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Why is nobody listening to James Lowrey?

Doesn't the name mean "can't" in Japanese? Hah hah hah hah PENIS PENIS PENIS. Anyway. It's an interesting piece of music.

funfunfun :)

haha one of these samples i use in my track "Slushie House" on the newest album

i like this

not so bad as you want to do it :) There is definitely more places where it blow, rather then suck ;-)

you could do better

I'm digging the raw sound of this. Really groovy

Another awesome tune by JamesLowrey!


nice work, James! :D

I definitely like your style!

This one's rad. P.S. Record your tracks separately and then sound-edit them in something like FL Studio, this will allow you to change panning. I'm not sure if LSDJ supports panning effects on its own.

Pure LSDJ, 2009 style. Love it <3

That bassline is rad, kinda sounds like 1-bit music :D The lead is very Xinon/Sabrepulse (which is a very very good thing!) Would love to remix the orignal sav file some time!!
Comments Given

loving the percussion
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer by xCriticalStrikex

nice G, is this LSDJ? o.O

chiptune sucks by Whitely

part of the bassline reminds me of MGMT, pretty nifty

sure i remember you from 8bc, this is tasty mang

i get good feels from this

メリークリスマス!好きなんだこれ ^_^

mmmm, those arps
blinking by AlexOgre

listened to this so many times, i love it
pixelstuff.jsmeg by Monotron

noarankufo-do? :S
Kidnap the Sandy Clawz by MyLifeIsPixels

whoaaa, wat. <3 don't even like dubstep, but this is original as hell.

Fly With Me Tonight by KidFlyaway


would be cool if it kicked into unce unce right at the end out of nowhere ;D
Undventure by VRUMZSSSR

love dem brks
The Final Frontier by RadicalPresident

Dr Fizz Atari 1988. by fedepede04

love the punchy bit near the end :3

woweeee, that was hella cray, in a good way
Ta ta ra ta tan by clsource

crazy rhythm

awesome! should be in a game.

LOL the meows, good stuff mang. loving the new ucollective <3
until we meet by AlexOgre

soooo good. <3!!?!1
Deity by Pixeltune

tasty, those arpssss man those arpzsijdij :3
daffodils by AlexOgre

Deserves more attention, it's a beauty.

Tenpai Sempai by Kommisar

sugoi! :)

pretty sweet d00d, i giv dis da fums urp
Korean-Pop Mix by SophmoreSixtyFour

seriously awesome haha gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
Korean-Pop Mix by SophmoreSixtyFour

1:49 YES<3

Reminds me of Lilium from Elfen Lied <3
wiring by AlexOgre

Overheat by DTO

mmmmm metally :)

love it, can't beat four to the floor untiss goodness. i like the long whispy hats.
Chaos Theory by Pixeltune

1:30 <3

the bass sounds perfect on my laptop :) i imagine it would be crazy loud through a bit bassier speakers though
blinking by AlexOgre

Fuck, that's beautiful, I didn't think LSDJ was capable of producing something so awesome. I have a lot to learn.
abate by Austin

nice melodies mangg

pretty chill man, i like it :)

Reminds me of Peter Joseph's marimba tune from the end of the first zeitgeist film hahaha

love it. <3
Motivation by Kubbi

dang kubbi that's some hella fine audio you got there
gb-rmx by spacecosmo

YES. YES. YES. Love love love.

Could use some WAV bassy goodness me thinks. Pretty sweet though.

popop. really cool haha!

Sweet for sure.

Man, I wish I could write melodies like that :P

Hella original! Sweeeet!
Bitpop by Kubbi


So good.

That's some creepy shit man. Well done. HAHAHA.
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