ production skills are amazing

super hit! =)

Dude, you are too awesome.

Y's jem apple ulways sew gud

Looooveeee :з

Yay I've been wanting to hear this song for a while, my fav :)

Could do with a little more enveloping intro, but the drop is so good I don't even

Repetition is key. j'aime bien!

awmaaan awesome wubs, would love to get my fingers on that patch ^^

awesome work!! great bass and rhythms!!

dis is hawt

a nice and happy song :)

lub dis EP

so glad i kept listening :D

I love the distorted bass ... awesome work man, more of that!

Really digging the vibe on this one.

The delay on the melody sweeps is veeeery nice. Great overall sound, very dreamy

Did you see you Majora's Mask trailer from E3?

I like those dry drum sounds. Sweet chilled track
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it is over

nice tas sounds like a sword down a throat
chiptune sucks by Whitely

this should be called "my chiptune sucks" .............. OJ............. was pretty cool
Shittin' Kittens by nuclace

shut up
Metepec by chema64

good job
It's Not Unusual by Monotron

i love this tbh

some of the pacing is so odd but this is really good
"Mobile DMG" by UnderCoverDisOrder

does that case have cracks on it, looks like someone spilled coke in the lighting ha
LSDJ Case by UnderCoverDisOrder

cool lsdj logo the eye, not so much......
PUMA by 9Heart


fuck the haters
Hazy[LGPT] by nuclace

we love you

this is my favourite ltc
Painted GBA by b4byf4c3

SpeedRacer by Sp33dr4c3r

SpeedRacer by Sp33dr4c3r

the real speedracer
Teh Last Troll by nuclace

Cg on number 1 you bean
Power FM by fedepede04

wow, looks very cool
FUCKING ART by iocjpoizgapoisdhvpz

glitch art
FUCKING ART by iocjpoizgapoisdhvpz

good glitch art would put on my wall
osama by iocjpoizgapoisdhvpz

Ty For Everything. I Would Like To Thank You For Being Great To Me, For Everything You Did For My Family. Ty ...

nic e BigBoi mod heard ther few about : )
Legacy - FEATURING ZEF by DanimalCannon

this is going to be a v good release
Triforce by Zelkedo

i love how bootleg these look i want one
chypmn, pls by Solarbear

chiptune = win reminds of the time people used to say "tunage"
chypmn, pls by Solarbear

ha the meme Cool Post on . Reddit. Pwnd Epic Gangnam style : )

hertz for #1 (2)

gj, great compositions
nobody by Voretx


sounds like digestion like ur lying on your left side after eating steak for a year mother
the abyss by nuclace

Elfa-dunk by zanzanzawaveia

ur alive great : )
Energy Beach by lxtxcx

weather cycling omg

............Wow Rude.............

haha you got me ;-P
Hey Sam by lxtxcx

np m8 fave me back : )
Ernie Shmitz by ernieshmitz

awh u r cute

ayyyyyyyy waddupppppppppp ....... LmAO ............ so dis 1 tyme we out u no havin gud tyme then this T walks u p 2 me lyke givin me all that bd luck oik
Above The Clouds by RadicalPresident

your music is a really nice texture, i just wish some of the melodies were less random. i'm sure it is something that will come with time. another thing is the structure, try to focus on making the song have more opposing sections. good luck, you sure have a lot of potential.

hey wassup ! PUYCE !
Morning Coffee by nuclace

Nuclace U R Out Of Control My Son
Fly With Me Tonight by KidFlyaway


wow this is really really good
OVERCAST by skinnyhead

it's beautiful.

ushhhhhh, you know how i feel about your ms paint work. so good.

i was like wow vcmg cover by polarbirds wow it's like my birthday then i played it and i was like lol maybe not then it came in and i was like ok it's like my birthday again
Echoke on this by KidFlyaway

lol whats echoke

hey sexyu lady
Dench by KidFlyaway

hah i just realised its called dench because of the voice manipulation.

nice experiments dood. wish there were more lsdj sample song things like this.

lol bleepbloopers, nice

gotta go fast
until we meet by AlexOgre

dat bass, good job dude : 3

poor dog awh :(

The height of chiptune fashion

i liked the break in the middle a lot. could of been less repetitive, maybe even in just instrument sounds. good job regardless!
Juggernaut by Kubbi

this is pretty awesome
Zetafacts by dotexe


just noticed how cute that grasses face is

really nice what is snut snuten snuthus?#

ok i will
Neolectrical by VCMG

1 of ur bests
EP Preview by roboctopus

You have a very nice style, good sounds all round.

Polar that's awesome, I will get back to you when I am ready to make music on a computer again. Thanks. : 3

Would you be interested in producing some album art for me in the future? It looks really nice. The pixelated paint zoom is cool.

Do you still do stuff like this? :O


wow, looks great for mspaint :o
Cat and Mouse by Frostbyte

love dis track homie
BL00PWWWH0R3 by idevourstatic

she is f9

Luv your role in the chip community. keep it up!

It's pretty well captured, one thing I will say is that you should fill you channels up a lot more. In particular the WAV channel. c:
BRK! by 2xAA

cuz brk

what! now i have to play :O :O :O

that is nice hair
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